3-Point Post Hole Digger For Sale

3-point post hole diggers are life savers and many of them can be used with category 0 tractors, why we have listed all our various options for sale on this page, along with the different recommendations on what you ought to be looking at.

Do make sure that you also get the appropriate auger with your device, as it may not be included in the sale, the most common ones being 6, 9 and 12 inch ones.

Rather than manually having to create these post holes, this device can help you get the job done from the convenience of your tractor.

There are various different options, including the Countyline post hole digger, and you can make sure that this PTO option is one you will be happy with. While you are perfectly able to rent one, if you’re looking to use one often, there’s a certain level of convenience for you to own your own.

While we know you could either have gone to Lowe’s, TSC (Tractor Supply), Home Depot, Harbor Freight or another place to get this fine piece of machinery, we hope that this article here will provide you with some insights you would not otherwise have gotten.

While this page is specific to 3-point options, it is not the only option for you if you are simply wanting to make a whole in the ground, why we have gathered a list of some of the competing products underneath. While we do realize the convenience of using your tractor for the purpose, especially when you are having to make a lot of holes, the increased transparency will ensure you’re getting the right model for your purpose.


One of the most compelling alternatives is the gas-powered option that you won’t be needing a tractor to use, but which also won’t be bringing you the convenience either. It definitely beats having to manually do it, and especially if the ground is very tough to break through, but you can’t be doing it from the convenience of a seated position either.

If you don’t have constant access to a tractor, this could be the perfect option for you. While a handheld auger may seem fun at first, and they’re what people will very often be using in the beginning, they’re not a long term solution for commercial needs. If you are a person that prides themselves on getting things done in a timely manner, you also need the correct tools to do it with. Anything bigger than having a hobby vegetable garden, and you will find yourself simply too frustrated having to put in the effort required with something manual.


Hydraulic options also have a range of benefits if you are in a situation requiring especially powerful capabilities, and the addition of the hydraulic post hole digger attachments will especially play a role and be important when heavy clay or loose rock is present, since they’re able to provide pressures up to 3,000 psi which can be needed under these tough conditions, using flow rates ranging from 10 to 30 GPM depending on the conditions you’re dealing with.

Depending on your various needs, it’s important that you thoroughly consider the specifications that come available, including the max auger diameter on the basis of the type of material you will be dealing with, the depth of the holes you will be using, and the type of machine you will be mounting this thing onto. This is not your simple handheld machine. This is a piece of machinery when you’re getting really serious.

When you’re being met by the most demanding conditions, this is the option you will want, where you can typically get augers that range in size from 6 inches to 36 inches depending on the size of the hole you’re hoping to make.

Against very strong conditions, only the strongest will be able to provide the necessary force, and that is the hydraulic post hole digger, including the strong motor that comes with it. For extra rigorous conditions, you will need the machinery you can count on.


If you have significantly smaller needs, there are other options such as the electric ones. The same way a lot of people steer clear of electric chain saws, they also steer clear of electric post hole diggers, although they could be providing you with some benefits if you have very light needs. They will typically come with augers that are about 4″, so you are definitely not getting heavy-grade commercial stuff done with this, and it only makes sense that these aren’t able to provide nearly the same amount of force as the hydraulic options, as you aren’t even able to hold those in your hands.

These are ideal for your average DIY person who knows you’ll be making some holes here and there, but also realizing the limitations of this piece of machinery, why it comes with a price tag that is much more accessible to your smaller uses, hovering in the $200-300 range for a lot of the machines. With this, we’re still very much encouraging you to make sure that you have the auger drill that matches your needs, while keeping in mind that you won’t get anything bigger than 10″ achieved with this piece of machinery.

While we have seen machines advertise that they come with 12″ auger drills, you’re really pushing your luck with those machines.

Skid Steer

A skid steer post hole digger is an alternative to the 3-point options that are specifically listed on this page, but these will also attach to a machinery in order to get the job done, more specifically, these attach to a Bobcat rather than a tractor.

With their hefty price tags often reaching $3,000 for this piece of machinery, it is no wonder that these attachments are great when you’re lifting some heavy weight and don’t have the convenience of being able to spend all day manually digging holes – a task we ourselves would dread if we actually had to.

While there are a bunch of options when it comes to the fashion in which you’re hoping to dig a hole, we do sincerely encourage you to consider these 3-point options that we have listed on this page if you do have the tractor needed to make it work.

If you have any questions about the auger, or the type of soil you have available, and what is the best option in your specific case, we’re always available to help answer all your questions. One of our soil-crushing (get the pun) experts can assist you in whatever fashion is necessary to put those poles in the ground, even with the most difficult circumstances. And until you make sure that you’re getting the right machine for your job, we hope you have been able to put up with our bad sense of humor, and don’t mind the introduction of a pun here and there.

What are you intending on using it for?

Have you already figured out what the main purpose of this post hole digger is, or are you simply buying one because you think it would be convenient to have around? The better prepared you are, and the better you know what it is you are planning on using it for, the better equipped you are when it comes to finding the right tool that best serves your needs.

For instance, we found a guide on Royal Swimming Pools website where they talk about what you will need if you are looking to install an above ground pool, and how it’ll be important that the machinery you’re getting has the capacity to easily dig 18″ to 20″ holes for you. If you are looking at installing fencing, it’s important that you find the adequate piece of machinery that is able to handle that specific task.

Choosing the one from CountyLine

The CountyLine 3-point post hole digger is perhaps the most popular model on the market, offering a great deal of functionality for a very reasonable price as well. With this fine piece of machinery, you won’t be struggling to dig those holes anymore, as this machine gets the job done, and gets it done quickly, too. It’s perfect to fit any standard tractor PTO and can help you no matter if you want to install signs, fences, pools or any other task that requires the digging of holes, with the compatibility to install the perfect auger for the task, with different diameters.

With its impressive specs, this piece of machinery, this tool allows you to drill holes as deep as 48″, and does really work well for a range of purposes.


SpeeCo is another company that makes great 3 pt post hole diggers that you may want to take a look at. Besides that they are aso known for some of their other products such as log splitters, utility jacks and roller chains. While named SpeeCo, some people mistakenly search for SpeedCo, why we hope that those people will now also find this page and everything that it has to offer.

With their models, you can find great compact pieces of heavy duty equipment that will be sure to conquer any digging exercises that you put in front of them.

SpeeCo S24045000 Comapct Post Hole Digger

If you are looking for a compact option, we would suggest you consider their compact option that is great for people owning CAT 0 tractors, while still being able to provide a lot of the same features provided for some of the bigger options. With this option, you won’t have any issues whether you are drilling fence posts or doing other home or ranch chores! You’ll definitely know you have the equipment to handle any task at hand!

When it comes to the reputation of the company, it should be no surprise that this is a company that you can rely on. They not only provide some of the most important machinery that you can find for anyone who has a farm or a ranch, but they have been in business a long time, in fact since 1957. When you start searching for the company online, you will find that they have a lot of fans, for good reason! They provide quality equipment unlike some of the pieces of equipment that you will find online.

If you are intending on buying a used 3 point post hole digger, that is also something that you can do by searching your local listings, where there may be someone who is selling one, but if you have a ranch, you will probably want to make sure that you are getting a pice of equipment that won’t be giving up anytime soon, why we don’t just advice you to buy a new one but in fact to buy one from a company that you know you can trust.

Alternatives to a point hole digger

If you have been reading through the various pages on Atlantic Aspiration and you didn’t simply land here immediately, you will know that we pride ourselves on trying to ensure continuous transparency in everything that we do. While you may have landed here immediately like a lot of our users do, we still want you to actually think that you are walking away with the best solution when it comes to your various digging needs.

The 3 point post hole digger is obviously one of the things you have been considering since you have been reading this far, but staying true to our mission of transparency, we still believe that it warrants going through some of the other options available on the market that you may also want to at the very least consider.

We’re not trying to talk you out of getting this tool, just making sure that it is the right tool for the purpose for you. The same way that there is a plasma cutter that is more and less right, depending on what it is you are planing on cutting, how often you plan on using it etc, there is also a better and a worse tool for digging holes.

Digging will very quickly start just seeming like a tedious chore if you don’t have the right tools for the purpose.

A spade is obviously one of the most common gardening tools that there is to choose from, and it is great to have one in your backyard, if you have one of those. It can get a lot of things done, and it is obviously more portable than the 3-point hole diggers that you have been reading about on this page. It additionally has a bunch of benefits, but the same amount of drawbacks. For instance, if you are doing simple gardening, it may not be practical that you bring out a massive piece of machinery that needs to be attached to a tractor just to be operational. On the other hand, you also won’t be using a spade if your whole job is to make holes for the posts that are being used for a fence since it doesn’t make that all too easy either. You would very quickly be discovering that it’s not the best tool for that job, and that you wouldn’t be installing nearly as many fences as you would hope to be installing, why something more powerful with some more horsepower would be preferred. Although a quality spade is a must-have in any gardener’s arsenal, it will still only offer the amount of functionality that you will be able to get from the amount of power that you have, rather than providing more machine power.

A manual post hole digger is another option that definitely is a step up from a spade, if you want to make a hole for a post, but it still has some of the drawbacks that a spade has – it’s a very manual process to use, in fact it is only a manual process given it’s name. While it may offer some benefits for that very specific purpose over the use of a spade, you will be finding yourself getting exhausted from using this tool, if you could rather have access to something that provides the benefits of the main tool that we described on this page.

With that in mind, we really hope that this resource may have assisted you in ensuring that you are choosing the right piece of machinery for the job, and that when you are ready to buy, you may consider buying from us. Make sure to also check out our page on waste oil heaters where we’re giving you advice on those, and you can see what our recommendations are. You can also check out our guide on arc welding.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is clear. We want to make a dent in the construction industry and challenge some of the ways that things have previously been done. We are tired of the fact that it is so hard to find reliable construction equipment, and that you have to go to obscure parts of the internet, and we want to change it. We don’t just want to change it when you are trying to find a hole digger, but we are trying to change it for a range of other products as well that include everything from wide belt sanders to engine driven welders. Although the process for buying either a fence post digger and its corresponding auger or the other products we have talked about, may be different from the process you’ll be using when you are looking for a waste oil burner, the information on how you end up making a good purchase should be easy to come by. We believe that it is imperative that we properly educate our users on the various processes, no matter which product they are considering buying, so that we can adequately ensure that you make the right decision.

Besides selling the various tools that we have listed, we also offer a bunch of other services that we are finding our users requesting. For instance, we often make construction related resources on topics that are either requested, or where we find out that there is a need to produce better content on that topic. Some of the topics that we are currently seeing a lot of attraction for include oxy torch settings, adding a shower and the right gauge wire for a 30 amp breaker.

We realize that there are a lot of different sources that you could be going to in order to get your construction information online, but we believe that our growth shows that the market has been longing for an alternative to the current situation. Today, the market is very much segmented between the manufacturers that may be out there producing really high quality equipment, but they aren’t very good at actually making sure that the consumers are adequately finding the information that they are needing. At the same time, there are a lot of industry sites out there that may not be written by people that have all that much experience, and subsequently the articles that they do end up putting together are often so factually wrong. We are obviously hitting a sweet spot where people manage to come to both our product pages, but also to our informational content, and in increasingly impressive numbers. While we are not claiming that we are perfect, we do occasionally make mistakes inside our resources, and we do try and address them as quickly as we can when we are made aware of them, or when we are routinely going through articles to try and figure out ways to further improve their quality.

Making sure that you are able to find the best post hole digger is a matter of also understanding what it is you are trying to accomplish, which tools you currently have available and how often you will be digging these holes. There is no reason why you should go out and buy a piece of equipment that requires the use of a tractor if you don’t in fact have a tractor available to use.

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