About Us

Atlantic Aspiration is a project focused on creating transparency in an ancient industry, industrial distribution. We seek to provide you with the necessary tools to facilitate your every day job, from providing necessary information content, to allowing you to buy the the materials you may be in need of for a project. Basically we’re trying to make your life just a tad bit easier. What’s not to love?

Atlantic Aspiration was founded in 2019, and we’re a cross-skilled team with experience from every corner of the world, simply trying to make the construction industry marginally easier to operate in.

We aim to help you better learn what your various choices are, whether it comes to buying a plasma cutter, TIG welder, MIG welder or something else. We understand that not every option or model is right for everyone and if you either spend way too little money on a machine, you’ll soon be finding yourself realizing that it just isn’t getting the job done, but if you rather end up spending way too much money, you’ll be left feeling like a fool. There’s a happy medium, and by better understanding your needs, we can equip you with the knowledge necessary for you to make a choice.

While various companies may have tried previously to really provide value in the eCommerce space for the construction industry, we don’t believe many companies actually provide the level of transparency that consumers desire. There are too many companies out there that will sell the consumers about anything possible, whether they actually believe in the products themselves or not. That goes against our policy as we want you to keep coming back.

We hope to stand out from the competition by being a company that teams up with reputable manufacturers, that manufacture the top of the line products in their respective industries. While we understand the need to buy cheaper versions of some things, we want to help educate you on what exactly you can expect from those models.

The current way that it works

There are inherent problems with the current way that companies purchase some of the expensive equipment that they may need for their daily operations. There are currently many good manufacturers in the US that are making quality equipment that aren’t known to the masses for various reasons. While they may be good at making good, quality equipment for industrial and commercial purposes, they may not necessarily be very good at getting their name out and making sure that people know about the various features that those products have. They may simply never get the traction, nor the respect in the market that their products warrant. Meanwhile, there are lots of significantly worse products that may simply be made to barely get the job done, and as soon as you may have received the product and used it for a couple of months, you may start experiencing vast difficulties with those products. Whenever you start getting a problem with the waste oil heater that you bought, there is no way for you to figure out how to get those issues addressed, because the company that you bought it from does not seem to be in business anymore.

This issue is not limited to waste oil heaters, but will be for a range of different products like engine driven welders, waste oil heaters, and wide belt sanders. When you start searching for these products on various search engines, you will likely see that there are a lot of results that show up towards the top, despite them being from manufacturers that you have likely never even heard of before. 

It is not our intention to say that there may not be good, upcoming companies that aren’t able to challenge the current state of the market and bring in various types of innovation to improve the state of things, but there are currently a lot of the products that are being advertised that can simply not provide any of the features that a professional may in fact be wanting from it. It is no surprise that the current way of doing things will involve that the contractor starts looking for the various products and comes across a range of websites that seem to be slightly too eagerly promoting certain products, products of companies that you never heard of, and interestingly enough you may also not be able to reliably find reviews that accurately depict the experiences that people are having when they are using those products. There are various products that are needed in order for professionals to be able to do the job that they are doing, whether they are using a portable sawmill to get their woodcutting work done, which is a product that can easily run you in the tens of thousands of dollars, why you wouldn’t just want to be sure that you are getting the right product, you would also want to be sure that you are getting the right product that can satisfy your needs for the many years ahead that you will be experiencing. While you may be able to upgrade from a cheap MIG welder to a more expensive TIG welder, it really hurts when you have spent $10,000 on a portable sawmill just to figure out that the one you ended up getting doesn’t in fact allow you to include the additions on it that you were hoping for. However, you only find out about those needs as you are significantly further ahead, and you may have gotten more serious with the business that you have.

There is nothing that is more annoying than receiving a product that you initially thought was able to handle all the various needs that you may have, however you end up figuring out that it simply is not the case as you are getting more serious about your various projects. Now imagine that you haven’t just spent $17 on that product, but it is rather a product that costs $17,000 that you are using several times per day.

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If you have spent $17 on a product that ends up not working out for you, that may be a little bit of a nuisance as you just wasted money that you may have spent on something else, however, if you just spent $17,000 on a piece of machinery, that is a significant chunk of money that could have assisted and gone very far in getting you that truck you wanted.

There’s nothing worse than the fact that it can be incredibly difficult to get a true understanding of what it really is you should be looking for, and what some of the red flags are when it comes to buying the best TIG welder that will be able to provide you with the amount of amps that your welding requires. That is why we are taking a different approach to this whole situation – hopefully one that you will come to appreciate. All the various products that we offer come with significant professional input, where we actually help our users understand the various functions that they are buying, as well as making sure that they may be buying a product that won’t just satisfy the needs now but rather be a sustainable, long-term solution that doesn’t require replacing sooner rather than later. 

While it is impossible for anyone to really be entirely objective, we do believe that we are much more balancing the needs of our users, while still trying to create a sustainable foundation for running a company, as we are still encouraging the purchase of products that we are in fact benefiting from financially, but rather than simply pushing the product that is available, we are partnering up with established, reliable manufacturers, many of whom have dedicated their efforts to manufacturing the US, and providing the necessary support that may arise. 

What that means is that we are hoping to truly revolutionize the way that the B2B world, the industrial world and the commercial world operates in, by providing the users with reliable information, while bringing forward some of the products that may have been in the limelight for a very long time. It is our belief that we can bring forward a lot of the information that has previously been buried deep in various communities across the internet, and it is our belief that we are able to make professionals make better purchasing decisions on the basis of it. 

When you start searching for various products in today’s market, you will likely come across a range of websites that probably look like they were set up yesterday, where you aren’t able to see who runs the website or what types of measures they are taking to actually ensure that the information they are sharing is accurate. In addition to that, you may have already browsed various communities in your own pursuit to buy some type of machinery, where you may have been asking people on those communities questions about how those pieces of machinery fare with various types of tasks. However, you are at the mercy of the fact that there may not even be anyone who is either qualified or willing to take the time to share their advice on the matter with you, leaving you only with the information that has been published by someone who is clearly good at traditionally making websites without any professional ever taking any closer look at the information and verifying the content’s validity before it is published. 

We encourage you to take a look at our publishing guidelines for Atlantic Aspiration to see the various measures that we take in order to stand out from other websites and actually make sure that the information we are sharing isn’t just accurate but that it is also as up-to-date as possible. We are also a platform that is committed to making sure that we correct information that is incorrect when we are either going over it again, or if we are being made aware of the inaccuracies in the content at a later point. We always encourage our users to reach out to us when you are getting any sort of information from this website, whether it comes down to an article on gasless MIG welding or one on adding a shower to a half bath, we are always willing to see if we agree with the changes! However, that does not mean we are blatantly going to be including external links to websites that approach us for those. Yes, we are often being approached by a range of companies that want us to include various links to their articles, and while we may choose to include external links to other relevant articles that we think our users could make use of, our general goal is to make sure that we are creating the resources ourselves that our users are wanting, or at least hosting those on our own website where we are able to ensure that those resources aren’t vastly changed after we have decided to link to them. We have previously tried linking to external articles on topics like welding, where we may have experienced one of two scenarios; one scenario may be that the page ends up no longer being active, in which page we are pointing a link towards a page that does not yield any result, however, another potential scenario that we have run into is that we may have linked to a page or domain that then vastly changes the page that we are linking to. Either the company may have decided to repurpose that specific page where it was previously talking about a type of welding, whereas the new page talks about the cleaning a swimming pool in your garden. Alternatively, we have experienced that we may have linked to a page on welding, and for whatever reason the company does not end up renewing their domain, and someone else ends up buying it instead and using it for something entirely different. 

Even if we would like to be able to link out to content, we are still reluctant in doing so given our inability in controlling what goes on on the websites that aren’t in our control. We much prefer to internally create the resources that we want to be referencing, and then only linking to industry sites that we know aren’t suddenly going to be massively repurposing their internal pages. 

Bringing the future into the built world

The built world is often considered to be many years behind other industries when it comes to a range of things. That includes various things like software adaptation, marketing and other initiatives. Our intention is to make sure that you have access to some of the same content that is easy to consume as you may have if you were looking for another gadget. While it is easy to write various things about products, it is significantly more difficult to make claims about products if you include professional video reviews where the user can see all the various aspects of a product. Our intention is to have these types of products reviewed by industry professionals that know what they are talking about and can adequately share all the relevant information you may want, including the various specs, pros & cons.

Are you one of these manufacturers that we described in the previous section?

Our website and platform are rapidly increasing in both size and popularity – it seems like some of the things that we are doing, we are doing right! Users seem to be loving us, as our site has gone to thousands of visitors in the span of only a few months, meaning a lot of things are happening on our end. It also means that we are getting ready to ramp up, and move into other areas of the built world that we may not have covered already, and we are expanding on the ones that we already have! Those categories are growing too. In fact, the category that we entered first, welding, is currently growing at a rate of double digits, why we are still looking to be introduced to more manufacturers of welding equipment as well so that we can adequately expand our offering on this platform for that category.

If your company is in a situation where you are making industrial or commercial equipment and you feel that the description in the previous section describes your company, we would love to have a conversation with you. It’s important to note that in order for us to want to work with a manufacturer and additionally promote the industrial tools that they are building, they need to be tools that we as a platform can stand behind and would be willing to use ourselves, too. If your company may be good at manufacturing these tools but perhaps not quite as good when it actually comes to the situation of having to sell the tools, a partnership with our platform may just be what your company needs in order to be taken to the next level – you should know that we are very rigorous when we review tools, and if your tools aren’t among the best in the industry, our reviews may also reflect that. 

We have some interesting times ahead of us as we are making very substantial decisions when it comes to where we are going to take this company. We are at a crossroads as we have to figure out who to work with and how to scale the various processes that go on behind the scenes. We have to figure out how we are turning this little project from a small resource site with some reviews and some products into one of the major players in the industry as we want to truly revolutionize the way that things have been done. 

This is the stage of a company that most founders dream of but which also ends up breaking the neck of many people when the wrong decisions are being made along the way. It’s an interesting time where we have to make sure that we choose our partners right, including when we are choosing the companies that we will work with going forward as those will have a substantial impact on whether we are successful in our endeavors or not, too. Their successful operations and stability will help us grow this business and set new standards for the industry overall.

We want to be a force to be reckoned with and one that industry professionals think about first when they’re considering which tools they should be using for their business.

Along the way, we want to be working with quality partners who are the people that actually create the various tools that companies are using in the field. The impressive engineers and assemblers that enable everything we see around us. We may not be the leading industry experts when it actually comes to creating these majestic tools, but we believe we can play a very needed role in society by enabling the ability to more easily choose the tools that pros should be using. We believe our strength lies in the information gathering and sharing role, where we can create an information based platform that can help pros make better decisions. 

Is your company one that we should be working with, and why? We find a lot of companies producing a range of different products, but not all products are a great fit for this website, nor are all companies. We want to be working with the best of the best, especially in fields where it can be hard to distinguish between some of the worse products and some of the better ones. We want to set ourselves aside as one of the companies that users can come to, often when they are looking to spend thousands of dollars on a tool, where they come to our platform because they know that they can rely on the information that they will find here. 

In situations where it is hard to distinguish between quality products and products that aren’t worth the money, we want to help buyers find clarity. Please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page if you believe that your manufacturing company is among the best in your individual vertical, so that we can see if there’s the potential for a strategic partnership.