About Us

Atlantic Aspiration is a project focused on creating transparency in an ancient industry, industrial distribution. We seek to provide you with the necessary tools to facilitate your every day job, from providing necessary information content, to allowing you to buy the the materials you may be in need of for a project. Basically we’re trying to make your life just a tad bit easier. What’s not to love?

Atlantic Aspiration was founded in 2019, and we’re a cross-skilled team with experience from every corner of the world, simply trying to make the construction industry marginally easier to operate in.

We aim to help you better learn what your various choices are, whether it comes to buying a plasma cutter, TIG welder, MIG welder or something else. We understand that not every option or model is right for everyone and if you either spend way too little money on a machine, you’ll soon be finding yourself realizing that it just isn’t getting the job done, but if you rather end up spending way too much money, you’ll be left feeling like a fool. There’s a happy medium, and by better understanding your needs, we can equip you with the knowledge necessary for you to make a choice.