Best blind spot mirrors for your car & truck

Ever driven your vehicle only to find out that you have been overtaken by a vehicle you didn’t see in your side mirror? At times when parallel parking we hit something that was invisible in both the rearview and side mirrors. The unseen objects are in positions known as blind spots usually unseen by normal mirrors.

The bigger your vehicle is, the more the blind spots there are. SUVs and trucks will have large hidden areas as compared to saloon cars and sedans.

It is also important to note that the newer models of automobiles come with inbuilt blind spot detection which produces a yellow light on the side mirrors to show presence of obstacles in the areas around them.

However, you need not to worry anymore if yours doesn’t have this feature, there is a good solution to your troubles. The best blind spot mirrors on the market for your car or truck!

Take a look at the incredible difference that they make. They really allow you to see any object a whole lot clearer than you otherwise would have been able to, whether large or small.

blind spot mirror

What are these products, and why should you get one?

These are additional products usually put on the corners of the top or bottom of side mirrors to give the driver a wider field of view while driving. They show the driver parts of the road ordinarily not visible by looking out the window.

They are shiny convex products made of either aluminum, glass or plastic designed to have a very wide field of view and are mounted on the side mirror either through adhesives or suction cups.

They are popular since they make driving safer as a person can see nearly everything needed to be seen. With them you reduce your chances of getting involved in accidents due to the enhanced vision.

 How good are they?

Many people seldom know the importance of the mirrors with some even stating that they find them being destructive while driving. Some drivers have confessed to having gone to the extent of removing them from their cars to improve their driving experience. This can be attributed to poorly set mirrors that don’t show the expected field of view.

For a well-set one, it significantly reduces your chances of getting into an accident since you can comfortably view the surroundings of your vehicle. There are approximately 800,000 blind spot related accidents each year which can be avoided if we acquire and set the mirrors well.

They can also help us reduce repair costs on the vehicles and garages due to scratches that we get from poorly parking and unparking the vehicle. They come with various methods of attachment, with some being clip-on, while others may use other methods to adhere. 

Why are they important?

As earlier stated, you can’t underestimate their importance while behind the wheel. They could be the key to your arriving alive. Many drivers around the globe have confessed to the several times they were saved from near fatal accidents by the mirrors.


While overtaking, these products gives you an easier time because you do not need to look over your shoulders to find out whether there is a car behind you. With these, you are able to see an approaching object that is far away, giving you ample time to prepare for the overtake.

Also, while overtaking with these products installed, you will see the object just right beside you in the blind spot that side mirrors normally miss, reducing your chances of crashing with someone you’re simply trying to share the road with.

They are important in the split-second decisions needed while making the decision on whether to overtake or not. With just a glance, you can approximate the distance of the car behind you and its speed thus, decide whether to overtake or not.

Merging lanes

While driving and you get to a point where you need to merge lanes you can safely do so with the help of the blind spot mirrors. You can use them to check on the oncoming traffic to decide whether it is safe to join the merging lane or you need to give way first.

Changing lanes

Despite being one of the easiest things to do while driving, it poses a great risk to your life if you are not keen. Changing of lanes without checking the oncoming traffic on the lane you want to shift to could turn out to be fatal.

The lenses are required to clearly and accurately show the driver the status of the road before making a judgement as simple as changing lanes on the road.

Gives a wide area of view of blind spots

While using the added mirror you easily remove a considerable area within the car that was previously a blind spot but can now be monitored to help the drivers make decisions without endangering their lives. For instance, you get to view the areas both near and far from the vehicle.

Monitors kids playing around

In driveways near our homes and parks you are more likely to find kids playing around the cars. If you are not careful you may end up injuring them if you cannot see them from your factory lens. Moreover, the lenses have not been designed to provide a wide area of view thus your chances of stepping on a playing kid are definitely higher.

With the blind spot mirrors well set, you can monitor where the kids are playing and be in a position to maneuver if need be.

Enables better parking

Parking in tight spots is usually a headache to most people especially when there are obstacles or other vehicles already in place. Reverse parking and parallel parking in busy parking lots is a nightmare for most drivers whether inexperienced or not.

For people that have seen the light and have chosen to install one of the products we recommend, it is much easier to park since they see a wider field of view while parking. They can avoid ramming into other people’s cars or double parking. If parking in your garage you can avoid hitting the walls of your house.

Getting out of the driveway

Getting out of a driveway requires being keen to avoid running into other people’s motor vehicles along the way. They help show you what is on the driveway giving you ample time and space to prepare and avoid hitting objects and cars along the road.

You should also consider getting a backup camera, if you’re trying to upgrade the safety of whatever you’re driving! The same way you may have retrofitted your RV with solar panels or a waterless heater, this little device will allow you to see so much better as you’re backing up.

Factors to consider

Purchasing a blind spot mirror requires one to do extensive research to find out which best fits their needs and the model. In choosing so, there are general factors that you should look at before you get one. What you are advised to look at before choosing one includes;


The size of the additional lens that you intend to acquire should neither be too big nor too small but of considerable size depending on the size of the side mirror.  The recommended size for a truck will definitely be different to that of a sedan thus the need to consider individual side mirrors.

If in doubt of the size, you can cover the spot with a piece of paper to get the size that you can sacrifice for the addition, so as to make sure it’s not bothering while you’re on the road. Additionally, you can put a double-sided sticker on the new lens and place it on your side mirror to find out whether it fits.

The remaining part should be large enough for viewing the surrounding area so as to ensure safety while driving. A well sized lens gives the required area of view without straining the driver.


The better the quality of the material making the blind spot mirror the more long lasting it is expected to be. Aluminum makes a much better quality which neither fades nor disintegrates in a short time. Among all the materials used in construction, aluminum makes the best quality and costs much more.

The aluminum lens gives a better image and is much easier to clean. Rarely will you find it affected by adverse weather.

Glass costs less with the quality not as good as aluminum but better than plastic and gives clear images while viewing through it. Plastic is the cheapest among all and has a significantly lower quality. It easily fades off over time when in use.

The housing frame of the blind spot mirror needs to be looked at because those that have one enjoy a longer lifespan as compared to the ones that have none. The housing prevents easy breakage of the lens by providing an outer cover for protection.


The shape of the blind spots largely depends on the shape of the side mirror.  For rearview one, they mostly use rectangular lenses due to their shape.

The most popular shape available is round but you can also find oval and rectangular depending on the shape and your preference.

Finding the optimal shape helps enhance your field of view.

Method of placement

The method of placement is largely determined by how you intend to utilize the products, and where you wish for them to provide better visibility. If you wish to have it permanently placed on one vehicle you can use an adhesive based lens. Most people prefer to place them at the very far corner so that the remaining portion that you can view through remains as large as possible.

For those who intend to share the same pair among different models, they can use suction cups. The cups are removable at any time as the owner may wish.

Sticker based ones are not long lasting because they wear off with time and they could fall off later due to the effects of weather or when driven on rough roads.

When considering the method of installation, it is important to check whether it will cost more when placing it or if it comes as an add-on with the lens from the manufacturer.


Different drivers prefer varying settings and as such while purchasing one it is advisable that you consider one that can be adjusted depending on your line of view. A permanent one will be fixed depending on only one user which will definitely disadvantage others.

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Top Brands


Is ultra-slim and comes either in round or square shape with a package of either two or four. They can be adjusted to any angle and use 3M adhesive in installation.


  • They are hardly affected by weather; the glass doesn’t haze over time.
  • It does not rust over time.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Can be adjusted over 360 degrees
  • Available in either round or square shape.
  • Frameless and ultrathin design


  • They are a bit more vulnerable to getting damaged than other options, however, the product’s flexibility and price point makes up for it.
14,105 Reviews
These offer a lot more flexibility than some of the alternative counterparts. If flexibility is what you're after, you really should give this one a try!


Designed for large trucks that were not designed with towing mirrors. It can fit either on top or at the bottom, as you see fit, so as to give you the best viewing capabilities possible. It comes with an adhesive tape for sticking it.


  • Designed for 4th generation trucks
  • Comes with an adhesive that is easy to use
  • Long Lasting


  • Only designed for trucks
2,582 Reviews
With their convex designs, you will want to make sure that they fit whatever you're driving! If you have a sedan, this may not be for you.

Essential contraptions

This is a pack of four with an aluminum frame that protects it from rusting and is made from glass which prevents them from losing clarity or hazing over time. They come with an adhesive sticker for attaching.


  • Long lasting it does not haze over time
  • Comes with an adhesive
  • Sold in a pack of four


  • Small in size

In the reviews, people are raving about how effective, yet inexpensive they are. Make sure to take a look!

Essential Contraptions
1,740 Reviews
Essential Contraptions
With its rust-resistant design, you get everything you could wish for, whether you're in the snowy mountain side or near the beach.


What type is the best way to eliminate blind spots?

The type that is the best to eliminate is the round convex lens made of aluminum coating. If possible, it is better you pick one which is adjustable according to the driver’s needs.

What is the best shape that you should be seeking out for these products?

The shape largely depends on the on what you’re driving, as you will want to make sure the dimensions of the product fit. After looking at it you can decide on the shape to put and the shapes are mostly matched e.g., round for round or oval for oval.

Where is the best place to put it?

The best place to place them is on the edges of the side whether top or bottom but you ensure it is not too close to the edges to interfere with remote adjustment. Before putting it on you can use a sticker to find out the best position. You will additionally want to sit inside to see whether or not you’re able to properly adjust everything after they have been installed as well.

If you have cats or dogs traveling with you, they may also help you keep a better eye on them, although they’re not a replacement for all the other safety measures you ought to be taking when traveling with a pet.

dog being seen in the mirror

Do they help with parking?

Yes. They show obstructions that you can easily hit but are not in the line of view of side mirrors.

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