Best car lift for your home or garage: Portable, 2 post, 4 post

Getting the best car lift is the ideal option if you want to make the most of the space in your home garage, whether for quick repair and maintenance or establishing a home car storage.

Car lifts are another considerable new addition to your home garage. Its popularity is growing among homeowners who have a smaller garage area. It is a necessary piece of equipment on which you can rely on its convenience, whether you are working on the undercarriage or storing an extra car.

Whether you’re looking for portable, 2-post or 4-post car lifts for your home or your garage, we’ve gathered a list of the best ones here.

What is a car lift and its uses

If you are working on the car, you would possibly be breaking a lot of sweat without using a tool that could allow you to work around the underparts with ease. Most likely, you can’t complete the task in a short time, most particularly if you are, physically, a plus-size belter.

A standard car jack is a primary tool to be used then. Even though standard car jacks can exert significant pressures or lift heavy weights, most of them are handled manually and can only heave the car up to the maximum height it can take. Car jacks used primarily in a home garage, in particular, have a maximum lifting height of up to 20 inches and can raise a car weighing 3000 pounds. Hi-lift jacks can take even more, but while they save some human effort, they don’t provide enough room underneath to work on comfortably.

If you own more than one car and your home garage is too small to handle them all, and you don’t want to pay a storage facility to keep them throughout the winter. Then, you’ll probably need to come up with better alternatives so that your other cars aren’t left outdoors exposed. So by then, a car lift comes into play.

Other than that, a car lift can provide a suitable space beneath your car to comfortably perform maintenance, repair, and close inspections. You won’t have to crawl under to move stuff around compared to a car jack. Furthermore, with its optimum height-lift, you’ll have greater access to your tools around the area.

Before we go any further, let us have an in-depth view of the adaptation of different car lifts at every house, establishment, auto shop, and parking facility and understand its specifics.

Over the years, a car lift has become one of the most sought-after tools of car owners for their luxury garage. And these days it becomes increasingly popular with everybody. You don’t have to be very affluent to own one. Average homeowners are beginning to see the huge advantages and benefits of its use, making it one of the most in-demand in the market today.

Until the development of surface-mounted or above-ground lifts, car lifts were of the in-ground form. Today, a surface-mounted vehicle lift trend is on a stable garage floor footing run by a hydraulic or electric power unit. Different types of specialty lifts could perform well and could meet your demands. Some car owners will go for a 4-post design used for long-term storage, and others like the 2-post type that’s better when working on cars.

Whether you consider a 2-post or a 4-post, all lifts are suitable for all kinds of residential garages. Make sure to check out our guides on extension cords, including by length, as well as our guide on engine driven welders, garden tractors and cassette toilets.

Types of car lifts

1) 2-post car lift

In the average residential garage or car shop, a two-post vehicle lift has become popular. Because it only uses two-frame support, you can save more space, making it perfect for a small residential garage. A two-post car lift can provide more excellent performance by maximizing lift time and completing the task fast. This lift may be installed in a garage with ceilings as low as 9 feet and has a maximum lift height of 58 inches. It is the best lift for working on vehicles.

2) 4-post car lift

If you have more than one car, you will need a suitable parking spot to keep them all inside. Aside from having enough working space to work underneath a vehicle, you can use a 4-post car lift to store various cars. It may not be the lightest lift, but it employs the best construction, materials, and technology.

A 4-post lift is most likely the most versatile mounting available. With more capacity and better performance, while still offering safety and control during usage, this lift is perfect for your garage. In addition, a four-post car lift has an improved hydraulic system for better performance and longer life, making it an excellent support for demanding or heavy-duty applications.

As a piece of advice, bolt the lift into a very stable garage floor to ensure stability.

3) Tilting car lift

A tilting car lift is a body-engaging lift that typically engages the vehicle’s frame or perimeter to a low or mid-elevation, roughly 60cm high. Because of its mobility and ease of use, this tool is generally available in average repair businesses and residential garages. It is the most acceptable option for practical users.

Because it is totally mechanical, this lift is 100% maintenance-free, saving you from annual checkups, servicing, or permanent installation. No wiring, no hydraulics, and there is no need for an air compressor or messy lines. It’s a little tool that can be handled and stored by a single person. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You may even take it with you when you go on a trip or out of town. It tilts on a centerline to allow simple access to the undercarriage without the use of creepers or out-of-date carjacks.

It’s a helpful tool for performing tire, brake, and wheel services on your automobile, club car, and other vehicles weighing up to 1500 kg. Overall, a tilting vehicle lift is simple to use, requiring no installations, additional tools, or specific expertise.

4) Scissor car lift

Another form of car lift for sale is a car scissor lift. Its lifting mechanism is identical to that of a standard parallelogram lift. Even so, it lifts or lowers a vehicle in a straight vertical direction rather than aft. It is a low-profile vehicle lift designed for quick automobile maintenance or quick car repairs. The car is very stable because of the employment of a synchronized hydraulic system, enabling open access all around the vehicle between platforms. It gives a large amount of free workspace.

Heavy-duty scissor lifts can transport vehicles or use according to your need. They are known as the vehicle transporting equipment used by car dealers, car showrooms, and car shops.

There are several benefits to using a car scissor lift. The first thing to notice is that it takes up little room when not in use, making it suitable for small spaces or residential garages. And it contains an explosion-lock valve to prevent a car from dropping suddenly in an emergency. Side barriers are in place for safe raising and lowering. The lift guarantees safe lifting as it has a load protection system with an overload alert. And in the case of a power loss, you can swiftly lower the automobile using the manual lowering mechanism.

5) In-ground lift

An in-ground lift is a negative lift that is beneath the garage floor that uses a downforce.

In-ground lifts were the primary option of most car or shop owners until the 1980s. The in-ground reference is coming from the components installation, which is below the ground. Modern in-ground lifts have created systems that house all hydraulic components in a single enclosure, reducing the danger of soil contamination when hydraulic leakage occurs.

There are different in-ground lifts designed to accommodate nearly any repair and maintenance service for all types of cars.

6) Parallelogram lifts

A drive-on lift driven by an electro-hydraulic power unit is the most common type of parallelogram lift. It has two parallel sync runways, either electronically or hydraulically. When lifting or lowering a vehicle, the old-style parallelogram lifts move it a short distance forward or aft; the advanced type moves a car straight up and down.

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Where to find a car lift for sale:


If you are looking for a car lift for every shop or home garage, Bendpak car lifts are among the best on the market. For years, the firm has been renowned for its expertise in manufacturing and outstanding experience, constantly delivering the best quality and top-rated car lifts on the market. The Bendpak car lift fulfills every user’s need and requirement for maximum commercial or residential applications.

Compared to their counterparts, the new Bendpack car lifts have a larger column, a more extensive base plate, longer runways, and a more secure rising platform. The Bendpack car lift series is explicitly designed for experts to ensure that you lift with the highest standard. The most attractive feature of this lift is that it is with a safety system for safe operation.


Atlas brand car lifts can give you quality, value, durability, and endurance lift. It’s a one-stop store with hundreds of vehicle lifts and lifts components to select from. Today, it is one of the top-selling auto equipment companies. The most remarkable production and feature design and the best cost available are now with the Atlas brand. Atlas brand car lifts have evolved to become one of the most sophisticated and high-quality car lifts in the automotive business.

Atlas spent years developing lift product lines by addressing consumer demands and bringing the best quality and price value.


The brand QuickJack has been offering outstanding customer service and high-quality goods to its customers for many years.

If you often exchange tires, change oil, do repairs and maintenance, and want to eliminate the need for jacks and stands, a QuickJack car lift is the equipment you need. QuickJack car lifts are popular among commercial auto shops, detailers, home garages, and car fanatics due to their high quality and functionality. Their product lines include vehicle lifts that may be stored on the wall of your garage, allowing you to make use of space that you otherwise would not have used. You’ll be blown away by its performance. QuickJack lifts can get your car into the air at full height quickly and without wasting much time.

Rotary car lift

Rotary recognizes the importance of upgrading garages for both professional auto dealers and home DIYers. That is how Rotary vehicle lifts came to be. Rotary car lifts are precision-engineered and built to last, delivering long-lasting performance whether undergoing significant repairs or routine maintenance. With each car in your garage or shop, you can be sure that your vehicle is in the care of a trusted unit that prioritizes safety, quality, and innovation. Overall, Rotary automotive lifts are the solution to all of your lifting demands since they meet industry standards and provide a worldwide service network.

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Identifying the quality of car lifts before making purchases

The quality of the lift tells you whether you have obtained the best car lift that meets your needs or not. It might be tricky to determine the quality of a specific product sometimes.

Quality is the most crucial aspect of any company, especially true when it comes to automobile lifts. All manufacturers, however, claim to have produced higher-quality items than their competitors, which draws customers in one way or another. However, if you want high-quality items, look for safety features, long-lasting ones and require less maintenance and replacement components along the way.

Furthermore, your car deserves a quality lift in your home garage. So before getting a new car lift, figure out carefully the quality of a lift that you are choosing by considering the following factors;

  • Price

If you come across a showroom posting “car lift for sale,” you might be tempted to take advantage of the deal and purchase a lift that you don’t actually need. You’d soon discover that the “lift for sale” is not the one for you. And, more than likely, it has low quality and poor performance considering being with significantly lesser price than the other. By then, you’ve realized that obtaining the best bargain/sale in the market doesn’t always mean receiving the best goods. Just when you thought you’d save your budget, actually, you didn’t. A low-cost lift will sacrifice the majority of its best features.

Furthermore, convenience still comes at a cost. This implies that pricing is irrelevant sometimes when choosing high-quality items, especially when it comes to safeguarding your life at work. Good-priced products always offer good service, and that’s for sure.

  • Brand

Each company out there aims to convince everyone of their product’s value. And indeed, there should always be a reputable company that stands out among the rest, and it is for you to research which one really meets your demands.

Try to learn a bit about the brand of your choice and know what the company has to offer. For example, learn about their warranty, how responsive their customer support is, and its pricing point. Also, take time to read their customer reviews to gain information from individuals who have used their goods.

  • Authenticity

You should check to see whether it has a car lift certification (ALI/ETL certified). It makes a big difference in determining whether or not a lift is of good quality. The ALI certification mark is the national standard for vehicle lifts.

  • Size

The size of a lift, at some point, reflects its quality. It may not seem important in general, but it is critical for the lift’s interior components. Oversized wire rope sheaves minimize friction against the wire rope and last longer than smaller versions. In addition, certain lift arm restraints are stiffer than recommended to provide additional protection, and lift carriages are higher to avoid overstressing the overall lift structure.

  • Safety features

Every lift for sale is unique in some way. Some of them include a backup safety feature. Some models have a cable-slack detecting system that will immediately shut down the lift if cable slack is detected. Some have a large number of lifting cables to offer backup assistance if something goes wrong. In addition, another brand increases the number of lifting lines to avoid the lifting problem that occurs in wires when a fault occurs. We don’t expect the cables to fail, but it’s best to be safe if anything unexpected happens. These safety measures may increase the cost somewhat, but they are necessary since your safety is at stake.

Parting thoughts

There should be compelling reasons to invest in a car lift for your home garage. In the opinion of some auto fanatics, a car lift is a beautiful addition to any garage. It is not only helpful in avoiding the use of jacks and stands when performing repairs and maintenance, but it also has other advantages.

We all agree that automobiles are significant investments. Having more than one is also a bit risky. And caring for them is challenging without the assistance of dependable equipment that can keep them safe within your garage. The usage of a car lift not only provides convenience, but it also generates more room for your vehicles, particularly 4-post car lifts. Thus, a car lift protects your investments.

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