Best cordless and battery-powered leaf blowers

If you do not prefer to heap fallen foliage in your yard with a garden rake, a cordless and battery-powered leaf blower is the perfect tool to use.

There may have been different outdoor gardening tools like this available on the market today. But a cordless leaf blower is the most convenient tool to clear everything in the yard effortlessly and without tangling cords messing around. The term itself “cordless” implies that you can work your way from end to end on your ground and do not limit your movements as you are not tethered close to the outlet.

Most suburban households have seen the benefits of this tool. Besides being handy that gives ease and convenience to your gardening jobs, it is likely useful all year-round. It’s the answer to your dusty decks in the summer, Autumn’s pesky fallen leaves, light-snowy walkways in the winter, and anything else that causes impediments in your ground.

Besides, utilizing this has significant benefits in terms of your health. When you do the frequent outdoor cleanup, maybe a few times a week, usually in the summer. In such a case, you will likely experience muscle cramps or lumbar spine stiffness over time, most especially when using manual and traditional tools. Fortunately, investing in one will spare you from the stiff-back that usually happens after a long day of raking leaves. This equipment is effective, portable, and dependable. Here’s a list of the best cordless and battery-powered leaf blowers on the market.

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Best types

If you’re planning to buy a new machine or replace an old one, you’ve probably thought about which type to choose. Different types have their distinction and characteristics in comparison to one another. One may be capable of a specific task in a particular way, while the other is far more suitable for coping with more extensive work. What’s important is that choosing one begins with an understanding of your needs.

There are three types to choose from: cordless handheld gas, battery-powered, and electric leaf ones. However, in terms of mobility, they are divided into two categories: corded and cordless.

An electric one is a corded model that requires an extension cord to operate. It also has several advantages to its credit. But although it provides consistent power, the cord connection itself is a considerable drawback. It essentially restricts your movements around the area, allowing you to operate only within the range of the cord. Furthermore, pulling a wire behind you is not the most practical manner of working.

On the other hand, a cordless unit can make a big difference in your cleaning mission. It is really efficient, convenient, and offers good mobility. With the absence of the cord, you may point the tool in any direction with less effort. The most popular forms of cordless leaf blowers are handheld and battery-powered ones.

A gas option appeared to be the quickest machine in a cordless handheld that cleans up any debris in the yard. It can go wherever you like, but the only drawback is that the gas itself adds weight, making the unit considerably heavier than the electric corded model. It also has to be fueled and maintained. A cordless electric version, such as a battery model, may have a limited run-time per charging. But, since it is small in size, it is lighter and easier to use. That is the main advantage.

Other models include a backpack model that provides ease and enough power for long operation in broad areas. The backpack extension transfers the weight from your arms to your back and shoulder, preventing the arms from getting weary.

Furthermore, some options are convertible to leaf vacuums, allowing you to collect light trash for easy disposal or mulching. It sucks up leaves from the ground, but it only comes with a small tube that limits your job at once.

Battery-powered options, are they any good?

Battery-powered models are often handier and essentially silent than gas-powered options. Several brands outperform the market’s leading gas models. Simple to use and run by just plugging in the battery and turning on the power, and the machine is ready to move leaves into a pile. It also has an easy start-up feature that eliminates hand strain. In addition to its quick start, it is an environmentally friendly machine that releases no carbon emissions known to be causing climate change and global warming, unlike gas-powered cars.

All in all, they are worth investing in. Are they any good? I would absolutely say, YES!

What to look for?

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Before you jump into one, you should consider most of the many factors that influence its performance. Today’s mainstream market provides a diverse selection of models, making it challenging to select the finest one for your needs. Indeed, every manufacturer claims to be the best maker of top-rated items, and that’s a marketing strategy, and I won’t argue with that. However, with a bit of study and researching, you can come up with the right decision.

What to look for
Performance Value
Mobility Strength

In general, what type you need is determined by the nature of the task and your preferences. All significant factors in selecting one are performance, mobility, and the value for money. And I can give all these credits to the cordless and battery-powered units.


We can scale the performance by its speed. The speed is then the total amount of garbage swept by blow per MPH/CFM (miles-per-hour over cubic feet per minute). Compared to an air compressor that produces optimal air blow but has a narrow nozzle, a units performs an excellent job of moving leaves. To properly remove an immense amount of material from the yard, look for a high-performance units with a high PMH rate.

The second factor that has to do with performance is capacity. As you can see, the label has two numbers (for example, 60v and 40v) that give us the voltage value and amp-hour value. Don’t get confused with the two. To get to the equation, simply multiply the two values to get watt-hour, which tells us how much energy is in the battery. Thus, 60 volts divided by 40 volts equals 2400 watts. So, if you’re searching for one with more power and a longer run-time, keep the watt-hours in mind. Remember that the higher the watt-hour figure, the better the performance.


leaf blower used in garden

As a user, it’s always a good idea to opt for a device that provides convenience and comfort. The use of a cordless and battery-powered option confirms this. Aside from sparing you the hassle of a cord, it is incredibly flexible, allowing you to do the task in quick time. Mobility-wise, it is worth having. Additionally, you can handle some models with only one hand.

A corded model, on the other hand, provides power without the weight of a battery. It is much lighter than the other models. Since you use an extension cable for this, it is ideal for clearing smaller yards and areas near electrical outlets. Although you can cover a much larger area with additional extension wires, still, you are limited only within the maximum range.

Value for money

In general, convenience is something that comes with a price. In other words, the more convenient an item is, the more value it adds, and probably it is to be expected. Whether you’re installing a shower, or getting a leaf blower, you want the best value.

A cordless option costs far more than its counterpart. However, if you are willing to skimp on other options, it may be helpful to look for a convenient model on a budget in such a case.

The majority of manufacturers provide “Family Tool Sharing.” They designed lithium batteries to be compatible with other tools of the same brand. It’s a “power all one battery” possibility.

Say you have another gardening equipment of the same brand. You may use the battery and switch them out alternately. In this manner, you may save money on a battery.

20v versus 40v; which is better?

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As previously discussed, the capacity of the machine is its clear-cut performance. The more watts it has, the more likely it is to produce maximum airspeed and operate longer.

If you want to deal with pesky rubbles in quick time, you’re going to need a model with adequate power. A 40v model, in general, can handle the issue quickly since it has greater average power in watts than a 20v. However, for somewhat lighter waste materials such as dust and filth, a 20v unit would serve. Regardless of contrasting capacity, both units will perform their utmost purpose.

For your reference, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best-rated and strongest manufacturers on the market today.

Ryobi EGO Dewalt
Worx Milwaukee Toro
Makita Kobalt


Problems with obstinate dirt? Ryobi products can take care of it.

Over the years, Ryobi technology has promoted higher power, longer run time, and excellent motor life. The Ryobi machines has more than enough power to blast away all the grass clippings and leaves on the ground. It features a fantastic compact design and a moderate weight, making it ideal for any area. Its fully charged battery can clean anything to a large extent, such as a driveway. It comes with a debris scraper for loosening stubborn dirt and a hanging hook for simple storage.


You can rely on EGO tools in any outdoor task. The brand is committed to providing the power, performance, and innovation you need.

The EGO LB6504 blower is one example. With a speed of 180 MPH, the tool can sweep wet leaves, pebbles, muds, snow, and other debris. Its lock-on speed control allows you to adjust at your chosen pace. Brushless motors with excellent efficiency have a longer operating duration, minimal vibration, and longer motor life. This lightweight and compact model gets the work done faster, with less noise, trouble, and fumes—must-have equipment.


Another powerful tool that works well in decent-sized stones, embedded leaves, and landscaping is the Dewalt leaf blower. Additionally, the excellent balance of this unit makes it comfortable to use and carry for an extended period. It is exceptionally light and comfortable; even with its flex volt battery, you can use it with one hand. Its flex volt battery is compatible with other MAX* tools, which is a plus. It has a trigger lock that locks itself so you can keep it on without having to press the button constantly.


Do you want to keep your yard and outdoor living spaces clean of leaves, snow, and debris? Worx blowers can help you with it.

Worx tools have superior technology. The brand only uses top of quality materials and components to deliver precise and powerful leaf blowing. It works wonderfully for swiftly cleaning up your deck, sidewalk, patio, driveway, and surrounding area. Very lightweight, small, and simple to store.

Cleaning the yard is pretty straightforward. Worx machines come with various attachments that will make your life easier. The lithium battery is compatible with all Worx tools- family. It’s the best unit for the money as it saves time, effort, and money.


Milwaukee Tools has been developing innovative solutions that enhance productivity and matchless durability for ordinary and professional customers since 1924. The power brand believed that cordless technology is the future of job sites.

A Milwaukee product is of high quality, and it can clear the driveway, porch, and even dry cars after washing them. The high and low-speed range settings provide smooth variable speed control throughout different areas. The high speed is used to clean the garage floor, driveway, and walkways, while the low rate can work around flower beds and delicate areas. The trigger lock function prevents hand strain, especially when working on large portions—a magnificent and great tool to have.


Your yard will appear clean and organized all year long if you use Toro products.

Toro’s complete line enables you to complete your yard jobs with ease and comfort. Its innovative features are simple to operate, with no tools required for blower-to-vacuum conversion through its quick-release latch. The machine includes variable speed control, allowing you to match the pace to work at hand. The oscillating nozzle automatically sweeps air back and forth to provide a more thorough cleaning path. Cleaning leaves is made easier and faster with a maximum airspeed of 160mph. Toro’s brand worth has become famous for its creative, hassle-free, and time-saving units.

Greenworks G-max battery

GreenWorks tools have a strong reputation in the tool industry. The firm is committed to offering high-quality cordless options and lithium-ion batteries. The G-max 4252 system can power up to 10+ lawn care tools, completing your lawn maintenance solution. It is simple to snap in and out of tools. One battery is sufficient for leaf blowing and lawn mowing in dense areas. It’s an efficient battery for a machine that charges rapidly and doesn’t run out of energy. It’s the most powerful battery for completing your accessories for your yard.


Cleaning up has never been easier than with Makita products. In terms of competitive advantage, the Makita units moves more air while producing less noise and releasing no emissions. Its higher-end versions can handle more comprehensive clean-ups while still providing optimum performance. A lithium-ion kit, tools, and brushless motors are available from the company. It’s a one-stop-shop for all cordless options.

With over 40 years of developing, designing, and manufacturing equipment, Makita is the market leader in best-in-class quality machines. Makita products deliver the power, speed, and runtime required for any outdoor cleaning operation, from construction sites to your own home. I consider it as one of the best brands.


Kobalt is another leading producer of top-rated units. Kobalt products provide the power you need to complete your outdoor duties with solid performance. You can get just what you need for your yard cleaning operations with no hassle. The equipment’s whisper-quiet operation and eye-catching outcomes may create a gorgeous and enticing environment. Its simple design and long-lasting battery life made work more pleasant and efficient, allowing you to complete the assignment more quickly. Whether you’re dealing with large amounts of yard trash or simply sweeping here and there, a Kobalt machine can do the job. The tool is intended for worry-free usage and is packed with the necessary power to make your operation seem effortless.

So, what else is there to say? Kobalt products are your best friend when dealing with rugged surroundings, both at work and home.

Final word

Problems with the annoying and unfavorable outdoor environment? Worry no more; you can rely on the cordless and battery-powered leaf blower. You may get a wide variety of it whether you purchase at a market or online. But keep in mind that everything starts with knowing your needs. Get the correct tool for the job.

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