Best 50, 130 150, 165, 200 & 230-gallon deck storage boxes

Neat up your deck or patio with the best deck storage box that is stylish and functional.

Every family has a busy lifestyle. It is no surprise that the larger the family becomes, the more they need to store anything from toys to outdoor essentials.

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And if this applies to you, it just means you’ll need an extra storage option to keep things safe. The best outdoor deck storage boxes offer enough capacity to accommodate everything you need to have on hand in a suitable location. Aside from that, a container will surely be your best option for keeping your porch or patio clutter-free.

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About These Boxes

Deck boxes are high-density materials that provide strength and durability. They are often waterproof and resistant to UV radiation and mold spores. At the same time, they provide great protection against moisture. Keeping the interior clean and dry is more accessible by the weather-resistant seal.

In addition, the UV-protected wall won’t chip or crack. The steel hinges also have a water-resistant coating to avoid rusting and corrosion. They have spring-hinged lid support to open wide enough not to slam shut. The boxes have an easy-to-use locking design to protect your belongings. Plus, a selection of panel designs that will fit seamlessly and nicely with your patio and yard decors. And as a bonus, they are built to be sturdy enough to function as a bench or a table.

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Advantages of Having One

  1. They are well sealed. It could protect the contents from harsh elements by keeping them dry.
  2. It is simple to keep the outdoor space of the property nice and organized.
  3. These boxes are helpful for dual functions since they can be used as a bench or a table, making outdoor living more exciting.
  4. Seamless designs give elegance to living spaces.

Top 3 Materials

Most popular materials
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Boxes of various forms and materials can endure the distracting elements of sun and snow. Wind and heat won’t be an issue. Choosing the best material for your needs is thus more than just a matter of safeguarding your things.

  • Plastic material (resin)

Plastic ones are generally portable and lightweight. They come in various vibrant hues, with some having a wood-like appearance. Resin boxes are solid plastic that retains their color and looks over time even when exposed to direct sunlight and water.

  • Wooden material

They are considered to be the most popular material for your outside needs. Wooden options are made of various woods that have been surfaced-coated. They’ve been treated to withstand the penetration of harsh elements. It is available in rustic and extensive modern styles that complement virtually all outdoor settings. Even though wood is treated and polished for outside use, unmaintained wooden boxes are still prone to degradation. As a result, regular care is necessary to keep their quality and look. Wood is also the most expensive material used.

  • Wicker/rattan materials

Deck boxes made of wicker or rattan are fashionable, traditional, and artistic. Wicker comprises rattan and reed. Bamboo and synthetic materials are also widely used. These are lighter but more durable and painted to resemble a tropical or coastal look, making them ideal for outdoor use.

How do I choose one?

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  • Material

Because they are to be left outside, it is critical to examine the material when buying one. Resin ones are typically solid and long-lasting, resisting moisture. They retain their color even when exposed to the weather. Wood is the most commonly used material for these options. It is chemically treated to withstand severe conditions, but it still needs regular maintenance and care. Wicker is another fashionable and attractive material. Wicker boxes are also long-lasting and stylish.

  • Capacity

Another important aspect is the amount of space available. Consider the capacity or amount that each box can store to determine whether it can accommodate all you need to stash away.

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  • Size

It is essential to measure your box’s outer dimension to estimate how much space you need to allocate on your deck. By doing so, you can easily select the size and design that will suit your surroundings.

Above all, water-resistant ones are the most acceptable option. It’s regardless of the other factors. It will prevent the penetration of moisture and humidity. It will most likely degrade the quality of your stored things.

Here are the Top 6 the Best Options

They are in high demand in business markets. As a result, manufacturers have flooded the market with various products in various styles and shapes. Let’s not forget the variety of sizes. They are now available in multiple sizes and designs, ranging from small to oversized. You can find them ranging from classic to modern, and they even come rustic.

1. Bins and chest design

They are designed mainly for storage and generally have a capacity of more than 100 gallons. They are intended to hold large objects such as patio furniture and yard tools. Most feature an automatic system for simple opening, eliminating any laborious effort.

2. Bench design

It’s a dual-purpose container that may function as both a container and a seat. It has a beautiful, wood-inspired look and can accommodate two or more people. When closed, it provides a flat surface for seating. When open, it allows access to objects inside.

3. Coffee table design

This coffee table is the ideal answer for all of your storage needs. It also serves as a spot to keep drinks and snacks near. At the same time, your guests enjoy your seating arrangement. The wicker storage coffee table is UV and rust-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.

4. Cube shape design

A square box can serve as an end or center table for an outdoor sofa or lounge. Designed to be both functional and elegant, it has a fine square structure that fits almost any living style. This storage cube is ideal for your indoor or outdoor goodies while still looking stylish.

5. Vertical design

Vertical storage is good for long-handled tools, such as garden accessories and ladders. It provides limitless organizational possibilities for everyday utilities. For further protection, it has pad-lockable single or double outswing doors. It has inner supports that may be customized for even greater organization.

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6. Round design

It’s a great option for small spaces and doubles as a center table or side table. It is also weather-resistant and stylish to perfectly blend any sofa or lounge.

What are the Common Sizes?

The inside capacity or the amount each box can hold is measured in gallons. Accommodation ranges from the smallest 22-gal capacity to an average capacity of 99 to 165-gal. Sometimes they’re even bigger with up to 230-250 gallons models.

Most popular sizes, in gallons

50 gallon

A 50-gallon storage option has plenty of space for your seat cushions and pool accessories. This capacity guarantees your outside patio furniture and other yard items remain dry and secure regardless of the season. It has one of the most basic yet functional capacities for storing various necessities.

130 gallon

You may keep a wide range of things in a 130-gallon container. You’ll be confident that they will be safe even in adverse weather. This capacity is ideal for storing large chair cushions and garden equipment. You can also store pool toys and other items in this sizeable container. Furthermore, this storage capacity is perfect for increasing your storage space. Improve access to goods you frequently use around your yard.

150 gallon

With a sizable 150-gallon storage capacity, you can add comfort and ease to storing your various outdoor things in a single effort. It’s the ideal size for oversized patio furniture and pool equipment. Beach towels can be stored while keeping them dry and ventilated.

165 gallon

A 165-gallon box will serve as a convenient place to keep large outdoor items. It is ideal for storing and protecting your goods from the weather. You can put anything from gardening equipment to lawnmowers with such huge storage space. There’s also space for other sizable stuff while keeping them safe.

200 gallon

A 200-gallon option is an excellent way to manage clutter and store large items such as tools and pillows. This spacious addition is an outdoor need and ideal for large families with many things to store.

230 gallon

A 230-gallon capacity container is ideal if you need extra space for your storage needs. It is more than enough to accommodate everything while keeping it safe and dry comfortably. It doesn’t matter if you are keeping gardening tools or sports equipment. Patio furniture cushions will very easily fit in there. When the lid is closed, it creates a flat surface that may also be used as a two-seater bench.

Are they airtight?

A deck box is the most necessary method to organize your outdoor environment. It can be both stylish and functional. Even though it is created to keep things dry and safe from harsh weather, they are not meant to be so tight that dampness and mold can develop. Mold spores can grow fast in an overly-sealed room with a relatively high humidity level.

How many cushions does a 150-gallon container hold?

Boxes with capacities of up to 150 gallons may typically hold various bigger cushions in quantities ranging from 12 to 15 pieces. The common cushion size is 20″x 26″. The king-size is 20″x 36″, and the average size is 26″x26″.

Best Brands


Suncast offers extra-large sizes that are roomy and offer plenty of space for storing large outdoor items. A tray is also added to organize smaller outdoor accessories. Suncast products provide limitless organizing opportunities and have a reinforced flat lid for additional seating.

With a Suncast 134-gallon extra-large box, you can accomplish more on your patio while still sufficing all of your patio needs. It is more than capable of holding whatever needs to be stored.


The Keter deck box is ideal if you need a large outdoor solution with a practical design and an attractive garden wood-look seat. With the Keter brand, you can transform your messy outdoor environment into a fantastic place to stay.

The Keter Rockwood series is an extra-large outdoor storage solution, ideal for gardening tools and cushions. Its two-seater deck box bench convenience is perfect for a patio or yard by which you can entertain your friends with ease. With Keter, you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. The Keter Rockwood series is built to last using non-toxic polypropylene resin that will not peel or rust. Furthermore, its waterproof qualities will keep your items dry and ventilated.


You can make the most of your outside area by utilizing a Rubbermaid product. With its considerable space, you can safeguard and organize your equipment. It is made to withstand UV radiation, rust, and rot. Its build also protects against fading, and it has a unique lid design that keeps water out. Its versatility provides an entertaining space for additional seats.

What are the Benefits of Using These?

  1. It keeps the household clutter neatly confined in one place.
  2. It makes your living more enjoyable and relaxing.
  3. It’s a simple way to keep things out of sight.
  4. Convenient, multi-functional, and a good addition to outdoor space.
  5. It provides versatility for various purposes and functions.
  6. Keep things safe and dry.
  7. It comes with extra security features to protect things against intruders.
  8. Organize and optimize outdoor space.
  9. Easy to move around if you are planning to redecorate your patio.
  10. Smaller models don’t take up a lot of space.


Are Keter storage boxes waterproof?

The storage boxes offered by Keter enjoy the advantage of being resistant to the harmful effects of water.
Due to this unique feature, these are ideal for storing and protecting the following objects from rain:
– tools
– bicycles
– garden furniture
– sportswear
All this can be easily stored inside the storage boxes provided by Keter.

And due to this ability to withstand the action of rain and stop water from entering, all objects stored in them will remain dry.
Regardless of the weather outside, the storage boxes from Keter will ensure the safety of the objects stored inside them.

Are resin deck boxes waterproof?

Resin is a material that can be resistant to the action of water, so any deck box made of this material will enjoy this advantage.
Among the many characteristics of the resin are the following:
It has a high degree of durability.
– It is resistant to the action of water.
– Its color does not fade.
– its surface does not dent.

Any box made of this unique material will enjoy all these properties.

What do you store in a deck box?

The main things you can store inside one are:
– chair cushions
– tools used for garden care
– toys often used in the pool
– yard games
– tools used for grill maintenance

The primary purpose of a deck box is to help you maintain a tidy porch or deck.
And to achieve this goal, you can store the items mentioned above inside one without any problems.

Can you sit on a deck box?

In addition to the primary role of these for storing objects, you can also use them to stand on.
Most people use these to store the following items:

– pool toys
– pool towels
– games that you can play outside
– pillows

People store these items in these boxes to protect them from harsh outdoor conditions and rain.
But in addition to this essential role, you can also use them for another purpose.

The purpose is to provide people with a comfortable place to sit.
The larger the box area, the more people can sit on it.

This fact should be taken into account when purchasing a new one.


Keep your equipment and patio cushions protected with the best options readily available to you. Have a space where you save toys. These boxes feature a beautiful, practical design. They’re ideal for keeping your lawn looking nice and a solid structure to protect your belongings. Your yard will be more organized thanks to this product!

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