Best Farmhouse Apron Sink: Drop-In, Stainless Steel, Copper, Fireclay

The kitchen area probably has the most choices for personalized design, especially the kitchen sink. Different kitchen arrangements are constructed around this fixture as a practical and decorative centerpiece, giving each kitchen its distinct appearance and appeal. And the best farmhouse apron sink is one must-have feature when considering remodeling. Indeed, it is becoming a popular option for trendy custom design kitchens.

Aside from its timeless appearance, the farmhouse option is more practical to utilize. Even more so than undermount and drop-in options, it extends too far forward, eliminating the need to lean over the ledge. Additionally, it is often more profound than other types, allowing the user to stand directly in front of the basin without the inconvenience of a cabinet or countertop in-between space. Its deep shape is quite helpful for large families whenever preparing large meals and cleaning up.

They are available in a range of materials and colors, as well as sizes and depths to suit your space.

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What are they?

beautiful farmhouse sink

Because of their aesthetic appeal and ergonomic utility, farmhouse ones are the go-to choice in any contemporary kitchen design. Their unusual apron-front style distinguishes them. Plus, they are essentially exposed and stretched toward the front, making them comfortable and snug.

They are beneficial for cleaning huge pots, large baking plates and oven trays, roast grills, and even washing newborns, which you cannot do with standard designs. If a single bowl isn’t enough to get the job done, there are double bowl options available.

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Not long ago, people relied on rivers, lakes, and wells for all of their water requirements. They used to transport water and store it in dishpans and dry sinks. And that is before the development of connecting it to a plumbing system. Hence, people have to empty the them manually.

Now, this is when innovation comes in. Some geniuses developed what we call farmhouse sinks today. People always seek the easiest and most convenient way to complete a task. Therefore, they provide comfort for women who usually spend hours at the sink. And the apron front designs are usually way forward to eliminate the counters, which frequently create extra strains and hassle.

They quickly became popular due to their clever designs and their durability and functional worth. Soon after, several brands began to make breakthroughs in the mainstream market.

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Are they still trendy?

Farmhouse ones have been successful since their conception, and their popularity continues to grow over time.

In the late 17th century, two trendy butler models, the Belfast and the London models, began to make their way into the houses of the rich in Britain. Their Belfast apron sinks featured an enormous basin, allowing them to wash a baby in it.

Moreover, in France, they started using the French farmhouse design during the nineteenth century and became famous for their functional value. They are still known across the world for creating high-quality sinks. In fact, we can see today that the design of the fireclay option is similar to French-style rural ones.

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If we move west, the trend is still in the United States throughout the 1920s, when cast iron ones became popular. With the modernization of American kitchens, the copper and aluminum kitchen ones provide a corrosion-free and lightweight alternative.

This progression is relevant and visible in current designs. How people use farmhouse designs today is significantly modernized and incorporated with stylish designs.

Data actually shows that renovation is the most popular among any section in the house. And that is when the apron front farmhouse sink makes a big difference once more. Its integrated design provides homeowners with remarkable comfort that is not possible with conventional ones.

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So, in response to the question, “Is it still trendy?” I give a loud YES for the following reasons.

  1. The extended front provides a more extensive internal basin area to accommodate large pots, utensils, and cooking sheets.
  2. It is not necessary to reach over a countertop when cleaning dishes.
  3. The wide apron front protects the adjacent cabinets.
  4. The style’s popularity and elegance come in various materials to select from, and they are becoming incredibly economical.
  5. They are available in a variety of materials that complement different décor trends.
  6. Different aesthetic styles can match into any kitchen with one that matches with design requirements.
  7. There are several installation choices available, including wall-mount, top-mount, and seven different attachments.
  8. They are suitable for a wide range of styles, forms, and functions.

Concretes, stones, and specialized copper choices are now available as upmarket adaptations of the original porcelain and fireclay models, bringing intensity and one-of-a-kindness to today’s kitchen.

What is the difference between a farm and an apron design?

The farmhouse and apron front models differ somewhat in terms of materials, design, and installation. Though both look symmetrical, don’t be misled; I’ll present their opposing characteristics.

MATERIAL Copper, cast iron, fireclay, and porcelain (materials that resist stains, food particles, dirt) It is available in many different materials and finishes, not just ceramics and porcelain.
DESIGN It has a large, deep size. It’s a complete workstation that meets all of your cleaning requirements. You can also have a double bowl option having two different compartments. The only difference between it and a farmhouse option is that the front is exposed. It offers a distinctively unique appearance and versatility that complements your design.
INSTALLATION Undermount, top-mount, and wall-mount configurations are all viable options. And it fits nicely into a standard-sized hole in a countertop. It is pretty tricky to set up because of the exposed fronts. For countertops to accommodate the sink, a tailor-made cutaway front is required.

Overall, the apron and farm designs are integral parts of the countertop and station’s front façade. They will exactly fit in and over the countertop when installed, leaving the front visible.

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Best Farmhouse Apron Sink design

kitchen being utilized

They are available in different materials and colors.

1. Copper

Each copper option has its distinct hue and characteristics. The reddish-brown color adds beauty, richness, and a touch of spectacular complexity to any rustic-inspired kitchen—a gorgeous copper with a lovely patina. A dishcloth and dish soap will be enough to keep it looking fabulous all the time.

2. Fireclay

The classic white fireclay is a ceramic material molded at high temperatures and then covered with porcelain enamel for durability. Fireclay is one of the most durable ceramics available today, thanks to the most sophisticated molding method. This traditional white fireclay option is massive and stylish. It is a great addition that will last a lifetime as a kitchen centerpiece. Because fireclay is only available in hues of white, it is more costly.

3. Cast-iron

Since it is an iron that has been melted and cast into a mold, cast iron is solid and durable. So it is highly durable. We can see homeowners use the material for vintage sinks for over a century. Its smooth enamel surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Despite being heavier and requiring undermount support, it is less expensive than a fireclay. Cast iron options offer a touch of character to anything they’re added to.

4. Granite composite

The vivid black hue of the granite material adds a contemporary twist to a rustic-inspired kitchen. A genuine granite composite has rock-solid strength for longevity and a whole new level of luxury with the classic appearance and touch of actual stone. Natural granite is resistant to impact, chipping, and scratching, as well as heat, chemicals, and discoloration.

5.Stainless steel

Stainless steel is in yet another modern and classic white option. Stainless steel complements all appliances made of cool-toned metals. Stainless steel, like appliances, completes the adherent, stylish appearance. In other words, this material has a stunning appearance that accommodates any interior, from classic to modern, including faucets.

6. Soapstone

Soapstone, a metamorphic rock shaped and treated by heat and pressure, is a famous natural stone that is commonly used. Over time, this material acquires a rustic patina that adds warmth to a demanding vanity.

7. Black ceramic

The smooth ceramic surfaces are stain and scratch-resistant, as well as effortless to clean. The silky sheen of the material makes the entire look trendy and attractive.

The unique materials of farmhouse apron front options make them a functional and fashionable complement to any kitchen.

8. Retrofit them

Consider updating the aesthetic of your kitchen space with a retrofit option for your next kitchen remodel project.

In contrast to standard ones, retrofit models can fit into any existing cabinet. They feature a shorter apron to accommodate a regular sink. Some retrofits have the apron slip over the cabinet’s face frame.

Why choose a retrofitted option?

Suppose you want to replace the existing one or countertop but not the cabinet. In that case, the best farmhouse sink retrofit options provide great value for the money. Alternatively, you may choose a shorter apron front. Or, perhaps you are looking for a farmhouse style with an extending apron design that is easy to install.

Retrofit models are applicable in various configurations, including single or double basin, undermount, and drop-in.

The maximum size available will be by the total dimension of the base. However, it is wise that the measure is verified using the manufacturer’s size standard.

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Important considerations

They come in a variety of sizes. The average kitchen sink is 22×30 inches in length. A 30”, 33” to 36” single bowl option is the primary and most common model that works in most home kitchens.

  • Ensure that it is sealed correctly around the edge after installation. In terms of physical qualities, various models and materials might differ slightly. It implies that even if the sink is aligned precisely with the countertop, there may be tiny crevices where water can leak. Water will flow straight into the sink and away from the sides if it is properly sealed.
  • Another essential factor to consider is the design. Though modern layouts are simple to install, they can be challenging to fit into an existing design. Custom-built cabinets may be required to suit them at times. You might hire an expert to assist you with this project.
  • The material layer is the next thing to think about. Some surface materials are prone to dirt and grime, displaying every bit of dirt and grime, yet they are nevertheless simple to clean. Some surfaces generate noise. And some require additional caution not to drop your things since they are breakable.
  • Size matters when considering a new one for your kitchen. There are different sizes to choose from, but make sure that the size you need fits your requirements. They may seem worthwhile in oversized items, but you need to fill lots of water.

sign mentioning pies in the back of the picture

Final recap

They were initially to lay just in front of the surrounding cabinets, allowing running water to drain down the ground rather than onto the cabinets. They are also positioned just below the level of the countertops, allowing the counter to exceed the edges of the sink slightly. The defining feature is its size. The front panel is known as an “apron,” including drainboards on one or both sides. They are generally 30-33 inches long, 20-22 inches wide, and 9-10 inches deep.

Different options made of various materials are stunning; the designs complement your existing kitchen decor from classic simple to modern trends. They have initially been single bowls, but you may also get a double bowl, depending on your demands.

They are, by nature, expensive. However, because they are more than a standard unit and high-quality materials, the price difference is reasonable. Some firms provide retrofit options, but they are typically more expensive than cheap farmhouse sinks. The idea is that the price of a particular unit might vary significantly based on the materials and size. “There is always a cost to convenience,” as quoted.

Investing in one assures longevity, low maintenance, and financial savings in the long run. Indeed, they are a wise investment!

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