Best 4000, 5000, 10000, 12,000, 15000 Watt Generators

Suppose you need plenty of power to supply and run your business. Maybe your residence requires a constant power supply. You will need a backup generator to avoid profit loss and unwanted events.

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What will you do then if you don’t know what to look for? You will probably search for the best options with a sizable potential difference and high-output currents. The fact that you landed our post means we have the answer for that. And yes, we do have it!

All you have to do is read through. Here, you will know the best generators of different sizes. Make sure also to check out our low-watt guide.

How useful are these machines?

If you observe how we make money today or sustain our needs, it always requires electricity. Energy becomes essential in our daily life. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an oxy-acetylene torch or remodeling a bathroom. It is always possible to do your task when you have a backup generator.

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It is reasonable to assume that the bigger the unit, the higher the price. You cannot expect to pay less and get a higher-quality commodity. When choosing one for your ideal application, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Durability
  • Safety properties
  • Performance
  • Running time
  • Noise level
  • And energy source.

One thing is for sure. They are a worthy investment to save thousands and millions of resources.

Today, the market offers a diverse variety of options. To help you with this, take a closer look at various options in this article. I hope you find it extremely helpful.

Best brands
Briggs and StrattonTroy-BiltWestinghouse
DuromaxGentronAll Power America

4000 watt

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If you need one for your RV or home without spending too much money, a 4000 plus watt machine will suffice. It may not supply the whole house, yet it has enough capacity to run your primary essentials. It includes several small appliances and hand tools.

Some preferred using an inverter generator for the RV because it produces lower emissions and is very quiet. However, using portable units is a much-preferred option because of their smooth operation. All of which are with different running watts intended to meet each users’ demand.

A 4000-watt model will meet your expectations during RV trips and camping. It’s great for tailgating and DIY shots as a secondary power source, whether or not you’re drinking a cold one. This size is the best option for camping needs. Inverter generators are great for RVs home generator needs.

These are our picks of brands for the 4000-watt category:

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1) Champion

The Champion 4500-watt option set foot in providing reliable performance for campers and home users. Its super quiet technology is perfect for short trips or outdoor recreations. Use it to backup essential household items.

With a peak power of 4500 watts and operating watts of 3650, it can support one to two major appliances simultaneously. It also has enough energy for several low-watt applications.

It’s a travel-ready machine with a longer engine life and improved fuel economy. It is easy to use and operate with your desired control requirements.

It is very dependable and can run your needs for up to 14 hours at 50% load. You’ll be able to enjoy your camping trip because it’s both quiet and flexible.

This model has Cold Start Technology, which guarantees a quick start in cold conditions. You will also be able to measure its temperature and run time using its digital gauge.

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2) Predator

Harbor Freight Tools also sells high-quality models, such as the Predator 4000-watt unit. Their product is the best choice if you are on a budget.

Furthermore, a 4000-watt Predator Inverter generator has an excellent value in terms of both price and efficiency. It comes with 3200 operating watts in a range of 44,000 watts. It has a low-oil warning indicator, which is great if you run it for a certain period. The oil hits a low level. It shuts down by itself, making it fuel-efficient.

It has built-in inverter technology to provide clean power for delicate appliances. It offers more ability while consuming less fuel, lasting about 16 hours per fill-up.

3) Honda

Meanwhile, Honda Power Products is paving the way regarding power-related products. Over the years, they have developed a diverse line of products. They range from portable types to higher capacity commercial and backup ones.

One example is the Honda 4000-watt Genset. A Honda product at work or in recreation gives you the electricity you need with excellent quality and reliability.

The Honda series satisfies the demands of the twenty-first century. The lineup features higher outputs and lower noise levels, which is perfect if you’re taking a nap. It comes with electronic controlled fuel injection motors. It is by far the most recognizable brand is Honda.

4) Ryobi & Coleman

Ryobi and Coleman 4000-watt generators are other excellent options. They are top-of-the-line brands that compete with the previously listed on things like excellent efficiency and price. They provide exceptional performance while being eco-friendly. If you’re choosing Ryobi, you’re getting world-class products.

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5000 watt

If you spend a lot of time using powerful equipment, a 5000-watt  unit is what you need. It can handle nearly all cogent energy-consuming equipment at once.

A 5000-watt unit provides a complete solution for backup at home and powering remote work sites. Considering its low noise level, it may also help with electricity at campsites and tailgate parties.

Here are the best 5000-watt brands:

1) Honda

My top pick is the Honda 5000 watt model.

The name speaks for itself, given that Honda machines are known worldwide for producing high-quality products. Honda 5000-watt generators set the benchmark for portable electricity. It makes them extremely popular in the industry for powering job sites and homes. It’s even used for more extensive facilities such as stadiums and parking lots.

2) Generac

The Generac 5000-watt unit is the best option for ease of use and durability. It has a rapid start feature that allows you to turn on and off the knob quickly. Generac is another reliable and good unit that provides efficient performance for your heavy-duty tools and vital household appliances.

Centurion also offers a Generac-powered Genset series.

3) Briggs and Stratton

The husky 5000-watt model is a great device that uses a Briggs and Stratton engine. A portable or standby type gives instant whole-home power to keep your family and home safe, connected, and comfortable during power failures.

Briggs and Stratton have been producing advanced gasoline engines for over a century. Commonly, the Briggs and Stratton engines are used for various applications. Its electrical options are great, including the Husky 5000-watt Genset.

With the aid of a built-in automatic voltage regulator, the 5-gallon fuel tank can provide up to 10 hours of continuous capacity. With a peak power of 6250 watts and an overall operating power of 5000 watts, it has everything you need for your basics.

4) Troy-Bilt

For up to 14,000 square feet of houses, the Troy-Bilt 5500-watt model can handle almost everything you need to run a place. They are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines. It comes with a cord to extend it out for 10 feet. Another excellent example of one of the finest brands available is the Devilbiss and Centurion power Genset.

Coleman also offers their Powermate 5000 Watt Portable model with a cord – a worthy contender. Craftsman is another great brand to consider if you want 5,000 watts!

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10000 – 12000 watt


With a 10000-11000 watt option, you can run almost all. It includes large items. It can hold pretty much everything else you plug into an outlet.

Since larger units are more expensive, a 10,000-11,000 watt model is not always our first option on our list of priorities. However, we have realized its significance when we need it. It confirms that investing in such a powerful machine is not a waste of money.

Since not every 10,000-watt model is the same, I’d like to highlight a few most sought-after brands on the market today. It includes the DuroStar, which is a rigid machine.

1) Westinghouse

For me, Westinghouse Power Company is at the top of my list. For over 130 years, the Westinghouse brand has stood as a trustworthy and dependable power source. It offers cutting-edge technology and human-centered engineering to bring innovative products to the world.

The gasoline and propane gas power the Westinghouse Wgen9500DF dual-fuel engine. With its automatic low-fuel shutdown, a 25L gas tank has a cumulative operating time of 12 hours. It’s enough to keep you powered all day.

It comes with a push-button electronic starter and a remote control start knob. It makes it easier to operate both from close or far distances. With a peak output of 12000 watts and a running power of 9500 watts, it can supply larger homes. It can also be a dependable source for heavy-duty equipment on construction sites.

2) Duromax

Duromax provides the next-generation power grid. They also have a great name. More than just a brand, it represents information and the realization of how vital influence their products can be to everyone. The Duromax brand provides high quality and performance. They can provide long-lasting power to everyone, anywhere.

3) Gentron

Another brand you will undoubtedly enjoy is the Gentron 10000-watt model. It’s a two-fuel source that you can easily swap from gasoline to propane without losing the power you need.

Gentron 10000-watt generators are always ready anytime you need enough electricity for your portable needs. Or as a secondary supply at home or as an electricity source on the job site. It can meet your needs with a maximum running time of 11 hours at half load on an 8-gallon fuel tank. Isn’t it excellent?

4) A-ipower

Another reputable brand is A-ipower. They became one of the leading solutions after nearly 30 years of producing top-tier machines in the industry. They have earned a reputation with years of experience and a thorough understanding of technological concepts. They make the most dependable units globally, such as the A-ipower sua12000e 12,000-watt dual generator.

5) All Power America

All Power America is a multinational manufacturer of equipment, including generators. The company thrives on delivering high-quality standards to match or even surpass its consumers’ expectations.

The All Power 10Kw option is perhaps the most cost-effective machine on the market. It has a maximum peak of 10,000 watts and is rated at 8000 watts, with a run time of 9 hours at 50% load capacity.


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Some brands deal with supplying and producing the best generators on the market. The Generac Xg 10000-watt and Honda are examples. Pulsar generators are as well. They all provide a complete line of generators with innovation and reliability engineered to satisfy the demands of their customers. Check out the Generac xg10000e!

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Best 15000-watt options

If you need plenty of power, a 15,000-watt unit is your partner in supplying heavy-load residences and commercial facilities. It’s great for high amperage equipment and tools.

It can be expensive in terms of money but can save thousands of potential profit losses during blackouts. This size is perfect for remote constructions and medical emergencies because it can simultaneously hold several large machines. And tools without causing power deterioration.

The best brands for this size are:

1) Duromax

Duro Power is the Duromax generator maker. A firm brand name with a wide variety of high-quality machines. You can trust it. This brand name is synonymous with affordability and dependability.

Duromax is one of the leading brands in the industry. The Duromax XP15000eh hybrid option is one good example of a high-powered option used both commercial and residential.

Its new motor provides greater control and output packed with a circuit breaker to avoid overloading. It produces enough electricity for high-powered requirements thanks to its 15Kw supply.

The unit’s portability is pretty surprising. How do you imagine a motor that weighs over 300 pounds and is fuel-filled going from one location to another? Yes, the Duromax generator comes with a wheel kit. It makes moving it to the desired position easy.

They have some great electric start options!

2) XP and Generac

XP 15000eh and Generac 5734 are two more leading 15Kw models by Generac. The best generator to invest in because it is trustworthy and reliable. Check out the Generac gp15000e and the xp15000eh. If you’re curious, the Westinghouse wgen12000df is worth researching as well.

Are you MIG or TIG welding or perhaps using an engine-driven welder? In the same way, you will want to find the right welding gas. You also want the machine to get the job done.

Maintenance Tips

Owning one of these beasts is more than simply providing a backup source. After using it, there is a procedure to follow.

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  • First, turn the power off.
  • Take it away from the ground.
  • Then commend it for its excellent performance. If you invest in such a costly device, you would want to maximize its usage.
  • And then save it for later.
LeaksCoolant levelBattery check-up
Oil assessmentBelts and hosesCable maintenance

Like any other valuable item in your possession, it needs regular maintenance and care to maintain its tip-top condition.

Regardless of its type, maintaining one has nearly similar procedures to bear in mind. Manufacturers include manual guidelines and maintenance schedule charts for each type. Before operating the machine, be sure to read the company’s manual.

A regular inspection is vital to ensure the machine components are intact—monitor whether or not it needs replacements and adjustments.

Inspection consists of the following:

  1. Possible leaks – Oil gasket leaks are usually caused by loose and poorly installed parts, as well as corrosion. When the unit is running, vibration may cause components to become loose. Check to see if the nuts are well fitted and secure. The use of sub-standard nuts causes nuts to be improperly installed.
  2. Oil assessment – It is advisable to change the oil after 100 hours of use. If you run your unit for an extended period per day, it can consume a significant amount of oil. If you haven’t used it in a while, you can always change the oil regularly to ensure that it works well when you need it.
  3. Monitor coolant level – Engine coolant is vital in all motor engines. It lubricates the pump bearings and aids in the removal of rust accumulation in the passages. If the coolant is inadequate, the engine’s temperature will rise and begin to heat up.
  4. Belts and hose stability -If your generator engine is often loud or emits a high-pitched squealing sound, it may be due to a faulty belt. A sloppy belt will raise the temperature. Change it or adjust it as necessary.
  5. Battery terminal check-up – Allowing it to sit idle for an extended time will cause battery damage. Occasionally start the unit. Every three months, charge the battery for 24 hours but don’t overcharge it. When setting a battery, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. At all times, a trickle charge must be active. Check the voltage with a multimeter and run a load test. Replace your battery every two years to ensure that it is still available for use anytime you need it.
  6. Cables and wiring maintenance – Because of the vibration, it is best to use a flexible wire. The alternators connection column or the power switch are not affected if the generator is displaced. Use a wire that meets the unit’s voltage and current output. All wiring should be checked for fraying, particularly signs of cuts and openings. To avoid an accident, replace broken wires as soon as possible.
Importance of maintenance
importance of generator maintenance

These machines are our partners in times of emergency. It will eventually be exposed to different elements, especially during periods of calamity or disaster.

That is why we need to learn how to maintain them as well.

Regular maintenance occurs with significant benefits such as:

  • As a result, you can identify the issue as soon as possible and fix it before it worsens.
  • To guarantee that the unit works properly.
  • Increase performance.
  • It lengthens its life.
  • It helps you save money.

As easy as following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy your generator’s service. A sound machine would be your dependable partner in supplying light and comfort in your home in any situation.

What will a 10,000-watt generator run?

Large appliances can easily be run with such a powerful unit. However, only one of them can be using the generator’s power. Yes, it’s enough for a refrigerator if there’s a storm!

How much does a 100,000-watt generator cost?

These will typically cost $28,000 or more. They’re also some powerful machines that can handle most electrical needs!

What size generator will run a house?

25,000 watts or more. That is generally the smallest unit you will want to get if you intend to provide enough power for an entire house.

How much does a 15,000-watt generator cost?

$3,000. To get a good 15,000-watt model, you’ll want to pay around $3,000. You might be able to get them cheaper, but then they probably won’t be from reputable brands.

How many amps can a 15000 watt generator run?

125 amps at 120 volts.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to maintain a generator

  1. Start it every couple of months to make sure everything is working properly.

    This is important to make sure you’re prepared for a storm. You don’t want your precious machine giving up when the rest of your power is.

  2. Empty out old gas.

    Fuel left in it will go stale. You can either add a stabilizer or remove it. The best option is to put new gas in your unit the next time you start it.

  3. Make sure fuel lines are in good condition.

  4. Keep oil handy, so you can change it when need be.

  5. Check the condition of your air filter and clean it if needed.

    If you cannot clean it, replace it.

  6. Make sure the spark plugs look good.

    These are needed to start the unit. If they go bad during the next storm, you’ll suddenly be without power until you fix it.

  7. Get the right extension cord.

    You don’t want an extension cord over 100 feet, but you may not want your power source right up against the siding either. With a 50 foot cord, you can hopefully cut down on noise when you’re using it.

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