Best 2000, 3000, 3500, 6500 & 7500 watt generators

You probably have an intended purpose for checking the internet for the best generator. If you are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What is the best generator to buy for home-use, RV, or job site?
  • Who makes the best generator in the market?
  • How much does a generator cost?
  • What should I look for in buying a generator?

… the internet guides you to the right post. Let me present the different types and brands of generators you will find suitable for your needs. So let us begin. We also have a guide for higher watt generators.

Best 2000 – 2500 watt generator

During a power outage, a 2000-watt generator can not be sufficient to power the whole property. Nonetheless, it is adequate to run the basics of the home.

It is ideal for practical homeowners who need a backup power supply during power failures because it is very portable and affordable.

Other than ready-to-use, having a smaller generator is cost-effective.

If your family is going on an RV tour, a more compact generator that will supply your essential RV appliances is a must-have. It is also fuel-efficient. It saves space, easy to carry, and economical.

These are the best brands with their best feature for a 2,000 – 2,500 watt generator:

1) Champion 2000

In 2003 the Champion Power Equipment marked its reputation as the lead-maker of power generation equipment in the market. They became the renowned maker of dependable and durable power products with standard quality and excellent value. They aimed to make the power that makes everyone’s life easier.

They provide the best Genset like the Champion 2000-watt generator series, making a good name in the market.

The engine is very silent. When you need access to electricity for camping, you can use it to power a portable air conditioner. Alternatively, you can use it to charge the battery of your camper trailer.

It is also helpful in powering machines while performing yard work. It has a low noise level, so you can chat next to it while running at low loads.

This generator is a dual-fuel model. That means you can use it with the trailer’s propane tank instead of bringing an extra tank.

2) Wen

The Wen generator comes next.

Over the years, Wen Power Products has been manufacturing and selling high-quality power generators. They are making a name for themselves in the profession by combining tools and electricity.

The Wen power generator has you covered when turning on the lights as an emergency solution or for recreational purposes. Their vast line of generators demonstrates that they have the exact wattage and function combinations for every use.

The Wen 56200i generator primarily powers your refrigerator and a few other electronics. It is easy to use and soundless for lesser distraction.

This Wen 2000-watt generator produces clean energy with consistent running voltage and noise, unlike traditional generators. It generates 2000 surge watts and is rated at 1600 watts, safe enough to run vulnerable electronics.

It has an Eco-Mode throttle to improve fuel economy. Low-fuel and low-oil indicators and overload safety shut off the unit automatically with the lights on, protecting both the machine and the electronics.

3) Predator

If you need backup power, the Predator generator could also come in useful. The most practical choice for most homeowners is a predator 2000-watt generator.

It will generate enough power to charge your cell phones, tablets, as well as a running electric heater and other electronics. Excellent portability and budget-friendly is the Predator 2000-watt generator.

4) Sportsman

Since 1964, Sportsman Series has become an industry leader. The Sportsman product line includes various generator series designed for family camping, medical emergencies, and making an outdoor setting.

A Sportsman 2000-watt Genset is a small portable generator that can power one electric device at a time, such as a breaker hammer, electric chainsaw, portable heater/cooker, or small refrigerator.

Its 1.2-gallon gas tank will run for up to 9 hours, depending on the load. It is certainly affordable, lightweight, well-built, has a good run time, and is very easy to start.

5) Workzone

The Workzone generator comes next in line. It’s a reliable quality with AC/DC power supply. Very flexible and programmable unit.

The Workzone 2000-watt inverter generator is a portable device that can power essential items and a few small electronics during RV camping, caravan journeys, and family vacations. It is also suitable for many lamps and other low-power objects in the household.

6) Pulzar

The Pulsar Power Series is another rapidly growing brand today. They offer a full range of power systems to satisfy the needs of their customers. Their crucial goal in manufacturing solid and low-cost Pulsar 2000-watt generators is to combine efficiency and value.

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Best 3000 – 3500 watt generator

A 3000 to 3500-watt generator can power more home appliances and electronics than a compact with a lower wattage output. A 3000/3500-watt performance will provide you with enough electricity to enjoy your campout, RV trip, and tailgate parties.

Here are the best brands for a 3000 to 3500-watt generator:

1) Powermate

The Powermate generator is an excellent addition as backup power to your home with so much to offer. In an emergency, a portable generator may provide vital backup power. They improve the comfort of outdoor activities too.

Most contractors favor Powermate portable generators because they provide flexible power to job sites.

The Powermate (PM 3000i) is a portable inverter generator that provides excellent quality and value. It has enough power to make outdoor activities comfortable. With clean and stable energy, it offers optimum performance for sensitive and vulnerable electronics.

The generator’s PowerDial features simple start-up settings and an LED warning for low oil and overloading. It has ready-to-use outlets for when you’re on the road in your RV. Most of all, it is lightweight, making it simple to store or bring anywhere you go.

2) Powerstroke

The Powerstroke 3500-watt generator is another powerful model that can operate for 13 hours straight at a half capacity load. Honda motor engines are in Powerstroke units. Knowing that Honda is a respectable manufacturer of the best engine motors in the industry, Powerstroke units grew in power as expected.

A PowerStroke 3500-watt gasoline-powered generator is a powerful unit with great value. With 3500 watts of operating power and 4325 starting watts, it is the perfect solution for all of your camping needs, worksites, and backup power.

Its automatic low-oil shut-off safeguards the engine while a spark arrestor muffler eliminates noise. As a result, a friendly-type generator for it cannot distract nearby people or animals. It has four 20-amp regular outlets, and one 30-amp RV outlet to satisfy your power needs everywhere you go.

3) Honda

Considered the best of all, Honda EU series generators are out in the market. EU stands for its “Super Quiet” series.

The series includes eu7000is, eu3000is, eu2000is, and eu2000i.

The Honda eu7000is is super quiet and fuel-saver, with an electric starter. Honda made sure to modernize this generator. It has the My Generator mobile app plus BlueTooth capability for remote operation and performance monitoring for exceptional convenience.

The Honda eu3000is can power various appliances, including a boiler, refrigerator, microwave, and a 13,500 BTU RV AC unit. It has a carbon monoxide CO detection device that shuts down the unit when high levels of CO are detected. It provides dependable electricity for computers and other critical devices.

The Honda 2000i generator will power a refrigerator, TV, saw tools, a cooker, a hairdryer, a small AC unit, and other appliances with the same wattage. Its ultra-quiet engine is ideal for camping, small outdoor workshops, small outdoor settings, and other activities requiring a quiet operation.

[BONUS] Benefits of silent generators

Choosing a silent-type generator has surprising benefits.

When there is a power interruption, homes, businesses, and outdoor gatherings depend on generators. Many companies relied on generators to keep their operations running. Residential generators are to maintain a usual way of life in the event of a blackout.

Outdoor enthusiasts want peaceful opportunities to unwind with family and friends. When the electricity goes out, generators become their help to keep everything in a usual way. However, some generators can create disruptive noise. Fortunately, silent-type generators on the market are available and intended for quiet operations.

Reasons for using quiet generators:

  1. Loud noises are illegal in specific places: The use of loud machinery and equipment is not allowed in certain areas—most construction crews and maintenance service staff used generators to power their machinery. When there is no accessible power on the job site, generators are essential. But the law forbids it while you are near residential and commercial establishments because it may distract the settlers. The solution is by using a silent generator. This way, noise pollution is avoided.
  1. Reduces noise pollution: Noise pollution is by excessive noise that circulates in the atmosphere for an extended period. When we are subject to such noise for a prolonged time, it negatively affects our well-being, affecting our hearing sense. Noise also induces hypertension, heart disease, sleep disruption, and fatigue.
  1. Silent generators raise the mood: A quiet generator comes in useful when you want to have a calm and peaceful outdoor experience, particularly during family campouts, RV trips, or outdoor relaxation. It provides a relaxing environment in addition to powering your accessories.
  1. Ideal for all occasions: Generators are for emergency reserve power at events and celebrations. Birthday parties, weddings, DJ setups, outdoor screens, live bands, karaoke, and even workshops, classes, and lectures all necessitate the use of a standby generator in the event of a power outage. Loud units, on the other hand, are ineffective in this case. It competes with the frequency of the instrument, creating misunderstanding and frustration. However, the use of silent generators makes the event a huge success.
  1. It gives you peace of mind: A quiet environment clears your mind and makes you more productive. You can focus more on your goals and make up your deadlines easily.

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4) Champion

When it comes to 3000-watt generator brands, Champion Power Equipment is a name you can trust. Their unit’s advantage is its dual-fuel configuration, which can run on either gasoline or propane.

The Champion 3000-watt has an RV regular outlet that can power two 15,000 BTU RV ac units. Its surge power of 3400 watts and operating power of 3100 watts enable it to run for up to 7.5 hours on gasoline at 50% load and 14.5 hours on propane at half capacity load. As with most standard generators, it is very cost-effective.

5) Predator

The enhanced Predator 4375 gas-fuelled generator is for your convenience and protection. It is perfect for DIYers because it starts up quickly on the first pull and is a quiet machine. It will run both a compressor and a saw tool simultaneously, making the work even more accessible and faster.

This device has everything you need for an emergency, and it’s inexpensive but sturdy. It produces a lot of power and is so long-lasting that it will last for a long time if well maintained and serviced regularly.

6) Craftsman

A Craftsman 3500-watt generator will power your equipment and essentials. With a running wattage of 3500, this appliance is suitable for camping, leisure, and powering most of your household electronics when the power is off.

Craftsman is another famous generator company on the market today. Because of its portability and ultra-quiet technology, it is the best on construction sites. It includes safety features and accessibility that keep the user secure.

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Best 6000 – 6500 watts generator

1) Ryobi

Let’s jump straight to the best brands for a 6000 to 6500 watts generator.

First on the list is the leading brand of power generators manufactured in Japan-Ryobi. The Ryobi 6000 watts generator is another amazing generator used most in commercial and residential and RVs.

Innovators in the video production industry enjoy this unit for its lighting, cameras, live streaming, and video equipment. Its portability is suitable for large venues because it can be moved easily and allows you to set up anywhere in the area.

It’s a fantastic item to carry along on your RV trip. Very practical and dependable. It can accommodate almost all RV electrical attachments without losing power over time. Within and out, the build is one-of-a-kind and tidy, with a low-noise engine. It is worthwhile to own such a machine.

2) Generac

Another excellent addition to the Generac series is the Generac GP6500 generator. The GP6500 portable generator from Generac has a working wattage of 6,500 and a starting wattage of 8,125. As a result, these generators are standard for use at home, camping, worksites, and outdoor activities.

This generator has a low tone-level muffler for quieter operation and an hourly timer that monitors the machine during the maintenance schedule. The low-oil shutdown detects a low oil level and shuts the engine down to avoid damage when detected.

The special clamps and wheels provide extreme portability and add power and durability to the power generator, thanks to the strongly reinforced steel tube structure.

3) Honda & Predator

Honda 6500 watts and Predator 6500 watts are both a unique generator brand that responds to your current demand for home use or leisure. The brand name itself shows that its trademarks are one type of product.

These brands have a distinct advantage in their search of producing suitable generators for all needs. When it comes to efficiency and value, Honda and Predator Power Systems are matchless. Thanks to these two remarkable brands!

Best 7500 watts generator

More power, more load capacity, extended run time, and more units used. That’s the advantage of high-ampere generator sets.

Higher Gensets such as 7500 surge watts can run nearly everything you want to run. From the power tools or devices in the worksite to larger appliances at home. This size of a generator can continuously supply electricity for medical emergencies and similar other significant applications.

Where it comes to value, bigger units are much more cost-advantage than smaller ones. However, you just got what you paid because larger Gensets can achieve much better than smaller units.

That said, which brands of generators make this list then?

1) Westinghouse

The Westinghouse WGen7500 is one good example at this watts rate. The WGen7500 is a portable power generator with a constant power of 7500 watts, and a max of 9500 watts features an easy remote start, easy control panel, and essential housing- support. This plug-and-go model is exceptionally user-friendly.

Moreover, additional safety features and parts and a super-large tank support anything for an extended time. It has all of the right reasons to choose this model.

2) Champion

Champion and Westinghouse 9500 are another series that could support the whole house, including large residences and apartment units. It is the best backup power for parking lots and private playgrounds.

Your family and friends can come and bond together even during power blackouts. You can do pretty much all the things you desire because of these powerful large generators.

Final Words

Picking a generator as a homeowner is a wise decision. If you have a backup source to power up your home, you can save a lot of hassle. To name some, continuous work progress, keep food from spoiling, and more.

If you own commercial property, investing in a generator could help you draw and keep customers. A backup power source is essential for any business because it keeps you running in the event of a power failure and emergencies.

So have one now!

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