38 Best modular sectional sofa systems: leather, small spaces, & modern

If you’re someone who loves to keep changing up the décor in your home, this article is the one for you. You can change up the look of your living room whenever you want. You can also save money with the invention of modular sectional sofas. Keep reading below to find out what they are and read up on the full list of the best modular sectional sofa systems. We’ve included ones in leather and ones that are modern. We’ve also included some perfect for small spaces and so much more.

What are modular sectional sofas?

These are amazing modern inventions for the contemporary home. A modular sofa is highly mobile and can be broken into separate seats as per your mood and space. Each piece is of equal height and can easily be paired with other accent chairs in your home. Modular couches come in various types and styles. We’ve categorized them separately for your convenience. You can find the best modular sectional sofa system for your home, whether you want leather or have a small space.

sectional sofa system

Dapper Leather

A leather or faux leather sofa has a modern look that no other upholstery can provide. A leather couch is evergreen and always in fashion because of its sleek and smart display. Check out our favorites below.

Daring and gorgeous
28 Reviews
Daring and gorgeous
If you're a person who likes pushing the boundaries a little, this will fit into any mid-century-inspired place.

Complete with USB docks and cup holders, this leather sectional model is all set to wow your guests. It also comes with a reclining mechanism.

Chic recliner in leather
91 Reviews
Chic recliner in leather
It's just the furniture for your video gaming room for a session with your buddies. Otherwise, use it for a movie night in with the gang. You can separate the chairs and place each leather chair in a different room like a study or office for even more utility.

Who said only big homes could have stylish furniture. If you’re one in awe of leather, this bonded leather configurable model is just the thing for you. It is perfect for small spaces, but it’s also super-comfortable and sturdy.

Leather, for small spaces
471 Reviews
Leather, for small spaces
The wooden frame provides long-lasting durability while the fabric and cushioning make for a luxurious experience. The capacity is three, but it can also be broken into two different pieces. Place one piece in the living room and the other in the study, for instance.


The U-shape is a shape that never goes out of style and is perfect for long rectangular living rooms. Check out the plush couches in this category below.

This one may only be a four-seater, but its velvet upholstered seats are as inviting as a bed.

Velvety design
27 Reviews
Velvety design
Sit down for Netflix and chill and put your feet up on the ottomans for a perfect night in. You can even reconfigure it into a bed. It comes in light grey and navy blue colors.
Rich and stylish look
68 Reviews
Rich and stylish look
If you're going for bold and beautiful, invest in this black beauty with deep buttoned tufting. It gives an instant makeover to any old room. Mix it with a contrasting white coffee table and white walls for a glamourous look. The chrome legs add a rich and elegant feel to the whole piece.

Classy & modular, perfect for small spaces

Who said stylish furniture is only for big homes?

Great for a small space
89 Reviews
Great for a small space
With its reversible design and low price tag, this one is perfect for anyone living in an apartment.

Style up your studio apartment with this 77” L-shaped brown beauty.

Perfect for small spaces
75 Reviews
Perfect for small spaces
The ottoman even has a storage box. You can keep all sorts of living room essentials like candles and books in it. You can move it next to a gold accent chair or place it next to a coffee table for contemporary living room vibes.

They’re called cloud puffs for a reason! With their springy feather pillow-top seating, you’ll love lounging here on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Comfy as a cloud
6 Reviews
Comfy as a cloud
The moisture-repellent breathable fabric and washable slipcovers are perfect for your kids to mess around on. They can do so without worry. The best part is to pair them up with ergonomic accent chairs or ottomans to get a distinct look.
All-rounded greatness
331 Reviews
All-rounded greatness
Great and spongy, providing you the softness you want after a long day at work. Choose whether you want a chaise on the right or left side.

Modern and smart modular living room additions

Modern innovations have led to the unthinkable smart furniture design in today’s world. If you have a small living room, you no longer have to let go of your aspirations for a comfy couch. Check out the best thoughtfully styled modular sectional sofas below.

With plush velvet in a noble navy blue color, this set is the stuff of the future. Featuring 5 seater capacity and one extra ottoman, you’ll never run out of ideas for reconfiguration. The five-seater includes two corner chairs and 3 armless chairs. You can place it in any other corner of the house to create a theme.

Contemporary and smart
10 Reviews
Contemporary and smart
The ottoman can easily become your little ones' favorite spot to do their homework. But watch out because the cushioning is overstuffed with down feathers for unimaginable luxury. They might even doze off.

If you’re one to throw parties and get-togethers often, check out this large 6-seater in the most innovative design. You can break this apart by featuring three corner chairs and three armless chairs. Spread chairs all around the house during that party to make room for some dancing.

Perfect for a large family
If you like changing up the living room with new chairs, just shove one chair in the study. Put the other in the bedroom, and you're all set for those beautiful new accent chairs you've got your eye on. The oversized cushions make it easy to sleep on the couch when you've got a friend over.
Minimalistic and modern
54 Reviews
Minimalistic and modern
This doubles as a recliner, making it not just comfortable but also practical. It comes with an ottoman and would be a great addition to any living room.

2-piece loveseats

A 2 piece sofa or loveseat is a trendy addition to any lobby or porch area. With a 2-piece, you have the advantage of being able to mix and match different chairs in your home. You no longer have to opt for a single color.

With a center console to configure all reclining options, you and your partner are in for a relaxing night of television. View your favorite Netflix after work and chill on the weekends.

Power recliner loveseat
61 Reviews
Power recliner loveseat
It's perfect for you and your best friend to sit and play PubG for long hours. Stay hydrated with cup holders. With a smart headrest, you can rest your shoulders and neck and still view the television screen appropriately.

This loveseat is one that never goes out of style. In neutral but gorgeous colors like dark and soft gray, your guests will be in awe of your home. It also comes available in greenstone and beige.

Sharp and voguish
1,293 Reviews
Sharp and voguish
Any stains on the polyester fabric can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The tool-free assembly means you spend less time constructing. Spend more time chilling with a book and a cuppa on your love seat.

5-piece seater

5 piece couches have a large seating capacity and are great for homes with large families. Check out our top-rated ones below.

An evergreen black leather couch in L-shape that’s perfect for your home office or waiting room area.

Homestyle comfort in the office
255 Reviews
Homestyle comfort in the office
You can easily separate the seats keeping in mind social distancing for your customers and clients. Environment-conscious people need not worry as the material is not real leather but cozy faux leather.

A five-seater can be broken apart into two’s and three’s as you wish.

A blissful experience
3 Reviews
A blissful experience
The elegant grey color will make it blend easily with any other piece of furniture in your home or office. It can be set up easily within half an hour. You don't have to worry about wasting away a couple of hours on your day off

Fashionable & 6-piece

You’re going to thank yourself for purchasing a 6 piece sofa at your next Christmas party. It’s essential for big living rooms and those who like to lounge in the living room more than the bedroom.

Perfect for your backyard and terrace seating, this Acacia wood 6-piece set is the smart solution for any gathering. With an oil finishing on its frame and pristine cream color, this lounge set will have your guests wanting more details.

Classic wooden lounge set
The sectional feature offers a modernistic feature while the wooden frame rings a high-class note. It even comes with a matching table. It makes for a perfect hot chocolate session under the stars with your friends.
Stylish and simple
1,249 Reviews
Stylish and simple
This convertible one comes with ottomans while providing comfortable seating and lots of storage space.

Large & 7-piece comfort

Mostly used outdoors, these large 7-piece sofa sets are modular. They can be placed inside the house or outside at your convenience.

This outdoor rattan framed set is the perfect choice for that poolside party you’ve been meaning to host. It comes in vibrant colors like turquoise blue and dark blue with contrasting pillows and cushions. It sets that party mood perfectly before the guests even arrive.

All-weather greatness
26 Reviews
All-weather greatness
The coffee table completes the set with its classy glass top. Set your glass down to take a selfie with your girls as you admire it. The U-shape is perfect for catching up with long-lost friends. The UV ray-protected wicker can take hours of heat while you sunbathe.

This sectional outdoor patio option comes in lovely black wicker with plenty of variety in cushion colors. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from colors ranging from orange to beige. The metallic feet provide an elegant touch and a sturdy support system to the chairs.

7 piece wonder
363 Reviews
7 piece wonder
Seat covers and seat clips are included. All you need to do is unpack and start lounging. There’s absolutely no assembly required! There's even a matching coffee table included so you can keep those drinks coming.

Modular sleeper bed

You thought you couldn’t have the best of both worlds, but here it is! Modular sofas that can turn into beds. So, you practically have an extra bedroom in the living room. Check out these recommendations.

One everyone can agree on
89 Reviews
One everyone can agree on
This will fit into any living room where you're trying to keep furniture nice and light. It can also work as a queen-size bed.

These no-roll-together latex sofa beds don’t just look good but also feel super good. Stack it in your RV or studio apartment and get a package deal of a bed and modular sofa! It comes in gorgeous colors like ebony black and Bordeaux. It’s also available in dark grey and ocean.

Convertible cozy futon beds
82 Reviews
Convertible cozy futon beds
With 3 easy steps, you can turn it into a bed within a matter of seconds. You can choose the styling in plush Velvet or breezy Microfiber. It’s also available in knit style. There’s no issue converting steps every night. Throw out the pillows and throw them over the mattress. Flip out the legs, and you're all set!

Now you can surprise your grand-dad with a comfy reading chair that even turns into a bed. It’s great if he decides to doze off instead. He’ll probably go through the motions of the five-grade backrest first. High-density foam and quality breathable fabric that bounces back is the secret behind its superior snugness. Rust and oxidation are things you never have to worry about, thanks to the high-quality painting of the frame.

Multi-purpose voguish chair
20 Reviews
Multi-purpose voguish chair
The neutral color and flexible design make it blend easily within a study and bedroom. It also works great in a living room or a patio. If you decide to get two, you and your partner can enjoy separate work chairs. Join your beds together at night to cuddle!
Functional chaise lounger & bed
7,849 Reviews
Functional chaise lounger & bed
If you need an additional bed in your home, this modern beauty offers the ability to be turned into a bed as well.

Innovative yet cheap modular options

If the price of modular and convertible couches bothers you, fear not! There is plenty of fish in the sea that is affordable. You can take a look at two of them below.

Here’s a bargain deal. You can get an ottoman and couch all under $500! You thought that was all? It also works like a lounge chair and a single bed. This modular lounger is the best piece of furniture both college kids and retired personnel can own for their chilling.

Turn into an ottoman for your kids playing purposes. Put your feet up on the lounger while reading your favorite magazine.

Under $500
138 Reviews
Under $500
The high-quality leather fabric is highly breathable. The metal frame ensures durability and can take up to 550lbs. Even if you don't require a bed, a leather chair is the perfect accent décor for any room. You get a 180-day trial period to make up your mind. There’s also a promise of 3 years if anything goes wrong from the company!

This bonded leather beauty comes under $1,000 and adds a subtle tone of prestige and royalty. Its sectional design means you can pull it apart and locate chairs in different house parts. Create spots of espresso color here and there for an overall theme.

Earthy and royal
412 Reviews
Earthy and royal
The L-shaped design and the added ottoman mean an easy double-date. Bring over your favorite couple right inside your home. Interlocking assures that no two pieces will come apart until you want them to.
Functional with storage
2,703 Reviews
Functional with storage
With the perfect amount of firmness, you're getting a multi-functional place to sit. It is made from breathable material.

Rustic & modular for outdoor seating

Who says comfort is only achieved inside your home. The outdoors can become just as intimate and cozy with the right décor. Check out these glamorous couches below, including a mid-century option.

A plank design is nostalgic and elegant in couches, and this rustic outdoor modular sofa takes the cake. With black metal framing and a wooden plank design, your guests will be in awe of your taste. It also has contrasting snow-white cushions!

Contemporary yet mid-century
35 Reviews
Contemporary yet mid-century
You can also go for sharp gray color and put it right next to the pool for a great accent. The full package includes a deep-seated chair and two couch chairs. It also comes with one coffee table for a perfect lounging set for your patio.

With all weather-resistant wicker, there’s nothing that can beat down this outdoor conversation set. A five-piece set includes three richly upholstered chairs and an ottoman. Enjoy the accompanying glass table to keep your glasses down while you rant about work.

An intimate conversation set
348 Reviews
An intimate conversation set
You can break this lounge set apart and put it around the pool. Everyone can have their little spot under the sun. The cushions are washable and splash-resistant, so don't worry about those cocktail messes.

Silken velvet

A couch from the royal palace can now be achieved outside your dream. With a noble velvet upholstered sofa, you’ll never feel any less than a royal.

Whoever said small homes couldn’t look refined and stately probably never heard of this couch. With a premium feature of large storage, this plush velvet upholstered couch can hold plenty of your belongings. It does so while looking grand.

Aristocratic style with storage and bed
499 Reviews
Aristocratic style with storage and bed
It can turn into a comfy bed within minutes and holds up to 1100lbs of weight. That means you're all sorted when your friend's sleepover after a night of fun. It's also perfect for a home office by day and bedroom by night.

This L-shaped five-seater gives major Buckingham vibes while acting as a thoughtful sectional sofa bed. A sumptuous polyester velvet upholstery provides that silky soft cradle you desire after a long day at work.

Lush green mid-century style
31 Reviews
Lush green mid-century style
Netflix and chill become easy as you can stretch your legs over the extended sleeper. It's also perfect for a small family where the kids can tuck in at night. Close the bed and laze over the couch during the day.

Snow white sectional 

Nothing beats the pristine look of pure white furniture. Now take advantage of white couches and armchairs, and beds all in one with these lovely snow-white modular systems.

This five-piece modular sofa seats six people and feels like a throne. The low frame assures you can place this anywhere within your home, and it will easily blend. The ottoman is an essential part of the comfort. It can be attached to stretch out your legs or kept at a distance to hold some books.

The slipcovers are washable and slip-resistant, so you can party in peace without thinking about how the wine might stain your couch.

Sit on a white cloud
7 Reviews
Sit on a white cloud
The natural fibers will leave your guests in awe of the softness and make them want to stay over. You can configure the individual pieces into a right-facing or left-facing couch. Attach the ottoman to an armless chair for a sweet reading spot.

Are you looking for a neutral white couch to bring out the color in the rest of your home? However, you still want the utility of leather. Look no further. Here’s the perfect segue between leather and white and modular couches. This couch can easily become a bed within seconds for that night you decide to sleep in front of the tv with snacks.

In classy faux white leather
You can simply stretch your legs on the extended ottoman. Environment-friendly people need not worry, for the upholstery is artificial leather. It possesses all the good qualities you'd want from leather. There's even extra storage to keep your blankies and favorite pillows!

Cuddly & Oversized

If you want to melt into a teddy bear’s arms every time you sit on your couch, here it is. You’re looking for the keyword oversized in your google search for couches. Modular and modern couches need not to robotic and space-saving. They can also be immensely lavish and lush.

This isn’t any old loveseat. Instead, you’re looking at a seat that’ll make you fall in love with its reclining functions and power console. Silky chenille upholstery and ergonomic design won’t let you go far before you want to get back on this throne. You want fancy cup holders and lots of them.

Oversized recliners
The armrests are so highly cushioned that gamers won't have to worry about arm cramps ever again. With this thoughtful design, you can kick back and still get a view of the television screen.

Get the luxury of an oversized couch with the grace and elegance of velvet upholstery. It comes in gorgeous Champaign color, perfect for your very own mansion.

Bespeaking grace
Overstuffed cushions and decorative pillows give your living room the vibe of a palace. Stretch your legs in comfort on memory foam padding that'll aim to give the same hug every time.


A curved couch is great for large spaces and gatherings. It’s more intimate and practical where everyone can face each other during conversations and have a great time. Here are the top two we loved.

Now enjoy your barbecues and backyard parties with this beautifully curved couch made of reed style wicker.

Outdoor, curved and comfortable
It's a brown, sturdy frame with sand cushions that blend perfectly with any surroundings. It's even UV-resistant, so no worrying about the color fading away in the sun! Separate it into two if you're looking to cover more space.

If you’re going for a royal palace look, this is the one for you.

Elegant, royal blue & curved
With its crystal feet and tufted plush upholstery, it's nothing short of a royal throne for four. Break into several pieces to add spots of color to different parts of the house with a blue accent.

Modern pit sectional

These are most popular with kids since they have a lot of space to play or simply doze off while listening to a story.

This comfortable playset and pit cube-style sectional couch are perfect for little ones in lovely grey and pink colors.

Convertible Sofa and playset for children
Whether they want to doze off or do their homework, the ottomans can work like desks or anything you wish! The slipcovers are washable, so don't worry about the mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things customers most often end up pondering over.

What is the difference between a modular and a sectional?

couch in a living room

Let’s look at the similarity first, as both modular and sectionals are often confused as being the same. The similarity lies in how they are assembled and connected in more than one place. This means that they do not come in a one-piece like regular sofas.

However, the difference lies in the fact that modular pieces are more configurable and have more ‘pieces.’ They can easily be arranged in whichever manner you desire. In comparison, sectionals have two or three ‘sections’ that are less mobile than modular ones. For instance, a sectional is often a loveseat with a chaise lounge combined. A sectional can also be a sofa configurable into a bed. But other than that, sectionals don’t offer as much variety in configurations.

What to look for?


The first thing to remember is your goals for your living space, the same way you would if you were buying a split king bed. Are you looking for one piece that won’t need much moving? Are you looking for several pieces in one couch that can be arranged around the living room in many different manners? Or are you simply looking for a sleeper bed couch for those lazy days?

Once you know what you want, figure out the space for it. Consider dimensions when searching and match them to your living room size.

Consider how big your family is or how often you host parties to determine the seating capacity you want from your couch. If you’re looking at frequent backyard barbecues, maybe a modular 7-piece is the way to go. But if you’re single and living in a studio apartment, a three-seater should work just fine.

Next up is fabric. Do you have kids or pets who frequently make a mess? Can you afford to clean them every few months? Are you looking for a silky touch or a matte finish? These are the questions you will have to answer to figure out what kind of upholstery you’d like.

The cushioning is also a very important aspect of the couch. Are you looking for springy bounciness or classic tufting? Buy something that feels and looks good but is also durable and won’t tear at the first sign of your cat’s paw.

Lastly, consider the warranty period and the manufacturer’s reputation. Look at buyers’ reviews and your color theme on the final checklist before buying.


Are modular sofas worth it?

A modular sofa gives more satisfaction and more years of utility than a regular couch ever will. This is simply because you’ll never run out of new looks and configurations for your home and never get bored. They can adapt to your growing needs from your bachelor days to fatherhood. You can turn that small couch into a bed for cuddling with your significant other. When the time comes, your toddler will be crawling against the ottoman. As your house grows, you can add more pieces to match your couch and easily place them around the house too. There’s no end to the list of possibilities with a modular couch!

What is the difference between a sectional and a modular sofa?

A sectional sofa is your traditional large sofa, ideal for large living spaces. Unfortunately, they offer little to no option for changing the design and can only be moved as a whole piece. However, the modular sofa’s design is more versatile and can be moved around easily. It is typically made of components that share the same height and base. So you can easily rearrange the sofa, revamping the overall design.

Are modular sofas comfy?

With the growing popularity of modular sofas, the manufacturers make both the design and the comfort a priority. So if you’ve got a corner, ottoman, or chaise modular sofa, you’ll be guaranteed utmost comfort.

Should I get a modular sectional?

A modular sectional sofa eliminates many problems with choosing furniture. Still, it removes the permanent design that may seem dull after a while. Since you can easily rearrange the sofa, you add versatility to your home’s interior design. Additionally, you can add parts to create more space and house more guests. And as the modular sectional idea gains popularity, there is a wide variety of designs and sizes available.  

What couches are comparable to Lovesac?

Lovesac is celebrated for its comfort and versatility, so finding another brand that fits all the admirable qualities of a LoveSac couch is challenging. However, multiple brands in the market provide an alternative at a much more affordable rate.

Allform offers sectional sofas that stand out for their quality and function. And if you’re looking for a specifically durable product, Raymour & Flanigan is ideal for you. Castlery also offers reliable, long-lasting, and premium quality couches.

How do modular sofas stay together?

Most modular sofas use metal clips to stay together. The clips are commonly referred to as ‘crocodile clips’ because they form a zig-zag pattern on one side that fits onto a triangle on the other side.

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