Best Parchment Paper Substitutes & Replacement Options

Your parchment could run out when you are going about your daily duties, and a trip to the store to replace it becomes fruitless as they could be unavailable at the moment. When facing such hurdles, you need to be creative and find a suitable solution to substitute your parchment paper.

biscuits on parchment paper

Are you tired of washing burnt pots that take ten minutes to get clean but you have no idea on what to do to avoid such incidents at home after preparing your favorite meal for dinner? If this is your case, you need to buy parchment paper or a suitable substitute according to what you are cooking or prepping.

Professional chefs and people cooking at home have said that parchment is one of the most outstanding inventories for use in the kitchen, if not the greatest, due to its wide range of use. However, you may be thinking what to use instead. Here are you best options.

What is it?

Parchment, also known as baking paper, is made of silicone, making it more rigid and heat-resistant, giving it the ability to be used in applications that require materials that are hardly affected by high heat.

Silicone in baking paper gives it a non-stick quality enabling it to be used in various applications. You may use it while baking cookies if you need to prevent the cookies from sticking on the oven baking sheet or use it while kneading to stop the dough from getting on the kitchen’s tabletop.

Silicone options are water and grease resistant; thus, you can use them when you are dealing with greasy food that gets burnt on the oven. You can cover your grill if preparing meat, thus preventing spillovers from the delicacy getting to the oven. While using it in cooking, it makes cleaning of cooking appliances easier, thereby saving you time and money.

parchment paper

If you need to decorate your cake or make your dessert presentable, you could also use parchment to sort you out. You can make icing transfers for cakes made for various occasions by using parchment.

What can I use instead of it?

Due to its superb characteristics, getting a single replacement that can carry out all the tasks of parchment is nearly impossible. However, we prepared a list of substitutes best suited to replace it according to purpose, with some having qualities as good as those of the parchment.

Wax paper Aluminum foil Paper bags
Silpat oil, butter and flour

If you love baking, then getting to know some suitable replacements is needed since, at times, you will run out of paper and be left stranded without the knowledge of what needs to be done. With our list, you will find both cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to your kitchen as recommended replacements.

I. Wax paper

Wax is the most used method for non-heat applications, which involves using paper that has wax applied on both its top and bottom surfaces.

Differences between wax paper and parchment

Waxed paper has both water-resistant and non-stick characteristics, that endear it to kitchen users who need such wax for cold use application while a parchment paper can be used both hot and cold use applications.

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Can you put wax paper in the oven?

Wax paper can never be put in a hot oven. When used in high heat applications such as baking or preparing grilled food, it is not uncommon to find that the wax paper you were using has caught, and there is smoke coming off from your cooking oven. It is important to note that waxed paper should NEVER be used in processes that involve high temperatures, whether it is cooking or baking.

Wax can be used at home to preserve ice cream in freezers as it will lead to a consistently frozen cream that is free from frozen ice. In extreme cold applications, waxed paper preserves food better than parchment and for longer periods without the development of freezer burns. You will find that it is easier to package food that needs to be stored with wax than with parchment.

It is be used to line surfaces and countertops that will be later used in food preparation activities such as kneading due to its low cost, making it easily available for home chores. With it, well-spread activities that can easily leave your kitchen in a mess are easily controlled because you will just throw away the messed up wax leaving your counters as clean as they were before starting.

You may also line your fridge with the wax if you find it hard to clean it regularly, and you will just need to remove it and throw it away. It is advisable to use it for its ease of cleaning due to its low cost and water-resistant capabilities as it leaves very little mess if any.

2. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of Aluminum specifically for kitchen purposes, such as acting as an insulator against food going cold or for food presentation.

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil in the oven; can you do it?

Aluminum foil is preferred due to its ability to conduct heat fast while cooking, thereby preparing food or pastries faster and easier.

You should note that while using the foil, your food might stick on its surface and therefore, it is advisable that you apply some oil on the paper when you start your food preparation.

If you are planning to steam your food, you can cover it in aluminum foil and give it some time to be steamed as the enclosed space helps steamed food get prepared. Steaming fish and meat with aluminum foil is a common practice which yields some of the tastiest meat you will ever get.

Cleaning becomes easier if food is prepared with foil because there will be little to no spillovers in the oven. While baking using the foil, you prevent the cake from getting burnt on the oven pan, making it harder to clean later. For pans with food stuck on it, you can use a small piece of the coil to scrub the food off the pan.

If you have aluminum foil, you can polish your silver utensils that have lost their lustre and make them shiny again. First, you cover your item with foil, then put in a solution of water and salt, which you will leave for about ten minutes; later, when you remove and rinse, it will be as if its new through a Chemistry process known as electrolysis.

Whether you are preparing desserts or serving, you can use the foil in making your work less tedious and more presentable. Kids taking ice cream can use the foil to cover the cone to stop them from dirtying their clothes.

Some domestic activities carried out can be made easier through the use of foil. For instance, if you want to sharpen a pair of scissors, you could cut a piece of foil around eight times, leaving it sharp, or you could move heavy objects by placing a piece of foil on the legs of the furniture.

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3. Silpat

Silpat also known as baking paper or baking mat, is made of silicone that is food grade and fiberglass making it durable. It is a great alternative because it has a high resistance to heat while in use.

While purchasing Silpat, remember they come in different sizes so you can find one that actually suits you. There are some models that are foldable and you can adjust them to your required size according to what you want to prepare and the size of your pan.

A single Silpat baking mat can be used around 3000 times if it is cleaned and maintained well making it more economical to use in the long term compared to parchment, however, the baking mat is more expensive to acquire initially.

Silpat products are safe to use for any of its recommended purposes such as baking which involves application of high temperatures because it can be used while ensuring the safety of the consumers of the food being prepared. It is important to note that while using a Silpat baking mat as parchment replacement and you get smell from the oven it is prudent to change it and acquire another one.

Due to its non-stick qualities, you can use Silpat as a table liner while kneading the dough to avoid messing he counter tops. Whether you are preparing pizza dough or rolling dough for your other needs.

You need not necessarily use the Silpat for baking alone its applications can be extended to cooking due to its resistant to high temperatures and non-stick capabilities. Steaming of delicacies such as fish or vegetables can be done with the use of the baking mat. Using a baking paper prevents the possibility of the juices from your food dripping to the oven which makes cleaning of the oven easier.

Silpats have also been designed for use in fridges and freezers for holding cakes and other food stuff before their use. The silicone in the baking mats have improved the temperature range in which the silpat can hold safely.

Getting to know how wide to space your cookies while baking is daunting task especially for beginners and non-professionals preparing them at home. Some Silpat mats come with markings that have outline for both cookie sizes and the spacings between the cookies. Getting the right mat that will guide you while baking will definitely be a plus.

Silpat can be used for creating creative decorative works that can be used for desserts or as icing for cakes where you create your pattern on the mat and wait for it to dry so that you can transfer it later on.

It is the best substitute for parchment due to its many uses that are similar. Silpat only fails to work as a packing material for foodstuff thus failing to make it as 100% substitute. For a packaging material you will need another substitute which will be economical.


Soggy veggies, not crispy

4. oil, butter and flour

Using of oil or flour is one of the oldest methods used to avoid or reduce the possibility of food prepared from sticking on the pan or baking sheet. Though it might not be as effective as the former methods, you can use it if you don’t have an alternative at the time. For instance, at night and the stores are all closed or you ran out of cash for buying parchment or its other substitutes.

You can use oil spray to spread some little spray on your pan before baking or when you wanna grill vegetables and you want to do it without messing your cooking utensils. Oil spray is a good option because it is actually easier to use little oil and achieve uniform oil spread.

If you don’t have oil spray, you can use a kitchen cloth or a brush to spread the oil throughout the pans. However, while using kitchen clothes or brushes, you need to be cautious to avoid applying excess oil to your kitchenware. With this method you avoid you’re the incidences of your food sticking on the sides of the cooking ware.

For butter lovers you can use it too! Butter is mostly used while baking because it attracts flour making it easier to bake your dough into a cake. applying butter while baking requires you to apply the butter both on the baking sheet and the mold to effectively stop the dough from sticking on the pan.

Flavorless butter or shortening can be used if you find the other butter to be salty but it is important to note that its use yields cakes that less likely to grown as compared to both salted and unsalted butter.

In order to avoid preparing food that is greasy you need to apply the oil meticulously since excess oil application will lead to baked cakes that have a greasy feel. The right oil spread leads to high quality cookies prepared neither sticking on the pan nor having some oil dripping while taking them.

Flour is used as a replacement by spreading some flour on counter tops while kneading which helps reduce the chances of dough sticking on the table tops. Spread the oil on your hands so as to ensure neither sticks on them as well.

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Paper bags

Paper bags are used in applications that don’t involve high heat application. If used in ovens or pans, it might catch fires or those with ink writing turn poisonous. It is also important to note that packing bags don’t have any non-stick quality thus using bags for cooking as a parchment replacement wouldn’t make any sense.

paper bag with food in it

Paper bags are gaining popularity for packing food due to the increasing cost of parchment paper as you can reuse them several times if they are not damaged. Also, the initial cost of these is usually lower than that of parchment. Printed bags are liked by many people who view them as trendy and beautiful.

Packaging bags are also preferred since the eco-friendly due to their biodegradable nature. There are some newer papers in the market which are resistant to both white food and grease which will make it easier to carry even your oily snacks without people on the streets noticing.


Getting the right replacement will be as it was in the earlier days. You can now even apply house-made decisions if you don’t have any other options, maybe due to closure of convenience stores near you, based on our discussions.

While seeking out substitutes, make sure to check the price in a few shops because some charge exploitive prices while banking on their scarcity.

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