Best Portable Tri-Fuel Generators: Natural Gasoline, Gas & LPG

Generators are great. They come in many shapes and forms, and we’ve covered a bunch of different options such a low watt ones and high watt ones. In this article, we’ll explore the best tri-fuel generators, that are both portable and use a mixture of natural gasoline, gas & LPG, among with the many other options available in the market.

What is it?

A Tri-Fuel generator or a Triple-Fuel model is a type that runs on propane, gasoline, or natural gas. Unlike dual fuel ones which run on either propane or natural gas, a tri-fuel model runs on 3 types of fuel right out of the box and requires no mechanical alterations. It can be very useful especially during emergencies, commercial, or everyday use. We can also help you find other essential and portable tools you need at home such as mini metal lathes and welding machines

The same way you will want the right welding glasses, you also want to find the right power source for those outages. While you’re at it, make sure you read our post on shower vs bathtub value, and check out our SAE to metric chart.

When you run this type, you have the option to choose multiple fuel types at just a fraction of the cost of buying three separate ones. It’s one is a perfect solution for the event of a power failure. It serves as a backup source for all your furnaces or even while you are outdoors. It can also be used in different commercial applications. The versatility of using a these machines stands out among the rest of the more traditional machines. Aside from their versatility, tri-fuel ones are also portable which allows us to have access to electricity anywhere we need.  

To shift between natural gas and propane, simply turn on the selector valve above the low-pressure regulator. Switching between the sources of fuel is easy and convenient so that it will give homeowners peace of mind during a sudden outage. 


Portability & Mobility

It can be carried anywhere because it is compact and lightweight. Home and business owners who buy this type usually anticipate having varying needs. For instance, a person might want to use an easy-transport propane tank for their RV, but they also want to attach their generator to their home gas lines for easy and convenient home use. Construction workers also have variable fuel needs. Because of their portability, they have become one of the most favorite models of many consumers.

Adaptability and Flexibility

With this unit, you can switch from one fuel to another to adjust to the current weather. The addition of a natural gas hook-up allows the household gas supply to run it especially during the cold season when propane cylinder options drop because of low temperature. If in case the gas supply went offline, you can easily switch it back to either gasoline or propane. 


Carrying multiple units all at one time is considerably troublesome. Therefore, having one with more fuel options is considered a more reasonable option. Its ability to switch from one fuel to another is incomparable to other portable ones available in the market today. The power it gives may not be that large, however, it is enough to power most average-sized homes. In addition, you can run it using any fuel available during times of emergencies as well as its aftermath. Once your gas line or power goes out, you can easily buy any propane LPG from your local supermarket. Aside from this, you can also use spare gas from your car as a substitute for fuel.


The same way there are different types of welding gas and lawn tractors, there are also different ways to provide you with that backup power source that you want at home. In fact, you can need to find the right one whether you’re using it for your oxy acetylene torch, or whether you’re welding with it, as different purposes require different machines.


A portable model is an excellent electrical source for small cabins. As its name suggests, a portable type comes in handy when it comes to giving construction workers on remote sites a lighting solution. Aside from this, portable types are an amazing source of lighting at home in case of a power outage. 

A portable type is known for its combustion engine. It is specifically designed for the production and conduction of electrical power temporarily. It can be powered by either gas or diesel. It is suitable for small electrical appliances that use small off-grid cabins. Portable ones may not be able to produce enough power for long hours straight. However, it suits perfectly for necessities such as small freezers, lighting, radio, and television. 

They run their engines by turning a small turbine. By doing so, it creates a restricted amount of electrical energy. One of the good things about this type is that it can be installed in two ways. One is by professionally wiring it in the home’s sub-panel. The other way to install it is by plugging all tools directly into the socket.  

Natural Gas

A natural gas model is perfect for those who wish to conserve more energy since this type burns cleanly with a little amount of waste. Natural gas can be found and bought in almost any location so it is readily available in case of a outage. Aside from this, natural gas unit are not costly compared to other types. It is also suitable for cold areas since it starts well in cold conditions and runs with little noise. 

Generally, it can reduce the operation cost of an off-grid cabin in the long run. If you want a type that is cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance, then a natural gas one is the suitable for you.


A gasoline type is incredibly convenient to use. It is commonly powered by readily available fuel resources. Aside from the convenience it gives, they are known for their affordability. This type is budget-friendly. It is also portable and specially designed in manageable sizes. These options are also portable so they are suitable for long backpacking trips. It is compact and can be easily carried during weekend trips or while camping out. 

If you are searching for one that doesn’t use lots of power, then a gasoline model is great for you. It is considered one of the most popular types among most construction jobs. This type is also hassle-free, and easy to set up compared to other off-grid types. 


Standby generators or commonly termed backup generators are characterized as electrical systems that work automatically without actually having to start the engine manually. These are commonly used as a source of power during emergencies. In terms of mechanism, they run quite almost like gasoline ones and run mostly on diesel. Depending on the usage, these can provide power for a minimum of 48 hours because of their larger external tank. 

They are suitable for safety systems particularly used in different devices such as elevators, detection systems, fire protection, standby lightings and even life support machines such as ICUs, CCUs, and ventilators. 


Diesel ones, also known as diesel Genset, is a type that runs on diesel, as its name suggests. Although it is best designed to work on diesel alone, it can also run on a combination of diesel engines and electric ones. For consumers who are searching for ones with durability for off-grid cabins, then a diesel type is one of the best options you can have. These models usually last a lifetime because diesel burns much cooler compared to other natural sources such as gasoline. It also helps lessen the burden on the engine because of its reduced heat. Aside from their durability, diesel ones require minimal maintenance requirements. If you are looking for an affordable type and an alternative to gasoline, then a diesel one is definitely for you. 


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and green way of producing power for your off-grid cabin, then a hydrogen model is a great option for you. Most power companies plan to develop one that runs using hydrogen. Hydrogen can be found almost anywhere just like water. It is non-toxic and leaves no emissions behind. Hydrogen options also produce more energy compared to other sources of fuel.

A hydrogen model is a type specifically designed for uses such as powering larger homes, laboratories, and other high-powered devices like refrigerators and air conditioners. They are easy to operate and maintain compared to solar-powered ones. Unlike solar models, a hydrogen one does not depend on its performance in the current weather condition. You can always fuel it up any time of the day you want and you’re good to go. It is designed to be sturdy enough and can handle a bit of rough use. 


An inverter generator is one of the most portable and quiet models you can find on the market today. The inverter generator engine has an alternator that produces the AC power. The alternate current is converted into DC using a rectifier which is installed in the engine. An inverter model generally uses a magnet to first output the AC and then convert it into DC after being converted back to AC. 

This type of system helps keep the engine run quietly while working overtime and while providing high power output. This is good for homeowners who want peace around their off-grid cabin. An inverter model is 20% more fuel-efficient compared to other gasoline and diesel models. It is safe for sensitive electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. 

In addition, its speed can be adjusted automatically depending on the amount of power it needs to be used. We can also help you if you’re looking to buy a garage waste oil burning heater


When it comes to proven models you can find in the market today, Honda products are among the top you can rely on. Honda is known for its reliable products that deliver great power in case of an emergency and other situations. Honda offers three types of these machines. The first one is the Honda PSTF8500 which is perfect for consumers with a tight budget. It runs on 6,000 watts and 8,500 watts and delivers an 11.7 HP engine. The other type is the Honda TFEU70000 RV Inverter Generator. It is popular among most RV communities. It comes with a 13 HP engine and provides 7,000 starting watts. This is a perfect backup source in case you run out of propane. 

The next type is the Honda SG8400A. It is suitable for home use. It has an engine of 13 HP and runs up to 8,400 watts. If you’re planning to keep your air conditioner running even if there is a total blackout in your area, then this is the best one for you. 


When it comes to companies that offer portable and standby options, the Firman company is one of the leading companies you can rely on. Firman offers high-quality, durable, and reliable devices at an affordable price. Some of their best-selling models include Firman P01201, Firman W03083, Firman P08003, and Firman H08051. Firman 7500w running tri-fuel generator is also suitable for homeowners and business owners with a low budget that want to get things going in case of a power outage. 


One of the brands that make quality products is Yamaha. The company uses smart throttle technology so that their machines automatically adjust their engine speed to match the load. Yamaha also takes pride in its special features such as maximum power output, longer runtime, minimal noise level, and affordability. Among their top-selling brands include Yamaha EF2000iSv2 1600-Watt Portable Inverter model, Yamaha EF4500iSE 4000-Watt Inverter Generator, and the Yamaha EF1000iS 900-Watt model.


Sportsman is included in the top brands that offer the best working models in the market today. They have four models that have their unique features while still carrying the original trademark innovations of their brand. Some of the top brands include Sportsman GEN2000, Sportsman GEN4000DF, and Sportsman 1000. 


Powerland provides high-quality products at reasonable prices. They strive to gain the trust of their customers by providing reliable and high-quality models. Some of their best selling brands include Powerland PDL6500E , Powerland PD3G10000E and Powerland PD4000


Generac products give every home and business owner peace of mind, especially during emergencies. Their permanently installed home backup generators run on natural gas or liquid propane fuels and sit outside just like a central air conditioning unit. It delivers power straight to the home’s electrical system that helps back up essential items in the house. 


Winco generators are known to have provided reliable models  for over 90 years now. The company takes pride in giving excellent power sources during emergencies. Over the years, Winco perfected its generators to suit the taste of every home and business owner. Some of their leading models include Winco TB7200 PTO , Winco DP3000 and Winco HPS12000HE. 

What to Look For

Having one of these machines at home or in your office can be very beneficial. However, with so many models available in the market today, purchasing the right one that fits your needs can be difficult. You need to take into consideration the different factors such as the price, how much wattage it can carry and many other factors. Worry no more for we have listed a simple guide that will help you choose the best one for you. 

When buying one, consider the following factors:


If you’re planning to purchase one, you need to determine first the wattage or how much power you need. Whether you’re planning to tailgate or just wanting to have a secure backup power, determining the wattage of the unit should be one of your priorities. The best way to do this is to hire an electrician, especially if this is your first time buying one. On the other hand, if you don’t want to hire an electrician and you are confident that you can do it alone, you may do so by examining the owner’s manual for the requirement of each appliance or device. 


Normally when you buy one of your choice, it all boils down to a portable or standby generator. However, as mentioned in the first part of this article, there are several types. Others include an inverter, solar-powered, hydrogen-powered, and diesel are among the other types. Each of these can be extremely useful for particular areas. For instance, inverter ones are a perfect source for camping, RV outings, and tailgating parties. Standby and portable ones, on the other hand, are perfect for areas where a great source is needed. Portable ones are suitable for emergency use such as storm power or any instances that require mobility. 


There are different types of fuel that can be used in these unit. Some of these include natural gas, diesel, propane, and even solar and hydrogen energy. Most consumers prefer to use one that runs on fuel that is readily available in their area. Aside from availability, they also look for one that burns cleaner easily. For instance, propane emits 40% less carbon monoxide and carries a much longer shelf life, so users can always keep some tanks closely available in case of an emergency. Solar ones, on the other hand, are usually preferred by people who practice eco-friendly living.


All types require maintenance. However, some need more repairs than others. For instance, AC generators with brushes may require frequent repair. If not properly attended to, it could lead to fire and other hazardous issues. When this happens, it may be very costly and brings problems, especially for first-time users. 

Special Features

The feature you’re going to purchase should first be influenced by how you plan to use it. For example, one that will be used for camping should come with a feature of noise reduction. There are ones that carry noisy motors which can be disturbing in certain situations. 

Do you find our article useful? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. We can also help you if you are looking to buy other essentials such as extension cords, mini metal lathes and engine driven welders

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