Best Watering Cans: Long Spout, Metal & Plastic, Indoor & More

When it comes to indoor décor, there’s nothing like having indoor plants to bring nature into your home. Who doesn’t love a reminder of nature to breeze through and give life? Something about indoor plants makes a house’s interior look very magical. 

It makes you wonder.

How will you keep your plants safe and refreshed inside your home? After all, they’ll be inside all year long. Maybe you’re the type who wants low-maintenance outside. You can’t expect to bring your gardening tools and mess up your inner heaven. That’s why a great tool was already made for this kind of job. Yes, we’re talking about the watering can. We’ll even help you find the best watering can for your plants! 

girl using watering can

What Are They?

They are already in their name. They’re cans made to contain this liquid gold so that you can use them for taking care of your plant collection. If you ever played the game Stardew Valley, you’d know how essential they can be when you’re tending to the crops. They come in handy early on. Unlike the game, your responsibilities will be veered towards your inner house plants. Thankfully so. You can think of tending to them as your valley. 

green watering can

They are also valued a lot because their simplistic design and elegance bring about the ease of giving the plants the water they need. Just as you would tend to bird friends with a birdbath, having one is truly be a blessing. When you want to give your inner plants the health they deserve, they make life easier.


You may think a watering can is just as simple as a rusted kettle. For an experienced Stardew Valley player, there is more than meets the eye. They come in different types that will surprisingly give you a better view of what you’ll need. What are they? Here they are: 

PlasticMetalGalvanized Steel
Long SpoutsMisters 
  • Long Spout

The long spout will suit you well for plants that are difficult to take care of and need deep watering. These are designed to give you better handling in watering that an ordinary one cannot do. They’re also designed with an artsy edge to them. You can add zest to your home as designer pieces when you’re done using them.

  • Metal
green and grey metal watering can

The metal model is the type that already has its name written everywhere. Unlike others, these types have a life span since they’re made of metal. They can still give you the function you need. Who doesn’t want to add some style? Give your inner plant lover a relic of the past for sophistication.

  • Plastic
green watering can on metal background

If metal is old-school, plastic is the new school. These have proven to be popular everywhere. You can practically see that many distributors go for these because they’re cost-friendly. Many designs are made, and they are more durable. You’ll be surprised that even a watering can you thought looked like metal is plastic. 

  • Galvanized Steel

This type sounds unusual if you’re not much into the welding side of things. Still, this one dethrones the metal models in durability and usage. You have to note that it’ll also rust in time with this material, just like its metal counterpart. 

The galvanized steel models come in other forms, such as copper and stainless steel. Depending on the type you choose, you’ll be welcomed with old-school designs that’ll give you a sense of history.

  • Misters

You’ll be able to give the water to the plant the right way.

This is a special type because some plants need a mist rather than the usual watering. With misters, you’ll be able to give the unique watering. Just as the name shows, they give a mist rather than the whole kind. To make it clearer, do you know the alcohol sprays you use? That’s the mister for you in a nutshell. Don’t get any ideas about using actual alcohol. You might harm the plants you’re tending to. 

What To Look For

seedlings being watered

Now that you have a rundown of the different types available, the next thing to consider is what to look for. You don’t just go out and get one without consideration. You’ll need to be meticulous about what you want from it. If you’re stumped, here are factors to consider:

What to look for
  • Size

You’re going to need to consider the size. Have a spacious house with more room to spare for your lovely plants? You can go for the big one and store enough water to give them the refreshment in one go. Have a small house or apartment with small plants in intricate places? You may want to go with the smaller type.

  • Surroundings

Another factor to keep note of is the surrounding area. You may think it’s not a big deal, but it’ll save you from getting a headache. If you have a small home and the model you got is too big to store, then it’s already a nightmare.  If you have a big home and the watering can you got is too small, you’ll find it too tedious. You want it to be easy to take care of all your plants because you have to refill when you run out and move around. 

You also have to know where your plants will be placed. Will they be high up? Then a long spout will suit you. Got plants that will be lower? The ordinary kind that isn’t too long will suffice. Have an area where the plants will have their share of sunshine? It’s a great booster! By being aware of your surroundings and the placement of plants, you’ll be well-equipped to find the right one for your needs. 

  • Temperature

This factor is important to note. When you’re caring for plants inside your house all year round, you’ll need to make sure the temperature’s just right. Why? Depending on the type of plants you got in, going to the extreme on both ends will result in disaster. To make certain your plants don’t suffer, you can get yourself the Thermo King. It’s a tool that’s got a temperature control system. Okay, those systems may be a bit much. However, ensure that the area you’ll put your inner plants in will have the right dose of heat as you water them.

  • Amount Of Plants

This is a factor that may be unusual to think of, but we’ll play well in the long run. This is because it depends on how willing you are for plants. Maybe you’re the kind to get up and water lots and lots of plants as a joyful hobby. You’re better off with the bigger kind made of great material. If you’re the kind who is more low-maintenance, you’re well-suited for the one that isn’t too much to handle. It will still give you the amount you need while ensuring your life balance is in check. 

  • Type Of Plants

Another unusual factor to consider is the type of plants you’ll be taking care of. You may assume that when you hear the word “plants,” it’s all the ones with green leaves. You have to consider the other types you see around. Flowers and cactuses may have different needs. 

Having an idea of the type you’ll care for will give you a better perspective on what type suits you. You’ll be able to do great in how you’ll water and tend to the types to your liking. If some require minimal care, go with one that outputs water in a minimalistic way. If some need a lot of it, you’d best go with one with more capacity. 

  • Hazards

This factor may be overkill, but it’s never too much to be careful. Since your inner plants will not have much of mother nature’s blessings all year round, there’ll be hazards to consider. If your area isn’t too much to handle, you won’t need to worry. If your area has some known hazards like flies, you’ll need to get additional hardware that can help you handle them.

  • Usability

Finally, the factor we have here is optional. How so? Much of what is discussed is all about the inner plants. You may find that you’d like to expand and explore the outdoor ones. You may even be starting a sanctum for inner and outer plants at your house. In this case, you can go with one that functions well inside and outside. 

If you’d rather stick with inner plants, you can skip this factor and move along. But if you’re excited to let your inner and outer areas have plants flourish, make this a big consideration. 

Are Metal Or Plastic Ones Better? 

blue watering can

As you’ve learned earlier, there are many types. The ones you’ll come across often are the metal and plastic types. Unlike the traditional ones, you’ve seen. 

The question is: are they better? In some ways, they are. But then you have to remember the downside to having them. For metal ones, you’ll have to worry about the rusting that comes with them. If you got welding skills like the character you play in Stardew Valley, make sure your metal helper stays refreshed. It’s a time-consumer. 

As for plastic, they last longer and can come in handy in the long run. You’ll have to worry that they do melt if too much heat is received. You’ll need to clean them up from time to time. You don’t want a plastic one to have many mold and bacteria growing around it. 

watering cans

Then there are the ones that are made via welding. If you think the watering cans discussed here are confusing, you’ll find welding to be more complex than you thought. If you’re already familiar with the ways of welding, then you’ll already know what works best.

In general, it’s a matter of preference. No type is better as long as it’s to your liking. What matters here is considering the factors discussed earlier and going for the one that suits you at the right time. 

What Is The Best Material?

plant on a counter

They can be made with different materials that can give them the durability to be used for the intended time. It goes without saying: what is the best material for one? It depends. Many argue plastic is the way to go because it will last a while. Some argue that the material doesn’t have the same charm. There’s just something special about the durability and charm of galvanized steel or metal. Many will claim metal is the traditional type but will be put with the downsides of maintaining it. 

Then there will be the argument about the water you’ll put inside them. Some will argue why this material isn’t good for the water on both sides of the argument. Others will say otherwise. 

In the end, it’s suggestive and will depend on your scenario. Maybe you’re eco-friendly and want to maintain a green-based life. Going with material that does less to no harm to the environment is your thing. Maybe you’re the type who’s got a thing for the old-school and is all about maintaining tradition. Then go with a material that speaks for itself. 

grandmother outside taking care of plants

Best Watering Cans

Ready for watering with joy? Good. Now your next move is to check out the best watering cans your money will buy. You may be stumped on what is out there, but don’t worry. Make sure to check out the ones listed below for a starting point:

woman watering plants
  • Haws Handy Indoor, Plastic

No one does it better like Haws when it comes to clean water. Since the 1900s, the company has given many people clean and safe water. We’re starting from the simple to the complex. It’s a delight to know they have ventured into making watering plants a breeze with their products. They made many great ones, but this version shows how far they have come. 

This item is a mini version of their classic watering can. Whereas their classic types are big, this one can fit right in for you. If you think it’s a joke, check out the pictures. You’ll be surprised how small this thing can be. Boasting a 1-pint water capacity that matches up to a glass of beer, this one is truly for your inner plants. The material is injected with molded plastic, so you can bet this one will be durable and last you for a long time. 

It even has a brass spout that you can detach, making it a hybrid model for you. Have plants that only a spout can give? Attach it. I want to pour water slowly. 

The downside to this great treasure? It’s a mini version and holds up to 1 pint. If you’re the type that has so many plants, you’ll be running out fast. Another downside is that it’s a plastic option. Expect that you’ll frequently have to clean this up without letting the water you put in go stale and dirty. 

  • DR.UANG model for Indoor Plants with Long Spout Stainless Steel

Are you in the mood for a long spout model that’s got the finest material welded into it? Maybe you want something that makes the statement that you’re in it for nostalgia and charm all at once? Look no further than this one. This shows that a hybrid type can be born.

This is made with plastic, but it’s got a detachable stainless steel pout. It makes it quite the hybrid. It will help you with specialized watering for certain types of plants. It’s also got measuring marks on its body, so you can find out how much you are putting in without guessing anymore. 

Add to that. It’s got an easy-to-use handle. You can easily hold it and make the watering motion. Put it in a safe place for later use. Awesome, right? It’s also different from its other competitors because it shows the water in clear view thanks to its intricate design. With 3 color options, you can place it anywhere in your house for a nice decoration piece. 

The downside of this model is that it’s made of plastic. You’ll be cleaning this one up a few times. You also have to be careful in making sure it’s not hit too hard. If you happen to see cracks on this product, you’ll have to be wary of the leaks that can come out of it. Then there’s the detachable stainless steel pout. If you’re using it a lot, it pays to maintain cleanliness. It may also rust like other steel materials, so be mindful before getting this one. 

  • Clear Plant Mister Segbeauty 5.4oz Continuous Plastic Spritzer Bottle

At first glance, you’d think this is a container for perfume. It can even be something for alcohol. But it’s plant mister made with a modern twist to those who look closer. Available in 3 sizes, this modern plant mister will help you water the special plants that need frequent misting. 

It’s got some cool intricate features, such as a 360-degree spin on spraying. You won’t have to worry about leaking, and the easy-to-press button for misting on different pressures. The water contained in this mister won’t go stale to make it even better. You won’t have to worry about smelly water if you don’t use it for a few days. 

plant in pot

Technically, this mister isn’t advertised as a plant mister alone. It’s got other uses such as spraying a little water on your hair or misting clothes. It can be used for cleaning parts of your house, and so on. In a way, you got a lot to go for with this. Misting plants while making yourself look great? This is a big money saver. 

The downside to this beauty is that some buyers have complaints about it not working as advertised. Some have even said it stops working after a week or two, so proceed with caution. Another downside to consider is that you might find yourself running out of water. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before getting this one. 

  • Novelty 1-Gallon Indoor

Have a lot of plants in the house, like Rubber trees or Dracaena? Need something that will let you have water without having to go back and forth to fill it up now and then? You’re in luck because this one can help you with your troubles. 

This 1-gallon beauty looks like any ordinary model that holds that much capacity. But look closer. You’ll find the one that you’ve been waiting to get. It is made of shatterproof plastic. It ensures it’ll last you for years and will truly not be too much of a worry if you accidentally drop or hit it on impact. 

It’s also designed with a handle that won’t hurt your hands or wrists, so using this item can be a breeze in the long run. You’ll be amazed as well by its embedded flower design, which gives it character and novelty. You may even put it in your sala or other areas in your home to make it a nice decoration piece for that much-needed charm. 

The only downside for this one is you’ll need to clean it up regularly to prevent it. Otherwise, you’ve got a money saver with this one. 

  • Union Elephant

Try reading the item name and not laugh for a while. Yes, you read that right. It’s one in the shape of an elephant. And it’s a cute and gorgeous one! It will surely delight kids. You can even let them use it and show them how great of a hobby it can be to nurture inner plants. 

While official pics can make it look like a mini option, don’t be fooled. This thing is even bigger than a can of soda but sized right enough to fit inside your home. 

Thanks to the materials made to create it, along with its simple and elegant design. It is truly a beauty. Anyone who’s got a love for animals will get a kick out of it. You’ll even be mesmerized just looking at it. Who isn’t thrilled to take care of a plant with something with the symbol of an elephant? There’s 100% charm written all over it. 

The downside for this one is that, unlike the others made by Novelty. It isn’t made with shatterproof plastic, so it’s best not to let it get hit too much. You’ll find some cracks in it, which may lead to some leakage. 

  • KIBAGA Beautiful Galvanized

Maybe plastic isn’t your thing. You may want to have something that’s just charming and classic while keeping a touch of modern times. This model is for you. With the words “Flowers & Garden” plastered on it, you’ll have a great item to add. 

It is perfectly made to fit into your house. You can even put aside your plants, and it’s already an instant charmer for decoration. Thanks to its simplistic color and texture, you’ll be hard-pressed to find others that can do a theme just like it. It’s also elegant from afar.

The downside to this is its size, but it depends on your preference. This is your item if you’re in the market for small to medium-sized options. If you’re expecting something much larger, you’re not going to get much out of it. 

  • Cado 2 Gallon

Most options you’ll find in the market range in sizes from small to medium. They’re all good. Maybe you’re in a situation where you have to water lots of plants and fill up now and then is tedious. You may want to consider going for the big one. That’s why this one is for you. 

This 2-gallon option holds a lot of water. It is made of plastic to expect durability and capacity rolled into one. It’s even got a nice and cute design mark on it to show it’s made for watering. Just like the others with great designs, it can be put in your home as a décor piece when you need it. 

The only downside to watch for is the cleaning. While many others need cleaning, they’re easy to handle since they’re not too big. With this one, expect to have some difficulties cleaning it up when the time comes. You may even need extra equipment to ensure this 2-gallon option is spotless.

  • WEQUALITY Copper

Can you be proud to show in the mood for a product made of copper roots and charm? This one is for you. This one captures you right away with its antique design that’s sure to last for a long time. It’s also a medium-sized option, so adults and children can easily hold and use it as needed. 

While it does spell out retro, its features are as modern as they can be. It’s got a spray spout to ensure that the water you give to plants is equal and helps you reach difficult ones. You can detach it and water it like you normally do for ordinary plants. 

Just like the other options similar to it, it’s a piece of awesome design. You just put it in your sala. It just gives the room that much-needed warmth you want after a long day of giving your plants the health they need.  

modern pot with a plant

The only downside to worry about is to make sure the content doesn’t get too stale. You won’t have to clean much. It is easy to forget you still have water when you think you’ve already done what you needed to do. 

All in all, they are great things to have when tending to house plants. From the metal to the plastic to the galvanized steel, they’ll serve you well in all the ways you’ll need them. It may be tedious at first. Once you’ve got the right one and the factors in mind, you’ll be having a perpetual bliss of nature all year long. 

They aren’t just for the watering features. They may also be décor pieces that you put inside your home. With the many designs, you can find the best ones listed here. You’ll be in for a good time to find the one that speaks volumes for you! 

woman watering plants inside

If you want to give your plants the care they deserve, it is vital to know how to sprinkle them.

This way, you can make sure that they will grow optimally and healthily.

To give your plants the best care, we recommend that you follow these steps:

How to water plants the right way

  1. The roots are important

    For the water applied to the plant to be completely absorbed, it must come into contact with the plant’s roots.
    That’s why you need to pour it into the soil where the plant is rooted.
    For best results, make sure the soil is thoroughly moist.

  2. Check the soil

    Arid soil can be an obstacle to the optimal growth of plants.
    That’s why you need to make sure that it is constantly moist.

    But sometimes, it can fool you and give you the impression that it is dry when it is wet.
    This is because the surface layer of the soil can be dry, while the deep earth is still wet from the last application of water.

    It would be best to avoid excessive watering of the plant at all costs.
    Therefore, you will have to wait another day until you can sprinkle the plant again.

    How do you know if the deep layer is wet or not?
    You may be surprised, but the best moisture meter is right in our hands.

    More precisely, it is represented by our very hands.
    All you have to do to see if the deep layer of soil is moist or not is to insert your fingers a few inches into the ground.

  3. Nothing compares to morning water.

    Like humans, the first thing plants need in the morning is a mouthful of water.
    Not necessarily because they are thirsty then, but because a morning watering gives the leaves enough time to dry during the day.

    The plant is more likely to develop a disease if its leaves are wet all the time.
    This is because the bacteria that grow faster in humid environments.

    Keeping the leaves dry drastically reduces the chances of developing diseases.
    During the sprinkling process of the plants, their leaves can get wet.

    That is why watering in the morning is optimal for the health and development of the plant.
    Even if the leaves get wet during the sprinkling, they have enough time during the day to dry completely.

  4. Slowly but surely

    The water is absorbed relatively slowly by dry soil.
    If you apply water too quickly on the surface of dry soil, there is a good chance that it will not be absorbed immediately and will create puddles.
    And if you continue to pour water, it may leak even out of the pot.

    The best solution to this problem is to pour water slowly and gradually increasing your speed.
    This way, you allow enough time for the surface soil layer to get wet.
    Once it has been wholly moistened, it will absorb the rest of the water much faster.

  5. Do not overdo it with water.

    Although water is essential for the optimal growth of a plant, everything in excess is not healthy for anyone.
    Maintaining moist soil is essential, but wait some time between two successive water applications.

    In this way, you will give enough time for the water already applied to be entirely absorbed by the plant.


Are plastic or metal watering cans better?

There is no better watering can option than the other. Each type of sprinkling can come with its advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic watering cans have the advantage of having a much lower purchase price than metal ones. Also, their lightweight makes them very easy to handle.

The disadvantage of these plastic sprinkling cans is the low level of durability. Watering cans made of metal can have a longer life if galvanized.

Unfortunately, the heavyweight of these sprinkling cans makes them quite challenging to handle. The most significant difference between these two types of watering cans is that the one made of plastic can contaminate the water contained.

You must consider this if the sprinkling can is used for watering vegetables or fruits.

Are watering cans effective?

Although plant watering technology has evolved, sprinkling cans are still effective. This is due to the following characteristics of them:
reduced purchase price
– They are quick and easy to use.
– They lack the need for a complicated installation process.
– They have an increased degree of control over the amount of water used.
– They have the possibility of watering the plants inside the house.

What kind of watering can is best for indoor plants?

One of the best watering cans that you can use inside the house is Haws Handy Indoor. One of the characteristics of this sprinkling can is its small size.
Due to its small size, this watering pot can be easily stored inside the house when not in use. Also, the small filling capacity of this sprinkling can make it ideal for indoor use.

A pint of water is needed to fill it. As for its material, you can expect long service life and increased durability. This is because the material used to make this watering can is injected molded plastic.

What makes a good watering can?

There is a list of features that can describe what a high-quality sprinkling can should look like:
– to be easy to use by anyone
– They have an increased level of water pouring accuracy.
– They should be able to sprinkle every area of the plants, even those that can be considered more difficult to reach.
– They should have a high level of durability.

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