Editorial Policy

On this page we will try and explain where we are coming from with all the various guides and content that we are offering on Atlantic Aspiration.

Our intention on this platform is to make sure that you make the best possible decision no matter what it is you are trying to achieve, why we have various guides on all sorts of different topics, including choosing a plasma cutter, a wide belt sander, a fuel transfer tank, or one of the other products that we are offering through our platform.

Most of the content on this platform is intended for professionals and DIY people that have an interest in home improvement, and we know how important it is that the guides we have on here are as accurate as possible. In order to maintain the highest level of accuracy we don’t just publish content without properly reviewing it. We usually spend many hours researching every single topic that we write about, and it usually includes the input of industry professionals that check the articles for professional accuracy. If you ever come across any of our pages and you do not believe that the information we have published on here is accurate, we would really hope that you in fact reach out to us and tell us exactly on which page it is that you believe there are inaccuracies – if for instance you don’t believe that we have chosen the best plasma cutters to feature on our list, we would very much like to hear why you believe our list ought to be different, why that is, and which models would be better to include instead of our current list. While we strive to provide proper advice on the different models, we also know that there are new models coming out and sometimes there are some of our lists that need to be updated.

We love what we are doing, and we strive to put out content on various topics that may be of interest to all the different users that we have on our platform, and often receive recommendations from our users that we use in order to influence the content publishing that we are doing. For instance, we have received content from our users that we have used to include in posts such as this one on the best TIG welders and this one on the best engine driven welders.

On occasion we may get tools and of other products from manufacturers that we may choose to review on the site, and we strive to not just provide positive reviews about tools, but actually help our users out as much as possible and provide as accurate reviews as possible. While we know that it isn’t possible to be completely unbiased, we do aim to provide you with a nuanced view of what you can expect when you buy a product.

If you believe you or your company makes quality products that ought to be featured on the site, and that it fits with the commercial, industrial and DIY interests, go ahead and reach out to our team to see if we may also agree that featuring it on the site is a good idea. We do not publish reviews on the site of products that we do not believe are beneficial for our users, and if a review is published, whether it is about a wide belt sander or a plasma cutter, we will not take payment to publish reviews that we do not accurately reflect the experience that we may have had with a product. The motto we go by is full transparency, why we don’t want to mislead our users with the same types of fake reviews that you will find all over the internet.

The team

We have a broad range of amazing writers and technical experts that write the many different guides that we are publishing. We try to make sure that guides are not just written by people with experience in the field that the topic of the article is on, why we don’t want someone who has never welded in their life to be the person writing some of the articles on those specific topics. We find that it is a lot easier for people with industry experience to actually be the ones writing the articles, which helps minimize the risk of inaccuracies in the articles.

We’ll be happy to admit that we rely on the team of experts that we work with that not just help us research and write all our articles, but also help us find the most relevant photos for the guides that we are publishing. And we are very grateful for the team that we have been able to put together in order to make this platform come to life.

In addition to working with pros and industry experts, we also make sure that we are working with experts that are able to write articles on topics of varying levels of expertise. We don’t just want to cater to people that may just be starting out in the industry, but also to those that are more experienced. At the same time, we also don’t want to become a platform that may intimidate people that are just getting started, why we commonly try and indicate the level of expertise we suggest is appropriate for a specific article. Some articles will allow you to choose the version that may be best suited for the level that you’re at. For instance, when it comes to choosing the best mini wood lathe, we have divided that article into different sections depending on the various parameters that are likely to relevant for people looking for that product – whether you’re a pro looking for the right product for your shop, or whether you’re a DIY with a more modest budget who is simply looking for a relatively good product, without having to go out and spend way too much money on it either.

The process we use

As is natural with any topic, there are some topics that take a lot longer to adequately research than others, why it also means that we may be spending hours on some of the articles, where we are more likely to be spending days when it comes to some of the articles that are more technical in nature.

We strive to bring as objective trustworthy content as possible on the topics of industrial tools and DIY processes, and everything in between, but we also admit that it may be hard to necessarily promise to always be objective, as there is naturally a human being who has been involved in the process of writing the individual piece of content that we’re publishing. At the same time, we also have paid partnerships with various manufacturers of the products that are listed on the site, however, that does not mean that we are going to endorse a product that we don’t believe in. We want Atlantic Aspiration to become the first platform that you visit when you are looking for new tools, and that naturally means that we’ll have to create content that we don’t just trust ourselves, but that you will also end up trusting as we strive to have our expertise shine through. Never fail to do your own research, and perhaps consider visiting the manufacturer’s own website where you can see what they have listed on the product, before you make up your mind on the products that you are doing research on.

We will also be happy to tell you that you may not be looking at the right products and encourage you to visit one of our competitors if we don’t believe we are able to provide you with the right fit, or if there are simply other products in the market that are better for you, although we may not necessarily have partnerships with those specific companies. We strive to not just provide you with good content, but believe that content can only truly be good if it is practical in your specific situation, and that often requires us to ask you significant questions on what your various preferences are.

By providing you a wide variety of information on the different products available, as well as providing you with surveys and other tools, we are better able to inform you on topics such as the best welding equipment for your specific purposes, as well as question you about the budget that you may have in mind, so that we don’t just help you find the piece of equipment that manages to solve the technical needs that you have, but also the one that is able to do so at a price you feel comfortable paying. If we don’t believe we’re both able to find you the right piece of equipment and one that works with the price that you have in mind, we don’t believe it is a good match for you.

How we seek to stand out when compared to other sites that offer guides

We know that you may have found 30 other websites that also talk about tools such as welding equipment, but we swear we are committed to a higher standard than your average website out there, because we don’t just care about your current success with the product you may currently be looking for, but we also want to be the choice of vendor for your upcoming products, which means we have to make sure you are happy with the product we a re currently helping you find so that we can also help make sure that you trust us enough for your future needs. We are striving to become the platform you go to for all your future professional needs, and while our current offering may be mostly focused on welding equipment, we are seeking out ways to make our offering more relevant in other industries as well, making the necessary partnerships in order to provide the high level of expertise we want to be known for. Most other sites will be happy if you go to their site, click whatever links they are displaying there (even if the products they are encouraging you to buy are in fact junk) and leave, because they don’t care about the longevity of the platform they are building – they would rather that you just make a purchase now, whereas we are more focused on making sure that you trust us, and any purchase is therefore secondary.

In other words, we would rather encourage you not to buy from us if you don’t trust that the product available is the right one for you, even if that means we are currently missing out on some revenue as a consequence. It’s better that you are happy with the purchase you make than that you purchase from us, and then perhaps next time you are looking for professional equipment, it may just be that you come back to our platform and choose to buy from us at that point instead.

Are you an expert in your field?

We are constantly looking for people that are great at what they do, and potentially ones that also have an established presence in the industry that they’re in. That may mean a lot of things, but what it basically boils down to is that we would love to be able to absorb some of that knowledge you may have. Do you want to provide our site with content? Or are you perhaps more so interested in simply providing feedback on articles? Either way, we are very much interested in hearing from you, but it is important that you know what you are talking about.

We are not just looking to build the same website that anyone else could build, but rather build one that has a lot of authority in the space, and can actually provide our base of users with the level of knowledge and expertise that they are seeking out. It doesn’t really matter too much if you only have experience with a certain type of work, or whether you want to contribute an article that is highly specialized, chances are that we want to hear from you regardless.

If you provide a piece of content for us, whether it is a suggestion for an edit or not, we often go to great lengths to include an attribution to make sure that they know where this piece of advice came from. That is, of course if you want to have you name and potentially business linked to the platform that we are trying to build here.

We are also very interested in working with pros that might have a following, and in some instances we may even be interested in paying for that partnership. If you have a large following on Youtube and you regularly publish content on the types of machinery or tools that we have included here, try and send us a message so we can at least get the ball rolling and see if we can work together.