Engine Driven Gas Welders For Sale

There are a bunch of welding equipment that has become relatively portable, and if you start searching for different types of welders online, you’ll likely end up finding more than your fair share of machines to choose between – this page is specifically concerned with engine driven welders, and those that we have for sale on this specific page.

That includes teaching you a little bit about the topic along the way, ensuring that you’re spending your hard-earned money the right way and getting the various features that are important with your welder of choice.

The one thing that you will absolutely need when you’re welding is a power source, but that is not to say that you will always be able to come by one, no matter where you’re at. If you’re at your shop, you have your setup already, and worrying about power isn’t a relevant concern. However, if you’re a person who offers a lot of mobile welding where you’re going other places to get the job done, you can’t always rely on the client being able to provide you with power.

That is why it’s sometimes a good idea to not just have a welder, but have one that has its very own generator built into it, which helps you be able to do work, not just at your shop but also at those remote places that you might have to go to.

Before being able to buy one, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for. In a crowded market, that will probably mean you’re going to need to check out reviews, a buying guide and more in order to find the engine driven welder that best matches your needs – luckily we’ve got you covered, as we have put all those various things in one place to better help you out.

How do they work?

The name in itself is pretty self-explanatory in that this machine offers both the capabilities of welding, but also the capabilities of generating the necessary power to fuel the piece of machinery, all assembled and turned into one unit rather than having individual units for the purpose.


Although there’s a time and a place for anything, including a type of machine that can do exactly the metal work that you require, these machines can do more than most.

That is, especially if you get one from one of the trusted manufacturers in the business. While we often take indoor electricity supply for granted, these machines do offer a level of functionality that is unmatched by a conventional TIG welder.

There are times and places where a stable power supply simply may not be a thing that you can rely on, where it may be beneficial that you can still continue working. If you live in an area that often sees power outages, you may even be looking into one of these machines just to be able to stay operational for a longer period of time.

While these machines may seem expensive, it is also expensive for you to not be working. If you’re charging $100 per hour for the work you’re doing, and you’re buying a piece of machinery for $4,000, the machine will have earned itself in after just 40 hours that you could previously not have been able to work.

While the math may be simplified slightly, it’s no secret that you may not be making money if you’re providing services out of your shop and you can’t rely on there being a stable power supply. These machines are usually also built for rough conditions because the manufacturers know that you’ll likely be using them in remote conditions.

With thousands of watts worth of power, you can get the amperage you need whether you’re mostly doing heavy-duty welding or light-duty work.

The type of work you’ll be doing will be determining what your needs are. These machines usually range from being able to output 5,000 to 2,0000 watts, and some of them can do various things including arc gouging and pipe welding, too.


Whether you’re looking to buy a plasma cutter or a MIG welder, reality is that there are a lot of different considerations that you want to make. When you’re making such a significant purchase, it’s not as if you’re just picking groceries at the store.

With groceries, you are generally talking about a simple purchase, and while it will be able to provide you happiness for a relatively short period of time.

When you’re buying an extensive piece of machinery, or you’re buying a fuel transfer tank, for that matter, there are often some more comprehensive needs that need to be met because you’re now not just buying something that won’t be mattering next week, but rather something that you’ll commonly be using every week.

If you have a metal work business, you’ll even be using this machinery significantly more often, and when you’re having to go somewhere in order to do remote jobs, rather than doing them at your shop, you might find it useful to have an engine driven gas welder that you can bring with you.

Not all job sites may conveniently have access to the power needs that you inherently have as you’re either welding or doing plasma cutting, and that will just mean that you need to be able to get the power in some other way.

Thinking of buying a generator to use for your welder? Think again! The usual generators aren’t made to be able to sustain the peak performance that welding equipment commonly needs access to, why you might want to look into other options.

On this page we have not just listed all the engine driven gas welders we have for sale here on this platform, but we have also listed a bunch of the things to teach you what it is you should be looking out for when you’re making a decision.

While it may seem like a cheap purchase if you compare it to something like a wide belt sander, if you’re comparing it to any other piece of machinery, they’re big investments in your business. If you were buying something that was going to cost you $20, or perhaps even $100, you would be a lot more likely to make such a purchase impulsively, but an engine driven welder will set you back a lot more than that.

We have even created a specific article on the topic of the best engine driven welders that we recommend, where we try to accurately give you an impression of what you should be expecting with the various types of machines. Hopefully after reading that, you will have a much better understanding of the benefits of the individual machines, and learn which ones may simply not be the right ones for you and your business.

A good, common engine driven welder will usually cost between $4,000 and $6,000. When that’s been said, there are machines with a lot more power that can cost you $30,000 or $40,000, if you are looking for something special like a Lincoln Air Vantage 600SD. Those are for the situations, where you’re not doing a bit of a DIY welding here and there, but rather for instances where you need superior arc combined with a lower amount of maintenance for those structural jobs.

Are you ready to see what we encourage you to learn more about before making the purchase you’re about to make?

Buying guide

As we already mentioned, these machines are great for places where electricity isn’t easy to come by, which may either be on a farm or somewhere else, located away from your workshop.

There are just situations where it’s either entirely impossible or highly impractical to bring the pieces of metal to one another that need to be welded together. While you could get a welding generator that has been specifically made for the purpose, it would be more convenient if you had the option of simply combining everything in one and not having to deal with any more moving parts.

When you’re buying machinery of this caliber, it’s very important that you start out by thinking about your intention with the purchase, and you thoroughly think about how you will commonly be using it as that will dictate some of the needs that you may have, including how you plan on transporting it.

AC output

The AC output is important for you to look for when you’re also looking to have the generator aspect of it power other things.

DC output

Will you be working on thin sheets of metal, or are you looking to work on thicker plates? Those are things to consider when it comes to the amount of DC output that will be needed as it will be turned into amperage that your machine is working at. Heavy gauge welding will require different amperage compared to thin pieces of metal, so make sure that you’re buying a machine that has the necessary power for the purposes you’ll be using it for. Thicker metal will require more amperage, and if you’re unsure as to whether you’ll always be welding the same types of jobs, it’s better to have too much amperage than too little.

Types of welding

Do you have a strong preference for a specific type of welding, well then you may just want to make sure that you’re in fact able to weld that specific form with the piece of man power that you’re adding to your business.

While you’re probably not a beginner at welding since you’ve made it to this page, presumably to add a piece of machinery to your collection that will cost you several thousand dollars, we’d still like to draw your attention to an article on the topic that you might have an interest in reading – MIG vs TIG. While we have your attention, if you are at all interested in particulate matter, the Clean Water Act, or the Montreal Protocol, we also have very extensive articles on those topics.

Although there are some of the gas driven engine welders that are able to switch between the different modes of welding, assuming you have the righ attachments for them, it’s more common for these machines to use stick welding. There are also some of the machines that will in fact be able to run their very own separate welder using the power from the generator that they have, but you will need to look into that to make sure that is possible, and there will often be limitations on the amount of amps that they’re able to run at in those specific situations.


One of the main reasons why you’re getting one of these machines is so that you will be able to transport it back and forth to the various places where you’ll do your metal magic, why the mode of the transportation is important to consider.

If you’re planning on using a pickup truck or trailer, it’ll be different from whether you want the machine to have wheels that you want to be transporting it around on. There are portable options that can be used, that have wheels, but those may not be suitable for everyone if you have significantly higher demands when it comes to the machinery that you’re buying.

Whether you’ll need portability is really up to you anyway. You should just know that there are often consequences to requiring portability, in terms of performance. The Lifan Pro Series WeldPro AXQ1-200a may be a good option to look into for those that are serious about portability, whereas there are better options if you’re rather planning on getting something that is significantly more powerful than what that machine is capable of offering.

The different brands

There is no denying that it may seem confusing to find the best engine driven welding equipment for your shop, as there are so many different manufacturers that produce very powerful machines for you to consider, but there are still some of the manufacturers that just have a better reputation than others.

If you were to buy either a waste oil heater or a portable sawmill, there would also just be some brands that you would naturally gravitate towards as they have the reputation that you only develop when you have been helping thousands of customers over the years, and the customers have come to love the products that you produce. For waste oil heaters, you may choose a company like Lanair or Energy Logic that are both companies that can be trusted to make reputable products that do as they are supposed to.

In the section below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common names when it comes to engine driven welders, are why we would recommend that you choose one of the products that they produce, and that you subsequently find out which of their models in fact matches the specific needs that you may have.

If it is either the first time that you start looking for this product, or you have done quite a bit of research, there is no denying that there are a couple of names that absolutely keep popping up during your research, and that is because those are some of the machines built by companies that have been around for a long time, and they will keep continuing to build engine driven welders for a very long time to come. They are good companies to buy from because you know that they are consistently delivering quality products, and you know that there aren’t inconsistencies in the manufacturing processes that could lead to unexpected issues with your welder.

And even if there are any types of issues, these companies have great support systems to be able to quickly help you out and ensure that there isn’t a lot of down time for your business – down time that could mean you aren’t being able to get those sweet welding dollars coming in.

Miller Welds

Miller Welds is the first name that we are going to cover in this list, and with them even having their profession in their name, it should come to you as no surprise that they produce some extremely high quality machines when it comes to engine driven welders.

Whether you are a person who has a strong preference for gas, diesel or propane, they have a machine that can accommodate those wishes, providing you with those powerful metal bonds that you otherwise have to look very far for! If you get the right machine, you can either Stick, TIG, MIG or flux weld, depending on what it is that you want. We do encourage you to take a closer look at the specifics related to the machine that you are buying in order to ensure that it has all the features that are important to you, whether you want to have it in the back of your truck next to your fuel transfer tank, or whether you are choosing to keep it on a trailer for itself.

The good thing about these machines is that they aren’t just able to produce the energy that they themselves need, but they can also help in times when additional power is needed, like when there is a power outage, as you can use the generator that the welder has for other things such as air compressors.

If you are looking for somewhat of a lightweight package, look no further than the Fusion 160 that provides you with a stable arc at a price point that most serious welders are able to afford, yet significantly more affordable than some of the other alternatives on the market. If you want something affordable, yet something that is able to pack a punch and get the job done, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed with this piece of machinery. At 242 pounds, this is a relatively light machine that is more portable than some of the other options that often weigh 50 pounds more than this option.

With its inverter technology, you will get a stable stick arc that produces very clean welds while limiting the risk that you find yourself having to redo a lot of the work. This machine also has a multi-voltage plug which is convenient if you are swapping between places that have either 120- or 240-volt power outlets without the need to carry a transformer. If stick welding is your gig, you have a strong machine that has a 3 year warranty on most of the components.

The Miller Bobcat 260 is the piece of machinery that you want when you are getting serious with welding as it offers a lot of functionality, while ensuring that your operating costs are staying low. It also has a bunch of features to ensure that you won’t be disturbed by noise, but it does come at a higher price tag than what you will find for the model that we talked about in the previous section. However, when that has been said, there’s no denying that you are getting an entirely different level of power with this machine compared to the Fusion 160. With the lower sound level that this machine offers, you are also ensuring that you have a safer working environment, as well as one where you can get more done.

Want to be able to remotely start or stop this machine? Well, that’s a feature that Miller has put into the Bobcat 260, making it incredibly easy to ensure that your machinery powers on when you need it, or off when you don’t. In addition, this also helps ensure that you are limiting the amount of maintenance that you need to do to the machine, and you’ll find yourself getting more done, as you won’t have to walk to the welder to turn it off.


While we definitely want you to buy one of the gas engine driven welders that we have for sale on this page, it is at least equally important to us that you’re not just ending up buying something that fundamentally isn’t what you need. We realize that we’re getting compensation when you’re buying one of these welders, either because we may ourselves be shipping it directly to you, or because one of the manufacturers are shipping it to you, but that doesn’t change that we want to make sure that you end up being happy with your purchase.

We’re relatively new in the industry, and trying to establish ourselves as a trusted source of information when pros are looking to get the tools that they need for their jobs, which also requires that we produce content of the highest quality, whether it’s on the best welding equipment, or whatever it is that you may be seeking out.

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