Best Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables For Sale

A lot of different situations call for the inclusion of a table that simply has lifting capacities significantly more powerful than that of of your usual, electrically operated table.

That is when the hydraulic scissor lift tables come into play with their impressive functionality, providing a lot of functionality that other options may not have. On this page, we’re listing all the different options we have for sale, but we also list a bunch of other things to think about when you’re in the market to purchase one of these products.

The same way that you are able to get other products, such as plasma cutters for example, that come in a range of different grades, ranging from budget options to high-end, so do these tables, and when that’s been said there isn’t one single option that is perfect for every single application, so it is crucial that you figure out what the right options are in your scenario, too.

That includes figuring out what features you want, and which features could have perhaps been nice to have but are in fact not ones that you will be needing. This might just be because they are a little bit more expensive than what you had imagined you would be paying for the various features.

These tables come in a range of different options, including ones that fit about every single industrial purpose that you could imagine.

Load capacity

The first thing that we would encourage you to consider is the load capacity that the table should be rated at. Being able to lift something that weighs 500 lbs is a lot different from having load lifting needs that go into the thousands of pounds. If your machine is rated for a certain amount of weight, that should also be the weight that it is used for, and while you may be tempted to go above it, we strongly recommend that you don’t. You don’t want to stand in the middle of the shop having tried to lift something that weight 2,000 lbs while the machine you were using it for was only rated to be able to lift 1,000 lbs.

When you choose to use a certain tool in a manner in which it is not rated, there is also a very high risk that you end up braking any potential warranty on the product from doing so. More so than the risk of breaking the piece of machinery, it is more important that you avoid any type of accident that could have detrimental effects on the health of the people using the piece of machinery. They come in a range of different capacities, including ones that are rated for 500, 750, 10,000, 12,000 lbs and everything in between, so there is a hydraulic scissor lift table out there for you, no matter what the capacity is that you need for your shop.

Raised height

Certain situations may call for the possibility to raise the table and its contents to a certain height making it easier to work with, and making sure that you, or the person supposed to be using the table, isn’t operating it in a position that will cause them issues when doing work for an extended period of time. The amount that the table can be raised can be the distinguishing factor between a good and a bad purchase, given how hurtful it can be to work in a wrong position.

Maximum platform

The platform and the size that it is, is an important feature that ensures that you aren’t working on an area that is uncomfortably small to work on. The maximum platform isn’t just about convenience, but it’s also about safety. Since you’ll be working on a bunch of things that are extremely heavy in their nature, you’ll be wanting to make sure that you also have the space available in order to do so comfortably. The various platforms available will range significantly in size, with some being 54″ x 84″, while others are 48″ x 120″, making them significantly longer but also a little bit more narrow.

Lifting speed

Lifting speed is perhaps not one of the most crucial features, but have you ever tried working on a computer that you simply thought was too slow to comfortably be able to get done on, what you wanted? Lifting tables are no different, and the ability to lift such heavy things off the ground obviously comes at a certain expense – that the table doesn’t raise very fast. While you’ll be able to see how long it takes for the different models to go from one setting to another, there are also companies that offer that you can upgrade the motor which in turn may allow you to lift the table ever so much faster. We don’t want you to be going insane because you don’t have a table that rises as quickly as you would like for it to do! While it may cost you a bit extra, it could also easily be one of those features that you come to love.

Don’t buy a cheap one that doesn’t have an upper travel limit switch

You will want to make sure that the model you’re buying comes with an upper travel limit switch which is an incredibly comfortable feature to have that ensures that your lifts don’t go higher than you want them. If you have figured out that the work you’re doing is best done at a height of 45″, then this feature will allow you to lock that height in as the max height that your piece of machinery won’t go past. While it may be an option on some machines, it can also save you a great deal of hassle when you’re making sure that you’re buying that one table that will last you for as long as you need it.

You can also get the feature that ensures that your table doesn’t go below a preset level, which may be nice, although the feature to fix the maximum height is likely one that you will be significantly more happy that you chose to go with.

Consider an oversized platform

If you have especially big needs that the normal platforms just aren’t able to help you with, you can buy an oversized platform that better helps you ensure that you will be able to do what you want.

Velocity fuse

Issues can arise if the hydraulic hoses are accidentally severed, and those accidents aren’t anything that you would want to live with, why one of the recommendations that we think you should be looking for is a machine that has a velocity fuse. These machines are great when hoses are accidentally severed as they will keep the lift from falling, and likely ensuring that nothing gets damaged because of a machine failure, also helping keep yourself and your employees safer.

Do you want a pit mounted unit?

If the area you are working on is tight, getting a pit mounted unit may just be the space saving measure that helps ensure a good workflow in your shop. Getting these options, and you’ll be able to have your unit sit flush with the floor when it is at its lowest setting, thereby making sure that it’s not just another obstruction in the way that you have to deal with. A pit mounted unit can be really nice for cramped spaces, and will provide a lot more functionality than simply looking for a unit that isn’t very tall when it is collapsed.

You can otherwise find units that will collapse to a 9″ height when they are as close to the floor as possible, whereas other options may be as tall as 14″. With a pit mounted unit, it can be significantly easier to place something on top of it that needs to be raised, so while it’s great for the look and workflow of the shop, it can also be a crucial feature when it comes to functionality.

The shipped weight of the unit

While it may not be as big of an issue when the unit has been installed, there’s no denying that it is easier to move some of the lighter units than it is to move the heavier ones. When you’re talking about lifting capacities, the general rule also tends to be that the units with the higher load capacities tend to be heavier, with the heavier units ranging around 2,500 lbs when shipped.

Are you going for a standard unit or not?

While standard units may be enough for most people, there are a lot of people out there also, where it simply isn’t. However, it’s important to know that there are some manufacturers that may not have non-standard units readily available, and if you are starting to customize it, you may therefore have to expect that these customizations will also mean that it will take longer for your unit to get to you. You can usually see on the specific product page how long a certain company expects it will take for a product to ship if you are wanting to make a certain amount of changes to it, including how long they believe it will take before a standard unit is able to be shipped out.

Which sort of finish do you want your unit to have?

There may be certain working conditions that aren’t great for tools that could potentially rust, so if your working environment is one where there is a lot of humidity and salt in the air, you probably want to make sure that your hydraulic lift doesn’t start looking beat up after just a couple of years of use. This is done by making sure that the finish that is aded to the unit is one that is corrosion-resistant, or that you get a unit that is made of stainless steel. There are various custom finishes that are possible, such as two-part epoxy, but you might also be able to choose from a range of different corrosion-resistant coatings on the product page.


If you are looking for something that has great portability, there’s a chance that you may not end up with a unit that is rated for 12,000 lbs because it would simply be too heavy to construct such a unit to make it truly portable. However, there are other units that will be able to offer portability, that may still be rated at upwards of 1,100 lbs, while smaller models may be rated at 550 lbs. You are still dealing with a piece of machinery that may weigh somewhere between 300 – 400 lbs, but at least it is a lot better option than having to somehow manoeuvre something that weighs 2,500 lbs. With these portable models, you’ll also usually tend to see significantly smaller maximum platform sizes, and a limitation in terms of their maximum raised height, too. However, if you have situations where it is important that it is able to be moved around, that might still be a good option.

Turntable lifts

Turntable lifts are great for those moments when you would otherwise have to go around a table in order to access the other side, as they can end up saving you a bunch of time, as well as limit just how much needs to be manually carried, and the distance. From doing so, you’re not just increasing efficiency, but likely also doing a bunch of things that will help limit the wear on your workers. For an uncluttered design, that improves the workflow, you can get these units without significantly increasing the lowered height of the unit, all while gaining a bunch of functionality as well. You can even get different capacities and diameters when it comes to the lifting, as manufacturers such as South Worth offer turntables that are either 20″ or 43″, with lifting capabilities that go as high as 4,000 lbs – perfect for those heavy duty projects!

Do you need the unit to be able to tilt?

Units that are able to tilt also come in various shapes and forms, with varying level of load capacity and various sizes when it comes to the maximum platform. With upwards of 4,000 lbs of capacity when you get one of the products from South Worth, you’ll be able to tilt about anything that you may have a need to, while still being able to raise the platform as high as 45″.

While we may not have been able to cover all the various options available for these tables in this article, at least we hope that it should give you a lot better understanding of the various options available, and hopefully give you a better basis for making sure that you are getting the table that matches the specifications needed for your shop.

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