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There are a lot of reasons why people choose to buy a MIG welder over a TIG, a few of the reasons which we’ll outline in this short post. Additionally, you can scroll down in order to see all the various MIG welders we have for sale on this site.

The speed of the welds that you’re able to accomplish with this specific type of machine is perhaps the biggest reason for its popularity, although by far the only reason. GMAW, or MIG welding is a technique using a continuously fed wire to create versatile welds, useful for a range of different types of metals. This process also has the advantage of being able to be operated either semi or fully automatic without the potential for entrapped slag made possible from other types of welding processes.

Another advantage? A gas shield will limit the amount of alloy elements, and welds can be cleaned very fast afterwards. Equipped with the necessary supplies, you’ll be able to do quality work in a timely manner, with very few downsides to this technique.

What to look for

welding helmet being put on a student

While there are many reasons to buy a MIG welder, there are also reasons not to, including things you should be looking for when you’re making the jump. For instance, if you’re doing a lot of jobs that require portability, you may be better off looking in this section instead.

What to look for
Duty cycle Voltage Type of welder Reputable manufacturer  
  1. Make sure to check out what type of wire the welder is compatible with.

Some of the options on the market are limited to the use of flux core. Are you fine with that limitation? Great – otherwise you may want to keep looking.

2. The duty cycle

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If you are planning on using the machine extensively and for longer periods of time, it’s important to note the duty cycle of the machine you’re getting, the same way you would if you were buying a plasma cutter.

3. Voltage

If you don’t have a 220 volt outlet, and that is the welder you end up purchasing, you need to know that you will have to have one installed in order to be able to use the welder. To avoid that, some people choose to go with the 110 volt option instead.

While those aren’t all the things you will need to look for, they’re a good place to start at the very least.


While there are many different manufacturers, some of the most prominent and popular ones include Everlast, Miller Welds, Lincoln, and more.

welding of gas lines

Some of the specific models include HTP Pro Pulse 200, Miller Millermatic 140, Millermatic 211, Eastwood MIG 175, Vulcan Omnipro 220 and more.

Miller Welders

Miller, like Lincoln, is one of those companies where you know you will be able to rely on the welder you get from them. They not only make TIG and MIG welders, both of these companies additionally make plasma cutters and all the various welding equipment you could possibly want, whether you’re a DIY or a pro.

Some of the most popular models from Miller include the Millermatic 211, 252, 210, 140, 130, 200, 250, 135, 255, 141, 212, 350p, 175, 180, 251, 130xp, 35, 185, 220, 215, 190, 172 and 250x. Yes, Miller Electric is a company that has been around for a long time, since 1929 specifically, why they have a bunch of different machines, loved by people all over the world.

This page is dedicated to listing all the Miller welding machines for sale on our website. Whether you need a welding machine for marine applications, education, agriculture or something else, there is one for everyone.

While being more expensive than some of the less reputable companies in the field, you’re not just buying a machine, you’re buying the insurance that the company that built it will in fact be around tomorrow, too, and that you won’t simply be stuck with a worthless metal box if any problems should arise.

Besides welders, Miller Electric also makes an array of other different products like welding tables, workbenches, helmets, torches and more. If you want those professional welding joints, these machines have the power and accuracy that you’re looking for, and we’ll even help you navigate the landscape to make sure you’re getting the one that fits your budget and needs.

While we would love to sell you the more expensive Millermatic 350P mig welder, we are also well aware that it might be way too much machine for a lot of people, and since we’re hoping you’ll shop from us again, it’s important to match needs and budget.

Miller Millermatic 252 For Sale

The Miller Millermatic 252 is the upgrade if you have previously been using the Millermatic 211 or the 251. It’s a welder where Miller has really stepped up their game!

This is the next step up allowing you to weld anything from 22 gauge to 1/2inch with just one single pass. Being armed with self-calibrating digital meters with infinite voltage control makes the the Miller Millermatic 252 one of the better welders we have for sale on this site.

When you’re paying more, you can also expect to get significantly better performance from it, and the 252 does not disappoint.

At 28 VDC, this beast can run 250 A at a 40% duty cycle, allowing you probably the highest output in its class. With an amperage range from 30-300 A, your options are many, and at 200 A at 28 VDC, its duty cycle is an impressive 60%.

While it may be slightly less portable than some of the other welders available on this site, it still has 4 wheels to easily let you push it back and forth.

While the welding gun comes with a 90 day warranty, the welder itself has a warranty of 3 years for parts and labor.

You will also be sure to fall in love with its built-in digital timers menu where you can preset voltage and wire feed speed, on a big, digital display. On the display you can also adjust other settings such as the spot/delay timer, burnback, pre/postflow and run-in.

Is this not what you are looking for? We have an entire section dedicated to all the MIG welders on the website that we additionally encourage you to explore. On the market for a new plasma cutter? No worries, there’s a page for that!

If you have any welding related questions, be sure to reach out and if we are unable to answer your question straight away, we’ll make sure the right expert gets back to you.

Miller Millermatic 211 907614 Auto Set

With this beautiful machine that not only provides a lot of power but also at an affordable price tag, you’re sure to get a MIG welder that won’t disappoint.

It’s a great single-phase option that auto-sets 110/220 volt with excellent value. If you had the previous model, the Millermatic 211 907614 with auto set may just be the natural upgrade for you, why we have it for sale here on the site at a very affordable rate.

Five different wire and gas combinations allows this machine to present you with unmatched functionality while still being very portable at just 38 lbs, being good at those jobs that require you move around a lot, which can be hugely beneficial no matter if you’re buying a welder or a plasma cutter. Being not only lighter than the previous model, this model is also 3 inches less tall.

Miller has also stepped up their game when it comes to the fan by providing its Fan-on-Demand technology. By limiting the use of the fan to when it is actually needed, you’re using less electricity and less debris gets into the machine unintended.

Are you still relatively new to welding, then you will find the auto-set function extremely useful where you won’t even know how to set the proper parameters. Initiating the process is as easy as simply choosing what diameter wire you’re using and the material and its thickness – you’re now ready to go!

Does your situation require manual settings, like when you’re welding aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel? The machine is also able to accommodate that.

Its smooth starts will let you weld with almost no spatter, thereby saving you a bunch of time you would otherwise have spent cleaning up your weld.

It also has a feature whereby it shuts down if the tip is shorted, thereby extending the tip life and allowing your machine to last you longer.

No matter if you’re looking for a DIY or hobby welder, using aluminum or mild steel for your creations, this Millermatic 211 is a great choice to consider.

Portable Welders

As with plasma cutters, there are certain things that can make a welder more or less portable, and depending on your needs, portability may not even be the best option for you to start looking for.

It’s better that you find the right welder and that it may weigh slightly more than that you get the wrong one simply to ti find out that you’re switching it out 6 months from now.

Lincoln and Miller are just some of the reputable companies that also have very portable machines to get that you know will last you a very long time.

Things to consider

Before we move on, it’s important to go over some of the initial considerations you should be keeping in the back of your mind, even if you’re convinced that one of the portable welders we have for sale on this page is right for you.

The first and most important thing you will need to know is if you’re choosing a MIG or TIG welder, but the scope of that is beyond the limited article that we’re including here. If you’re a beginner, most people do choose a MIG, though. If you are planning on putting a lot more energy into becoming a good welder, TIG will be the way to go.

As far as portability goes, it is obviously up to each manufacturer to decide whether they believe that their specific welding equipment is portable – on our site we have our own way of classifying the different machines, that include their weight and dimensions. If you have very specific requests for those two things, make sure to check the specs of each welder before buying one. Does the welder need to fit into a specific space on your truck, then measure it to know that it actually will.

What voltage will you be hooking it up to? Are you going to be using it at your shop where you have a 220v outlet installed or will it be at home where you would need to have a specific outlet installed for it? TIG welders and more powerful machines will usually run on 220v.

Each welder will come with a different variety of extras and attachments and the ones you will want to look for include. Spools of wire, foot pedals and contact tips are the extras that are actually wort something as you would otherwise be buying these things regardless, but certain extras simply aren’t worth much because you would need to buy a better alternative anyway.

welder instructing a student

Are you looking for something under $500?

While you can definitely find a bunch of cheap options out there when you start looking around, there’s no denying that the best MIG welders will be those that come from reputable companies, while having the specs that are important for you, and while working with the budget that you have available. There’s no one machine that is ideal for everyone, and while we do often recommend something like a Millermatic 211 to people that are a little bit more serious about the welding work that they are doing, we are also well aware that that machine doesn’t match a $500 budget very well.

We realize you may very well have gotten overwhelmed with all the information available on this page – after all, we have at least mentioned a lot of models to look into, but in order to make it a bit easier for you, you’ll probably be happy to know that we are working on building a tool that makes it easier for you to find just the right MIG welder. All you will have to do is simply choose the different options that are important for you, whether it includes specific features or price, and we take all that information and put it through our systems to rate the various options you could be interested in. The final result will then be a recommendation where we show you why we believe it’s the best result for you.

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