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This is a little bit of a write-up of some of the best plasma cutter manufacturers out there, which models they have available, what our recommendations are and more. Feel free to check out the entirety of our website when you’re ready to move forward. We additionally have a lot of plasma cutters listed for sale, too.


This is the page where you’ll be able to find the various ESAB plasma cutters that we have for sale on the page, including the 875, 500i and 650.

We know that there are many different manufacturers to choose from when it comes to plasma cutters such as Miller ElectricHypertherm etc, and you can visit each of their specific and individual pages, if those are the brands that you’re interested in.

If you’re on a budget, we also have a page dedicated to the cheap options, which isn’t specific to each individual brand, where you can learn our recommendation on that.

No matter what you’re looking for, we hope we can help assist you in finding the right plasma cutter that does exactly what it is you need it to be doing.


This website will list all the various Miller Electric plasma cutters that we have for sale here on the website, which will include the spectrum 375, 625 and 875, 125c, just to mention a few of the different models.

We also have different pages specific to HyperThermESAB and more, and then we have the overarching page, too, that will list all the various plasma cutters that we are currently carrying.

One of the good things about buying a Miller Electric plasma cutter is that you’re not buying some cheap knockoff – you’re actually buying a trustworthy brand that we can stand behind.

You can use the various filters on the site to choose the voltage and amperage, too.


Looking for all the various Everlast plasma cutters we have for sale? This is the right page you’ve landed on! We’ve even got video reviews to go with them so you can ensure you’re making the best choice for your project needs. These include the Everlast 50s and the 60s.

While there are other very established plasma cutter manufacturers like Hobart and their AirForce 27i, many people are also very happy when they go choosing Everlast to satisfy their needs.

Everlast is also known for having a lot of great assistance should you ever encounter any problems with one of the plasma cutters they have made.

The great thing is that these come with an extensive 5-year warranty, not just on their plasma cutters but also on their welding equipment. If that doesn’t say something about how much they believe in their products, we’re not sure what does!

While other manufacturers may be cheaper than these machines, you don’t have the same protection if your machine suddenly breaks down as you do with this brand. So the question is: Do you want the cheapest option or do you want something that you know is going to last you a long time?


Lincoln Electric makes great plasma cutters, and all the ones we have available for sale on this site have been listed here to easily give you an overlook, make sure that you’re getting exactly the model that you want that best serves your needs, since they come at different price points. Some of the most popular, different Lincoln plasma cutters include the following models: The Tomahawk 625 k2807, the Pro-Cut 55, the Tomahawk 375, the Pro-Cut 25, the Pro-Cut 60, the Tomahawk 1000 and the Lincoln P20 (or Plasma 20).

When it comes to CNC plasma cutters, they also have different versions including the Torchmate 4400 and the Torchmate 4800, which you will be able to find on this page when they end up being offered.

Many of their plasma cutters are additionally very portable, with different options in terms of voltage, including 110 volt. Whether you’re looking for a plasma cutter under $500 or under $1,000, you can simply set the filters. If you’re looking for something with more capacity, we’re also offering that.

If you’re unsure about the various aspects that you may be interested in, we encourage you to consult our comparison chart of all the various models available on the market.

Lotos LTP5000D

The Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter is one of the most popular plasma cutters that we have for sale which is a great cheap option, perfect for people with budgets under $500, while still providing a great bang for your buck.

This Lotos model is one that will stand up to most things you throw at it, although you may have to go with a more substantial option if you have your own shop that you’re working out of, offering professional services.

At the price, this is definitely the machine we recommend with the next substantial upgrade coming from you choosing the Hobart AirForce 27i machine, which will also cost you substantially more.

This is a great pilot arc plasma cutter, if that’s what you’re looking for, and it’s both portable and powerful, making it easy to maneuver with if you’re often on the move. This machine additionally comes with a dual frequency and automatic voltage, meaning both 110/120v and 22/240v – could you ask for anything else?

Looking for something that cuts a clean 1/2 inch cut? This is the model, although it can cut as much as a 3/4 inch severance cut also.


Consumables for a plasma cutter can be a large part of the ongoing expenses you’re having with your machine, if you choose a cheap machine like the LTP5000D. Where you will see your money going is towards cutting tips and electrodes.

If you haven’t yet bought your plasma cutter, it can be a good idea to not just consider the price of the machine, but also how quickly the model you’re considering will go through the consumables.

It is very likely that you may end up damaging the tip if you’re just starting out and don’t have the technique right yet. Secondly, an electrode that is way past its prime can have an effect on how much work you’re managing to get done as it will significantly slow down your cutting. When you’re wanting to not just make beautiful cuts, but also do so in a timely manner, you will end up having to make sure your consumables are also doing what they’re supposed to.

There are also other consumables to keep in mind if you don’t have a portable plasma cutter but rather a CNC. Some of these, it can even be hard to notice that they have deteriorated over time and they include the nozzle, the swirl ring, the retaining cap and the shield. Make sure that you keep an eye out for these parts so as to get better cuts in the future!

Thermal Dynamics

This page includes all the Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters we have for sale on this site, including the Victor Cutmaster 52, 42, 38, 50, 51, 152, 81, and more. Many of these are significantly higher end machines than if you’re going for a more simple plasma cutter.

ESAB and their Thermal Dynamics line were the first to invent the modern plasma electrode, as well as creating incredible performance in a machine, while still making it light-weight and portable. Everything you could possibly want when you have very extensive metal cutting needs. Looking for some incredible power per pound that you simply won’t find with a cheap manufactured product? Here’s the power to rise above and beyond.

While these machines may seem pricey at first, there are so much savings for you to get from their incredible performance. Compared to a Hypertherm HPR XD, using O2, for mild steel with a 1 inch plate, while you’re able to cut 1,000 feet every 8 hours, at an energy cost of $0.07 per kWh, and gas cost of $5 per 100 ft3, they’re calculating that you may save an $4,500 every single year, with lower downtime.

This is unprecedented quality in a plasma cutter, for the serious pro.


Hypertherm is another another US made manufacturer when it comes to plasma cutters, and one of the brands that we want to feature on this website, for a variety of reasons. They really are a strong brand in the market, and you can easily go to their website, which is very straight forward to get to, where you can see a bunch of the machines that they make (all you have to do is to take their name and add “.com” to the end, and it will take you there).

In a world where there is so much focus on new and cheap stuff, it is refreshing to find a company that is invested in not just making new, but also making good quality products.

Underneath you will be able to find a brief walkthrough of some of their mist popular models.

PowerMax 45

Powermax is Hypertherm’s bestselling line of portable plasma systems, and the Powermax45 is the newest addition to the line, delivering cut capacity that can be used by the pros, with cut capacity up to 16mm, which is the equivalent of 5/8″ metal. This new machine comes with a couple of features that we think pros will like, including simple setup and operation and automatic gas adjustment. Whether you are looking to do mechanized cutting or handheld cutting, there is the torch that goes perfectly for it.

PowerMax 30

If you are looking for something that is capable of handling a wide range of applications, it might just be the Powermax30 XP plasma system you’ve been looking for. It provides great thick metal cutting capabilities, as well as doing that thin metal cutting, and the precision needed for some of the finer work you may come upon. Whether you need extended reach gouging, great for those confined spaces, or you need drag cutting, this is a versatile machine that is capable of a lot of different things.

PowerMax 65

If you’re working on demanding projects in difficult environments, it might just be the Powermax65 that is the right piece of equipment for your heavy-duty cutting. When productivity is crucial, and you don’t want something that gives up on you, this machine and its Smart Sense technology can be a good option to consider. With this technology, you will no longer have to worry about gas pressure, as the technology takes care of it for you. It has been made in a way where it can both be used for mechanized cutting, flush cutting, fine feature cutting, drag cutting and so much more, but it is also a machine that comes with a slightly higher price tag than some of the other machines we feature on this site.

Powermax 105

With its 32mm thick metal capabilities, this is a machine that works well for tough industrial needs. As with the Powermax65, this machine also offers the Smart Sense technology that helps you by automatically adjusting the gas pressure. Depending on the job you’re doing, there’s the right torch for you, which means there’s one that’s right for hand cutting, one that’s right for portable automation, etc. It’s a great piece of machinery when it comes to those more demanding jobs, but also has a higher price tag than a lot of other machines.


If you are looking for a piece of machinery that does a good job when it comes to those 1″ pieces of metal, the Powermax85 packs a lot of power with its output capability of 85amps This machine also has Smart Sense, helping you automatically adjust the gas pressure, and maximize the uptime. As with the other machines, there are various torches that can help you, whether you are doing robotic cutting, gouging or something else.

This is surely not an extensive list of manufacturers, but they are definitely some of the more prominent names in the industry. At Atlantic Aspiration, it is our belief that you should know what you are doing when you are buying yourself a plasma cutter, which also means you should know the different manufacturers that you might want to look into. We hope this article helped give you a better understanding, in order to ensure you find the right tool for the job, whether it is industrial metal cutting or not.

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