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We have a variety of plasma cutters for sale on this page from various different manufacturers. You can also read our guide to the best plasma cutters on the market, no matter if you’re looking for a 110 volt, 220 volt or a cheap option.

The right tool for you may not necessarily be the one that is right for everyone else, and we are here to help you understand which one is right for you so that you don’t suddenly end up having spent a thousand or more dollars on a piece of machinery that may simply not be what you hoped it would be.

How much is a plasma cutter?

Plasma cutters come in different price ranges, and while some may cost less than $500, others can cost you $1,300. It depends on what exactly you need them to be able to do, and what your cutting needs are. If you are a DIY person who doesn’t have professional requirements, cutting through thick pieces of material, your home use needs may be able to be met with a budget under $500.

You can, however, also get TIG welder plasma cutter combos.

So whether you want a cheaper option, or you’re hoping to get something more substantial, we have what it may just be that you’re looking for.


We keep getting asked by our users to provide reviews for the plasma cutters we sell on this site, and that is why we’re not just currently working on creating video reviews of them, but also provide you with a comparison chart so you can easily check out the features of each piece of equipment and make the choice that best matches your needs.


There are various different plasma cutter brands, including Miller Electric, Hobart, ESAB, Hypertherm, Matco, Everlast, Thermal Dynamics and Lotos. They all have their advantages and disadvantages for you to consider.

We don’t just want to sell you any piece of equipment. We want to sell you the top rated piece of equipment that can provide you with exactly the things you need, allowing you to plasma cut all the metal your heart desires.

If you end up buying something that is far more elaborate than you had hoped, you’re not really getting the best value for your purchase – value is about being happy with what you choose.


The individual plasma cutters are able to operate at different amp, some at 40 amp, others at 50 amp etc. The specifications will be noted on the model you’re researching.

Our plans

We’ll also be expanding in the future into accessories and supplies, and plasma cutters that aren’t handheld or portable, but for now the handheld ones are the only ones we focus on. Some are small, some are big, we’re planning on selling them all.

These are great machines to take your projects to the next level whether you’re on a budget and it’s a DIY project or you’re planning on using it for industrial projects.

We realize that you could go to one of the bigger guys like Amazon, Northern Tool or Tractor Supply, but we appreciate your business!

Some of you come to us looking for the cheapest pilot arc plasma cutters, and we got your backs too, while others are looking for the best, low-cost option under $500.We also encourage you to visit our page on plasma cutting tables.

What is a good cheap plasma cutter?

If you’re more so a DIY person who simply appreciates the easy of a plasma cutter you have come to the right page. This is where you will find all the cheap plasma cutters that we have for sale, many of them being very affordable under $500 – what a steel (get it? Alright, puns aren’t our thing!)

Look, if you just looking for the basic solution, there is absolutely no need for you to go out and find the expensive Miller Electric or Hypertherm models that may cost you several thousand dollars. It may rather be the Lotos LTP5000D that will get the job done for you, which is a very respectable plasma cutter too, but it’s definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum, without you thinking that you end up purchasing something that is just going to fall apart on you.

We don’t want that to happen. To give you a better understanding of what you can expect with the different models, we’re also including a bunch of video reviews that you can use at your convenience.

Want a cheap model that can achieve a 1/2 inch rated clean cut, or a 3/4 inch severance cut? Then we suggest you take a look at our Lotos models.

When you start searching the web, you will quickly see that the Lotos LTP5000D is a very popular cheap model, with the Forney Easy Weld 251 being a close second. While these machines aren’t able to handle all jobs, they will likely be able to handle what you throw at them if you’re a DIY eager to get started on your own various metal cutting projects.

How do I choose a plasma cutter – what is the way to find a good option?

We won’t blindly tell you that buying a cheap plasma cutter is a good idea because in a lot of instances it really isn’t, depending on what it is you need to do with it, why there are several factors to consider.

The first thing to consider is the duty cycle that is measured in percentages of 10 minutes. If your plasma cutter is rated with a duty cycle of 60%, it can go on for 6 minutes out of 10.

If you’re planning on using it in your garage, or anywhere else for that matter, you need to make sure that the model you’re getting is compatible with the outlets in your house, since some models only run on 220 v, and not the usual 110 v.

Additionally, we encourage you to take a look at the cutting speed that is usually divided into the rated cut, quality cut and sever cut, with the rated cut being the highest quality of the three.

If you’re looking to move the machine around quite a bit, its portability is additionally important how big and heavy the machine is.

Hobart AirForce 12ci

One of the more affordable plasma cutters on the market under $1,000, the Hobart AirForce 12ci is a great plasma cutter for people looking an option with a built in air compressor.

It is important to mention that this machine does not have a pilot arc, if that is a feature you know that you will come to love, or have been recommended to get. If you want that feature, you can click the link that we included.

Standing at 31 pounds, this is a very portable option to go with. it is, however, important to think about the fact that this is a cheaper model, and with it comes more limitations than if you were to go for another Hobart model like the AirForce 27i.

Check out our video review of this machine so you can see what to expect if this is the option you choose to go with.

If you’re planning on cutting mild steel up to 1/4 inch, this could be the model you’re looking for from a name in the industry that you can trust. It also has the advantage of cutting faster than using oxy fuel. It’s a nice entry into the market with longer-lasting XT tips, if you’re not a fan of having to worru about the various settings of oxy cutting, such as gas settings, metal pre-heating and flame tuning.

Hobart AirForce 27i

The Hobart AirForce 27i is one of the very popular plasma cutters offered by the renowned manufacturer by the same name, Hobart. While it does cost more than the AirForce 12ci, it also provides significantly more power, while being a slightly more affordable model than the AirForce 40i.

While we don’t want to sell you a model that is significantly more cutting power, and more expensive than what you’re after, it’s also important to realistically think about what you will be using it for, and how often you plan on using it, too. If you got a lot of needs, a cheap model may just end up annoying you more than it helps you.

However, we don’t want you to get a model that costs you so much more than what it would need to cost you and still get the power that you need.

This is additionally a multi-voltage machine allowing you to use either 120V or 240V, with cutting abilities as large as 5/8 for mild steel severed cuts, or clean 3/8 mild steel cuts.

If you’re a person who does not want to spend a lot of time cleaning up your cut, this can be a great choice for you.

Plasma Cutter Prices Exposed!

If you’re only now just starting to research plasma cutters, you’re probably wondering how much you should realistically be spending to find the one that best suits both your needs and your budget.

There are, however, a few things that you should be aware of. Yes, you may not need to buy a model from Thermal Dynamics, but it could all end up being both better for you and cheaper in the long run – it all depends on your needs.

There are very valid options on the lower end of the spectrum if you have very limited needs, such as those offered by Lotos – in fact our recommendation here on the site. Got limited needs, then go ahead and check out the LTP5000D that you can get for less than $500.

Thickness of the metal that you’re working with

Plasma cutters have different thickness they’re rated to be able to deal with, whether it is a clean cut or a severed cut. The issue about choosing a machine that is severance rated to be able to deal with the metal thickness you’ll most often be working with is that you will be spending a lot of time cleaning up the cut. It may just be a better idea to choose a better plasma cutter in the first place.

The price might be misleading

While it may be tempting to look at the price of the plasma cutter and say “oh, this is the one I think I need”, you should know that some machines will go through comsumables at a significantly more rapid pace than is the case for other machines.

Choosing a plasma cutter does not need to be hard, but those are just some of the things to keep in mind.

What thickness steel will a plasma cutter be able to cut?

When you are dealing with thinner pieces of metal, these tools are great, and if you have one of the better ones, they’ll be able to cut upwards of 1.5″, or the equivalent of 38 mm, although you will need to look at the way that it is advertised, and how thick the steel is they can handle. Each machine will usually advertise that they are able to handle an amount in a clean cut and a different thickness for a severed cut.

Why are these machines so expensive?

There is a lot of difference between the various models offered on this website that include the price tags that they come at, and some of them may definitely seem very expensive in comparison to others. However, when you are buying a more advanced plasma cutter, you’re not just buying a piece of equipment that is capable of far superior cutting, which in turn will mean that you have to spend less time on cleaning the cut, you will also see that these machines fare better in terms of offering better lifespan for the consumables that you will be using in the process.

If you do end up going with a lower grade model and you find yourself needing more, you will have to shell out a lot of money to upgrade it, and if you are using it on a continuous basis, you are also having to spend a significant amount of money on consumables which will add up over time.

The best plasma cutters for the purpose

We have already gone over the various considerations that you should be taking into account when you are finding out what the right plasma cutter would be for your shop. While there may be various different models that could serve the purpose extremely well, there are probably going to be some machines that are simply better than others when it comes to the needs that you have.

We cannot stress enough that it’s important that you find out which types of metal you are most commonly cutting, so as to make sure that you are getting a machine that is in fact properly rated for the purpose, and so that you won’t be ending up having to spend a lot of time cleaning a cut, when you would rather just be continuing with the other types of work that may be more interesting to you.

Although we have a bunch of different plasma cutter for sale on this page, there are still going to be some of the machines offered by the various manufacturers that are going to be better at serving the purpose that you want them to serve. However, we do want you to actually make sure that you have an understanding of some of the manufacturers, so that you are making sure that you know you are getting a machine that has been made by one of the reputable companies in the industry.

Whether you are buying an engine driven welder, a portable sawmill, a waste oil heater, or a fuel transfer tank, you are still going to be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the purchase, and it is our commitment to make sure that you feel as if you have made a good decision with the purchase you are making, and that you won’t regret it immediately as you receive the machine, simply to find out that it may be lacking some of the features that you find incredibly important.

While there may be some of the machines on the market out there that are decent machines when it comes to DIY metal cutting, we also want to make sure that we adequately portray what you could be expecting from such machines, and we generally avoid featuring machines that we couldn’t see ourselves using on a regular basis! We are also only featuring machines that we actually believe consumers will appreciate, where we feel there is enough evidence that the company has a satisfactory support section if the plasma cutters breaks, if other consumables are needed, or if there are any other issues that have to be addressed after the purchase of the machine.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the most popular plasma cutter manufacturers that will be able to provide you with the metal cutting potential that you have been looking for!


Hobart is one of the companies that we already covered in this article, although briefly, as they are the manufacturer of one of the absolute most popular models when it comes to metal cutting, as can be seen in the section above. This company has been around for a long time, so long that it was in fact acquired by ITW in 1996, and a lot of people do not know that that is also the parent company of Miller Electric. The original company was founded in 1917, having been around more than a 100 years, while providing the industry with top-of-the-line welding and cutting products, no matter what your needs may be. Farming, auto repair, and even DIYers are all people that have been enjoying all the hard work that Hobart has been putting into the various products that they manufacture.

While they have many high-quality products, some of the products that they are best known for include the AirForce 12ci, the AirForce 250ci, the Hobart 40i, the 500i and the AirForce 27i.

Miller Welds

Miller Welds is another important name when it comes to the plasma cutting industry, providing products that aren’t just focused on plasma cutting and welding, but spanding a wide range of industries, being solution-focused. As with Hobart, Miller Welds is owned by Illinois Tool Works that prides itself on the quality that they put into the products that they are manufacturing, why you can always rely on the plasma cutting equipment that they are building. However, Miller Welds also produces a range of different products, including various engine driven welders that you may be interested in, if you are significantly looking at improving the performance of your metal shop!

In its humble beginnings, Miller Welds was started as a one-man company in 1929, and has since grown to be he biggest producer of arc welding products. They pride themselves on being focused on the people that work there, and out of it come great products as well!

While making lots of great welding and fabrication products, some of their most famous ones include the Spectrum 375, Spectrum 625, Spectrum 125c and Spectrum 300. If you ask us whether you would be in good hands with either of these two companies that are in fact owned by the same parent company, our answer is that you definitely would, as they don’t just have a solid reputation from having been around the block for a very long time, but also from the fact that they produce absolutely great products!

There is no denying that both Hobart and Miller Welds may seem like plasma cutters that are slightly more expensive to buy than some of the other alternatives, but you are not just buying a name when you are buying one of their machines. You are buying all the craftsmanship that follows with it, and we are sure that you will be absolutely amazed the first time you put that plasma cutter to the test!

Are there other great contenders out there when it comes to cutting metal? Definitely, but none that have stood the test of time quite like these two giants.

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