Plasma Cutters For Sale

We have a variety of plasma cutters for sale on this page from various different manufacturers. You can also read our guide to the best plasma cutters on the market, no matter if you’re looking for a 110 volt, 220 volt or a cheap option.

How much is a plasma cutter?

Plasma cutters come in different price ranges, and while some may cost less than $500, others can cost you $1,300. It depends on what exactly you need them to be able to do, and what your cutting needs are. If you are a DIY person who doesn’t have professional requirements, cutting through thick pieces of material, your home use needs may be able to be met with a budget under $500.

You can, however, also get TIG welder plasma cutter combos.

So whether you want a cheaper option, or you’re hoping to get something more substantial, we have what it may just be that you’re looking for.


We keep getting asked by our users to provide reviews for the plasma cutters we sell on this site, and that is why we’re not just currently working on creating video reviews of them, but also provide you with a comparison chart so you can easily check out the features of each piece of equipment and make the choice that best matches your needs.


There are various different plasma cutter brands, including Miller Electric, Hobart, ESAB, Hypertherm, Matco, Everlast and Lotos. They all have their advantages and disadvantages for you to consider.

We don’t just want to sell you any piece of equipment. We want to sell you the top rated piece of equipment that can provide you with exactly the things you need, allowing you to plasma cut all the metal your heart desires.

If you end up buying something that is far more elaborate than you had hoped, you’re not really getting the best value for your purchase – value is about being happy with what you choose.


The individual plasma cutters are able to operate at different amp, some at 40 amp, others at 50 amp etc. The specifications will be noted on the model you’re researching.

Our plans

We’ll also be expanding in the future into accessories and supplies, and plasma cutters that aren’t handheld or portable, but for now the handheld ones are the only ones we focus on. Some are small, some are big, we’re planning on selling them all.

These are great machines to take your projects to the next level whether you’re on a budget and it’s a DIY project or you’re planning on using it for industrial projects.

We realize that you could go to one of the bigger guys like Amazon, Northern Tool or Tractor Supply, but we appreciate your business!

Some of you come to us looking for the cheapest pilot arc plasma cutters, and we got your backs too, while others are looking for the best, low-cost option under $500.

We also encourage you to visit our page on plasma cutting tables.

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