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Whether you’re buying an engine driven welder, a portable sawmill or a plasma cutter, there are certain things that will always remain the same. There are certain action that need to be taken so that you’re making sure that you don’t spend thousands of dollars just to end up with a piece of machinery that isn’t capable of performing the work that you’re needing it for.

When it comes to sawmills, you’ll have to go through the same thought process, researching your various options, to make sure you’re not just buying the first one that you find, but the one that will make your life easier as you’re milling the wood.

Luckily you have come to the right place, where we won’t just help you on your journey to get the right sawmill, but we’ll also be delighted to help you find a bunch of other tools and equipment such as a fuel transfer tank or a hydraulic scissor lift table. We pride ourselves on not just recommending any type of product, but rather thoroughly looking up all the various products that we talk about here at Atlantic Aspiration, and offer and recommend products that we have either tried and tested ourselves, or where we have been able to find enough reviews and information online that we are convinced it’s something that would be a great addition to your life.

There is no denying that a portable sawmill is a significant investment, one that comes with a rather large price tag, which cannot be denied, but as with any other tool that can potentially be dangerous for the user, safety is a significant measure that cannot be taken lightly.

As you’re navigating your way through the woodworking shop, you’ll quickly come to realize that there are a lot of the tools that have a lot of operational risk associated to their use. You look away for a brief moment, and you might soon find yourself regretting that action as it could easily mean that you end up with only 9 remaining fingers.

While roofing contractors may statistically be one of the most dangerous professions, there’s no denying that there is a great risk associated with cutting wood, too. The blade that was meant for cutting wood will remove a finger in a split second, why your utmost attention is necessary.

It isn’t uncommon to speak to older woodworkers that have experienced a couple of accidents themselves, and if they themselves haven’t, they ave at least likely been present in a situation where something bad happened. It’s also no surprise that these places commonly don’t manage to count very high numbers in terms of days since the last grave accident happened.

When all that’s been said, times are changing and all the tools that are being used by woodworkers are fortunately becoming more safe than they were in the past, with safeguards included to try and avoid some of the accidents of the past.

There’s no denying that it’s a dangerous business, and that the instrument that is meant for cutting wood can suddenly end up doing great harm if it accidentally gets in touch with body parts that weren’t built for such close contact.

On this page, we’ll not just walk you through some of the recommendations, but you will also be able to see all the various portable sawmills that we have for sale on this page. If you either click on the individual models, or review the reviews that are attached to a lot of them, you’ll get a good understanding of what you can expect with the piece of woodworking tool that you’re looking into buying.

You should also know that it is often our recommendation that you avoid some of the cheaper models that commonly have various serious concerns that the better built models don’t. Would you rather be willing to spend a little bit more money, which in turn means you are less likely to see an accident happen? When an accident happens, if it’s not yourself getting injured, there’s the whole trouble of potentially being sued for negligence, or at the very least dealing with insurance matters, as there’s likely significant medical costs associated with someone losing a finger.

We’re right about to jump into it. Here is the ultimate guide to buying your sawmill, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re perhaps looking to upgrade the equipment you already own.

You don’t necessarily always need to go with the most sophisticated model out there, but you also don’t want to end up in a situation where you aren’t experiencing the sort of reliability from the piece of machinery, that you were hoping you would be able to get from it. Woodworking tools are no different in that regard from any of the other tools on here.

There are a bunch of different manufacturers out there that will have their various sawmills that they advertise, but it’s not certain that you’ll be able to find clarity from looking towards those sources, as they’ll all be saying that their machinery is the piece of machinery that will complete your life. Or perhaps rather just make it a little bit more easy.

Circle mills are the pieces of machinery that was the common standard before the sawmill, and if you’ve ever had to work with those machines, you would probably agree that today’s tools offer various benefits to those older models. Those previous models weren’t just more noisy but today’s standard is also cheaper, easier to use a more quiet, all great benefits when your job may be to work with these machines for many hours every single day.

Their significant improvements in terms of ease of use also mean that you’re often in a situation where you end up becoming significantly more efficient from these new machines.

Various tools work better for various people depending on each person’s needs, and these portable sawmills are no exception to that rule. If you’re looking for an entry level piece of machinery, you may be able to save a bit of money, but you can also expect that they won’t automate the work quite as well as some of the more advanced pieces of machinery will be able to. For one, you may have to turn the logs by hand, which may not seem like a big deal if your lumber cutting needs are limited, but it might end up becoming too much of a hassle if your wood cutting needs are more serious. The advantage to this more manual piece of machinery is that it will definitely be of assistance in terms of keeping you in shape.

For an entry level machine, you will also often experience that they may feel cheaper, and that is because the materials that went into crafting this machine were chosen to cut costs slightly. While you may be fine with a slightly lower quality, you should also know that you may forego on a more stable, safer feeling cut with some of those models, where you will feel the machine shaking more as they’re cutting. You will want something that still feels sufficiently sturdy that you don’t end up afraid of using it, as that would mean it would very quickly end up being a purchase that you regretted.

Although you may be looking for an entry level sawmill, there are still things that you will likely want to make sure it’s capable of, including being able to cut 26″ logs. You will also want to ensure that it is in fact easily capable of being adjusted to the specific height you will be cutting at. Even as an entry level sawmill, there is still some overlap with a full size one. You should also be sure that the machine has a feature so it will automatically power down as you’re taking your hands off of it, which is additionally a safety measure.

Did you ever consider the fact that paint may in fact not be right for the piece of machinery that you’re buying? Well, there’s a reason why houses have to be painted ever so often, and that is because the paint will eventually start peeling, and exposing the layers underneath. The situation is no different when it comes to a sawmill, and you will really be doing yourself a favor if you choose a machine that hasn’t been painted but rather powder coated and galvanized. You may think that this isn’t all that important, but you’ll soon be experiencing that the sawmill shows signs of wear and tear if you don’t go down that route and choose to save a couple of dollars instead with a cheaper option. Especially if you’re operating in a climate that has high humidity, or where the machine may get exposed to rain, you’ll start seeing the sawmill looking sad after just years of use. With the cheaper machines, you’re also not even sure whether or not the paint that has been added to it complies with the various US regulations, assuming it’s a machine that has been imported from abroad.

Don’t skimp on this seemingly pointless thing, and you’ll be thanking us later when your machine still looks impeccable after years of helping you cut those planks. You are not talking about your mom’s spade in her vegetable garden, but rather a piece of heavy-duty machinery that will take a beating on a daily basis.

A well-designed tract and a reliable motor are also important features that will ensure you won’t soon be looking for a replacement sawmill, but that you’ll be able to use your purchase for a long time to come. With a low-grade motor, you’ll soon be finding yourself becoming quite the mechanic as there will otherwise be a range of motor issues you can likely expect. You need to be asking yourself whether you’re happier cutting wood, or whether you would rather be spending more time maintaining the various parts of the machinery instead. While a more expensive machine may cost you more, you’re not wasting as much time being unproductive and having to fix issues as you would if you’re buying the cheapest sawmill you can find.

When you’re looking at the various models, it’s important to compare apples to apples as there are some of the sawmills that may initially seem cheap, but as you’re adding up all the additional features that the manufacturer didn’t choose to include with your purchase, your final bill ends up being quite a bit bigger. The reputable sawmill manufacturers won’t go above and beyond in order to make the purchase seem better than it in fact is, as they would rather make sure that they’re upfront about what it is you’re buying, so that you become a loyal customer and perhaps an advocate for the woodcutting equipment that they’re offering. They know very well that if you end up buying one of their machines, you could also end up buying a different one, why their focus is on ensuring your happiness with your purchase.

The accessories that should be included should be ones that are able to get you started on your woodcutting adventures, but that may not necessarily mean that you’re going above and beyond with your first purchase. Some of the manufacturers will have additional features that you can add onto it at a later stage, which is a nice way of still giving you the option of getting you a reliable piece of machinery, while letting you add more advanced features when you feel you can better afford those features, too. While we want you to leave this page thinking you found the right equipment for your woodcutting needs, we also don’t want to make you feel like we’re overselling you a bunch of features that you really don’t need.

Some of the additional features that can be common to add later on could be an extra track, thereby giving you the option to mill longer pieces of wood. Before you commit to a machine, it can be a good idea to research what other accessories are offered for the specific sawmill to see if those may be options that you would want to upgrade with at a later point. If you buy a cheaper piece of machinery to start off with, without researching the additional accessories, you could just end up researching considerations when buying a portable sawmill again in a year’s time.

Reputable companies will typically sell you a sawmill as a kit to assemble, which helps keep it slightly cheaper to send the machine off, but it also means you’ll gain a great deal of information about how the machine works as you’re putting it together. Just because you might end up putting it together yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a big tedious task, and can be something fun if you perhaps crack open a beer and put on some good music!

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