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At Atlantic Aspiration we pride ourselves on our transparency, both with regards to the products that we are offering on this websites as well as our terms and conditions and transparency with regards to the privacy policy.

We have tried to address all various scenarios on this page, but do encourage you to get in contact with Atlantic Aspiration if you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, or any other policy related to the use of this website.

We find that when we are being more transparent with our users with regard to how we treat privacy, they also trust us more in terms of the product recommendations we are doing for things like plasma cutters and fuel transfer tanks, where we hope that our industry experience shines through also.

Platform privacy policy

The same way that you agree to our terms and conditions by using our platform, you also agree to the privacy policy that we have included, you also agree to our privacy policy by using our platform. While we do want critical users to contact us if they find that they disagree with some of the policies outlined on this page, we kindly ask that you not continue using our platform if you ultimately find that you disagree with our policies, as we automatically collect a bunch of information.

At Atlantic Aspiration we offer a variety of services, including allowing users to buy products through our platform, as well as sharing our recommendations on the best engine driven welders, among other topics, and in that effort we do collect a lot of information that is all done with the intention of improving the experience that our users have, in part enabled by the money that we get through the sale of product.

While we do have certain business goals that we are trying to achieve, as well as building a strong platform, we are however still dependent on the goodwill of our users, who support us in various ways, requiring us to implement measures to appropriately address privacy concerns. We also embark on the adventure of trying to encourage more transparency and responsibility in the industry, and we invite other sites to take the same stance on transparency that we are embarking on, both with regards to privacy and honesty.

Please do make sure that you are checking up on this page to ensure that you are aware of the latest updates to our privacy policies. Our terms are subject to change and per the terms of agreement, you agree to these changes by your continued use of the platform.

Here’s the information that we gather at Atlantic Aspiration

Non-personally identifiable information

As the name mentions, we collect a bunch of information that cannot directly be tied down to an individual use, which is collected as the user uses our platform ,at which point we aggregate a bunch of information that includes usage statistics in various forms. It includes information on the various pats that our users are taking when wandering the platform and how they get to the point in time where they may make a purchase. At this point, we will ask for various information outlined in the following section, that is carefully handed over by the user to allow us to do our job.

This non-personally identifiable information may also include which pieces of content you choose to read about welders and other topics and how you interact with those various pieces of content along the way, including but not limited to the other pieces of content that you choose to read, which buttons you press and more. We may also gather information from other third party software that may share certain information with us. These services may include Facebook, Twitter, Google and more. When you allow these services to access your data, you may also be accepting their sharing of information with us.

As part of the information in this section, we also collect such things as IP addresses, operating systems and information on the browser that you may be using which help us further improve Atlantic Aspiration by providing valuable information, including the most popular parts of our website, which parts of the platform that are under performing, which may allow us to make important decisions.

This information will also allow us to make analysis and better understand how effective the various marketing initiatives are that we are engaging in, and how to better promote both the content and products offered on this website.

Some of this non-personally identifiable information may be shared with third parties that we deem it essential to share such information with, which may include advertisers on the website, which will give them an understanding of the various statistics related tothe website.

In order to be able to collect this information, we use cookies that are small files that are stored on your computer – when used the way we store them, they are entirely harmless and only help us actually improve the experience you have with with our platform. While these cookies may allow us to show you products you have previously been visiting when you choose to visit Atlantic Aspiration again, these will not share any personally-identifiable information with us in themselves.

You should also familiarize with the way that third party services are using cookies and how it affects your privacy, and what information is shared with us from these cookies the way that other platforms may be using them. We can, however, not assume any responsibility for the way in which other services may choose to use cookies.

Personally-identifiable information

Certain functions and parts of the website may require that we gather information that is personally-identifiable so that we are best able to serve you, and that information may include when you are either voluntarily giving over your contact information to subscribe to our e-publications, or it may be in the situation where you are making a purchase through the platform. The information that we may collect in order to provide you with information such as our various publications may include things such as your first name, last name and email address, but you may also choose to sign up to our text news offerings, which will require you giving us your phone number.

When you buy through Atlantic Aspiration, you will need to pay us which requires that you give us both your billing and mailing address, as well as credit card information to ensure tat you properly receive the order that you have placed.

We also have different features where users may be prompted to share information through services such as messenger or chat services, where you can get in touch with a representative that may best be able to help you with what it is that you need.

It is important you know that this site is only intended for people over the age of 18, and that we do not actively or knowingly collect any information for people under the intended age. We also need to emphasize the need for you to leave Atlantic Aspiration if you are not above the mentioned age.

All the information we gather, we gather with then intention of furthering the platform that we are offering.

Please reach out to a member of Atlantic Aspiration with anything you may want clarification regarding our welding, plasma and other tool supported platform, whether it is our privacy policy or information on other things.

Make sure to also read our accessibility policy.