Shipping, Return & Warranty Policy

This page will include all the information you need to have on shipping & returns, in order to better understand your various options.

While one of our main goals is to be able to provide as much transparency as possible in how we run our business, we also realize that there are very crucial topics that may interest you more than others, perhaps why you managed to make it to this page. We realize that one of the things that differentiate different ecommerce stores from each other is how they treat shipping, return and warranty policies which could ultimately be the reason why you end up buying from one ecommerce over another, or why you choose to get one product instead of a very similar one from a different manufacturer. In order to better help you understand the philosophy that has gone into the various policies we are making, you might also have an interest in reading different sections on our website.

We do have a couple of them that we want to highlight, including but not limited to the terms & conditions, the FAQ (where we may be answering a lot of the questions that you are running around wondering about our business) how we deal with the issue of privacy, just to name a few. We have very extensively covered all these issues on their respective pages the same way that we have dedicated this page to help you understand the topic of shipping, returns and warranties. If you are sitting around and you’re not entirely sure what you want to spend additional time reading up on, we encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of this page where we have a lot of information about all the different policy pages that we have published, and that we are periodically updating so as to make sure we’re as present as possible, following the various trends and implementing the technologies to best be able to help you.


Shipping, the art of actually making sure that our valued customers get the products that they have been ordering from us, includes how we handle the packages, and what you can expect from us on that topic.

In order to better understand our shipping policy, it’s important that you also understand where we are coming from and how our business works, so that we aren’t setting unrealistic expectations, but still helping you get your products as fast as possible – we have tried it ourselves where you order a product and you are as excited as a kid on Christmas day to receive it so you can start playing with it.

When you are visiting a product page on our site, it’s important that you obviously pay attention to a couple of things, including the product specifications that you can access, but there are another few things that may also be interesting for you to get a better understanding of, including whether or not we are personally shipping the product that you are ordering, whether it ships from the manufacturer, or whether it ships from another company that we may have an arrangement with – it will also be clearly listed on the specific page that you will find the product on. Since we work with different companies, it’s important to understand that we can’t reasonably include all the various manufacturers shipping information on this page but that you may have to look at the page related to the individual product to see if you are happy with the information that has been listed there.

If we are the ones shipping the product

While we are the ones responsible for shipping a lot of the different products available on this site, we also work with partners. In the case when we ship the product from either one of our warehouses or perhaps a partner warehouses, we do everything in our power to make sure that the package is shipped in 2 days or less, although you may receive tracking information as quickly as 15 minutes after your order has gone through, because we may already be able to provide you with the relevant tracking number at that point.

If a company that we are working with are the ones shipping the product

While things may sometimes get in the way of the world running quite as smoothly as we would hope, we always arrange with manufacturers and other parties that they need to ship the products no later than 3 days after the order has been placed. When you place an order for a product that isn’t being shipped out by us, we will immediately notify the specific company that an order has been placed, along with the relevant information that needs to be shared with that company in order to process the order in a timely manner.

When we get a tracking number from that company, we include it as quickly as possible in our backend system, at which point a notification is sent out to you (either by text message or email depending on the specifications that you have provided), at which point you will be able to track the shipment.

Whenever a situation arises where it takes longer than 3 days in order for us to receive a tracking number from the manufacturer, we reach out to them in order to get a clarification on the order and know where it is at so as to know how to best proceed with you as well. If we believe that the situation warrants immediate action, we will contact you in the way we believe is the best possible to reach you by, at which point we can address the concerns and see if anything additional needs to be done. Whenever we deem that there isn’t enough reason to manually contact you and see if anything else needs to be done, we will send you an email with an update, including what you may be able to expect as soon as we hear back on that particular order. You may always reach out to our team when you feel you have questions about your order that you are hoping to have answered.

Be aware that we may override the policies regarding individual products on their respective pages, so the place where you can go in order to get as accurate information as possible will be by visiting those pages, where we will also be linking to individual agreements with manufacturers and sellers in cases where those policies differ from the universal policies that we have thoroughly explained in our various policy pages.

Return policy

This section outlines our returns policy, both when it comes to products that we are selling, or when it comes to products that will be shipped by other companies.